Mars in Pisces

IN Pisces Mars reaches the very depths of misfortune. The sign is watery, receptive, sensitive, psychic, the very antithesis of the fiery, dominant, brutal, material planet. Very few people with this detrimental position, unless strongly aspected, reach any remarkable goal; even the greatest men are so hampered in their external expression that their greatness passes unremarked in a world that can only be conquered by battle-axes and sledge-hammers. A great tragedy of the Victorian period stands witness to this fact.

We have already called attention to the horoscope of Sir Richard Burton. Uranus is conjoined with Neptune, and four other planets fortify the complex. Mars himself in conjunction with Venus and semi-sextile to Saturn, is lord of the Ascendant, while, without much straining, these two complexes may be unified though the Moon and Mercury. Here, then, are the nine planets all more or less related, as in the case of Shakespeare; and truly the mind of Burton was no less than his. Yet the effect of Pisces on Mars is so deadly that the whole of his externalization was nullified. He should have been Viceroy of India and Governor-General of Egypt; but, as he himself said, he “possessed every talent but that of making use of the others!”

Erasmus was another individual of rare distinction – the greatest scholar of the Middle Ages. But here again there was no capacity for externalizing his powers; even poor old Cornelius Agrippa had a far greater influence in Europe; while Paracelsus outshone both. {354}

Nell Gwyn has this position, too, but Mars is a very curious planet in the case of women. It is difficult to assert anything positively with so little evidence as is forthcoming, but one may suspect that Mars and Venus are counterchanged for feminine horoscopes rather as are the Sun and the Moon, though not so effectively. In any case, Mars has the trine of Jupiter on one side and that of the Moon on the other, which would amply redeem any radical weakness of the planet, especially as he is rising.

Mars in Pisces, the house of Neptune, is badly placed; in fact the worst position of the twelve.

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Mars is in the sign Pisces are as follows:

From January 29th through March 6th 1840

January 6th “ February 13th 1842

December 13th 1843 ” January 22nd 1844

July 11th “ July 27th 1845

October 28th ” December 21st 1845

May 5th “ June 16th 1847

April 9th ” May 17th 1849

March 18th “ April 25th 1851

February 25th ” April 3rd 1853

February 5th “ March 14th 1855

January 15th ” February 21st 1857

December 23rd 1858 “ January 31st 1859

November 21st 1860 ” January 4th 1861

May 18th “ July 5th 1862

April 18th ” May 27th 1864

March 26th “ May 3rd 1866

March 5th ” April 11th 1868

February 13th “ March 22nd 1870

January 24th ” March 1st 1872

January 1st “ February 8th 1874

December 6th 1875 ” January 16th 1876

June 7th “ December 9th 1877

April 29th ” June 8th 1879

April 3rd “ May 12th 1881 {355}

From March 13th through April 20th 1883

February 20th ” March 30th 1885

January 31st “ March 10th 1887

January 10th ” February 16th 1889

December 17th 1890 “ January 25th 1891

November 9th ” December 27th 1892

May 10th “ June 22nd 1894

April 12th ” May 21st 1896

March 21st “ April 28th 1898

March 1st ” April 7th 1900

February 9th “ March 18th 1902

January 20th ” February 26th 1904

December 28th 1905 “ February 4th 1906

November 29th 1907 ” January 10th 1908

May 26th “ July 20th 1909

September 27th ” November 20th 1909

April 23rd “ June 2nd 1911

March 30th ” May 7th 1913

March 10th “ April 16th 1915

February 17th ” March 26th 1917

January 27th “ March 6th 1919

January 5th ” February 12th 1921

December 12th 1922 “ January 20th 1923

June 25th ” August 24th 1924

October 20th “ December 18th 1924

May 4th ” June 14th 1926

April 8th “ May 16th 1928

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