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IN Taurus, Mars is in his detriment, and his fiery energy is largely transformed into obstinacy. The heaviness of Taurus weighs him down, and, though he fights with desperate courage, there is not that elan which we found him to possess in Aries. Nor is the Venusian character of the sign favorable to his full development; since, Taurus being earthy, it sometimes occurs that he is degraded to be cruel and callous. Yet, at his best, he is steady and earnest; not so original, brilliant, nor lucky as when in Aries, nor so confident of the issue; but dogged, and as the saying goes: “Dogged does it.” 

We have examples of this in two of the most patient and persevering of those noble men who have given their lives to extend the empire of knowledge; Sir Isaac Newton and Huxley. The latter, with the Sun in conjunction and Mercury very close, an exact trine of Uranus and a near one of Neptune, has an almost ideal Mars. He is in the eleventh house, showing the influence of the native working through friends and colleagues. Newton's Mars has sextiles of Jupiter and the Moon and a trine of the Sun within seven degrees; and Uranus is very near the opposition. He was by no means a great fighter, like Huxley, as Mars is not so important in his nativity. Here we see only the patience and labor involved in his work, and the indomitable courage with which he attacked problems. 

The Mars of Annie Besant is formidable enough, with Jupiter and the Moon sextile and Uranus semi-sextile. Mars is rising just {324} below Uranus, and Aries is on the Ascendant. This makes the whole personality militant and ambitious, but, in the absence of help from the Sun or Saturn – or even Venus – one cannot but regard the complex as unfortunate. Colonel Olcott, on the contrary, has the Sun and Venus square on one side, Uranus square on the other, and Saturn trine. Mars is not the center of activity, but Venus, as Lady of the Ascendant; it is excellent, on the whole, making him an admirable and trustworthy subordinate. 

The horoscope of Houdini gives an excellent example of the extreme power of Mars on the material plane, even enabling him to overcome the strongest oppositions of such material objects as fetters, etc. Saturn and Uranus in opposition to each other are both squaring Mars, a most unusual development of occult powers. 

In the world of literature and art, we find a group deserving careful contrast with those who have Mars in Aries. Compare Reynolds with Durer, the easy voluptuous style of the one with the austere sincerity of the other. Set Tchaikovsky against Strauss and Chopin; George Sand and Alphonse Daudet against Zola. It at once appears how the brilliancy of the Aries-Mars is weighed down and subdued in Taurus. Against Dickens we may put Dumas, and, though it would be possible to maintain that Dumas is a much more brilliant writer than Dickens, this is a matter of the higher planets; the technique of Dickens sparkles and fumes with brilliancies often ill-harmonized; that of Dumas is infinitely smoother and more voluptuous. 

Among soldiers, compare Cromwell with Charles George Gordon. The latter, daring and courageous as he was, was yet “a Christian gentleman.” His Mars is toned down by Taurus; and, indeed, one may attribute his failure in the Soudan to a lack of grip in dealing with the fierce Mohammedan spirits that surrounded him. 

Worthy of our most careful consideration are two very strong examples of Mars corrupted, the one to the earth of Taurus, the other to its Venus; Jay Gould and Nero. {SIC — as to paragraph break – WEH} 

The financier has Saturn in direct opposition, and Uranus sextile. The former aspect is here abominably bad. Mars is in the house of friends and we can well understand how he sold out his colleagues. Nero has Jupiter in opposition, a presage of weakness, and Venus in conjunction makes Mars excitable and passionate without giving {325} him strength. There is a trine of Saturn, which renders him effective, however; in this case with most unfortunate results. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Mars is in the sign Taurus are as follows: 

From April 15th through May 26th 1840 

March 27th “ May 6th 1842 

March 4th ” April 15th 1844 

February 7th “ March 25th 1846 

August 5th 1847 ” February 24th 1848 

June 28th “ August 10th 1849 

June 4th ” July 15th 1851 

May 14th “ June 23rd 1853 

April 24th ” June 3rd 1855 

April 3rd “ May 14th 1857 

March 14th ” April 24th 1859 

February 18th “ April 2nd 1861 

January 15th ” March 8th 1863 

July 9th “ August 25th 1864 

June 13th ” July 24th 1866 

May 21st “ June 30th 1868 

May 1st ” June 10th 1870 

April 11th “ May 21st 1872 

March 22nd ” May 2nd 1874 

February 28th “ April 10th 1876 

January 31st ” March 19th 1878 

July 24th 1879 “ February 13th 1880 

June 22nd ” August 3rd 1881 

May 30th “ July 10th 1883 

May 9th ” June 18th 1885 

April 19th “ May 29th 1887 

March 29th ” May 9th 1889 

March 8th “ April 19th 1891 

February 11th ” March 28th 1893 

August 19th “ October 12th 1894 

December 31st 1894 ” March 1st 1895 

July 2nd “ August 15th 1896 {326} 

From June 7th through July 18th 1898 

May 17th ” June 26th 1900 

April 27th “ June 6th 1902 

April 7th ” May 17th 1904 

March 17th “ April 28th 1906 

February 23rd ” April 6th 1908 

January 23rd “ March 13th 1910 

July 16th ” September 5th 1911 

November 30th 1911 “ January 30th 1912 

June 17th ” July 28th 1913 

May 26th “ July 5th 1915 

May 5th ” June 14th 1917 

April 15th “ May 25th 1919 

March 25th ” May 5th 1921 

March 4th “ April 15th 1923 

February 5th ” March 23rd 1925 

August 1st 1926 “ February 21st 1927 

June 26th ” August 8th 1928

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