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WE have already had occasion to note the transitory nature of the sudden action of Sagittarius. The symbol of the arrow was chosen to express that curious quality. In the case of a heavy and slow-moving planet, the action will be, perhaps, to quicken it to some extent; but with Mars, which is already fast and fiery, there is no such compensating influence. Mars tends to become meteoric when in this sign. Unless the energy be carried on for a reasonably long period, it does not begin to have a fair chance to work. What can be done in a moment may be done exceedingly well; but works involving the element of time are likely to be failures. Our examples, therefore, will give us people scintillating rather than solid, dashing rather than enduring. 

The swift brilliance of Oscar Wilde is to the point. He was incapable of large construction; his ideas were like shooting stars. Lewis Carroll has an identical limitation, and so had Rudyard Kipling, whose forte is short stories of extreme brilliance and who has written but two novels of any length, both of which are little more than a series of brilliant episodes. 

Exceedingly curious and highly illustrative is the case of “Datas.” His marvelous memory never forgets a date, but he remembers only disconnected items. It is not at all the same memory as that of Gladstone, who knew Homer by heart. Extremely typical this of the syncopating action of Sagittarius. 

Charles I showed the same in his kingship. He would start a strong man's policy one evening, and weaken on it before lunch next day, only to conceive something else equally violent at supper time. {346} This was an effect in method of action, not at all in the will to govern, which was perfectly consistent. 

Louis XIV is a surprising conclusion to the list, especially as Mars is squared by Mercury, and has nothing better than a sextile of Uranus and a semi-sextile of Neptune to offset this affliction. Mars, however, is very strong by position, rising; and he is the lord of the Ascendant. 

It is not wonderful that so few persons of note are born with this position of Mars; for, however great they may be within themselves, this fatal defect of discontinuity usually prevents them from translating themselves to the external and objective world. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Mars is in the sign Sagittarius are as follows: 

From September 7th through October 19th 1841 

February 22nd “ September 16th 1843 

January 20th ” March 8th 1845 

December 29th 1846 “ February 10th 1847 

December 9th 1848 ” January 18th 1849 

November 20th “ December 30th 1850 

October 31st ” December 9th 1852 

October 11th “ November 19th 1854 

September 17th ” October 28th 1856 

March 22nd “ April 28th 1858 

August 13th ” October 1st 1858 

January 31st “ March 22nd 1860 

January 6th ” February 19th 1862 

December 17th 1863 “ January 27th 1864 

November 27th 1865 ” January 6th 1866 

November 8th “ December 18th 1867 

October 18th ” November 27th 1869 

September 27th “ November 6th 1871 

August 30th ” October 13th 1873 

February 12th “ April 19th 1875 

June 16th ” August 31st 1875 

January 15th “ March 1st 1877 {347} 

From December 24th 1878 through February 4th 1879 

December 4th ” January 13th 1881 

November 15th “ December 25th 1882 

October 26th ” December 5th 1884 

October 6th “ November 14th 1886 

September 11th ” October 22nd 1888 

March 1st “ June 16th 1890 

July 22nd ” September 23rd 1890 

January 25th “ March 13th 1892 

January 1st ” February 13th 1894 

December 12th 1895 “ January 22nd 1896 

November 22nd 1897 ” January 1st 1898 

November 3rd “ December 13th 1899 

October 15th ” November 12rd 1901 

September 23rd “ November 2nd 1903 

August 22nd ” October 7th 1905 

February 5th “ April 1st 1907 

January 10th ” February 23rd 1909 

December 20th 1910 “ January 31st 1911 

November 30th 1912 ” January 10th 1913 

November 11th “ December 21st 1914 

October 22nd ” December 1st 1916 

October 1st “ November 10th 1918 

September 5th ” October 18th 1920 

February 19th “ September 13th 1922 

January 20th ” March 6th 1924 

December 28th 1925 “ February 8th 1926 

December 8th 1927 ” January 18th 1928 

November 19th “ December 28th 1929

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