Mercury in Aries

In Aries, Mercury is strong and impetuous. The native is usually a creature of impulse, taking up ideas with enthusiasm, but unable to concentrate upon them for any length of time. He is often witty, inventive, vigorous in execution, a capable administrator or governor, though apt to be dictatorial and impatient of opposition and still more so of delay. He is liable to fits of passion, and when Mercury is afflicted, especially by Uranus, he may be subject to persistent and acute headache. neuralgia, and, in bad cases, intermittent mania or epilepsy.

But where Mercury is well dignified, this position is altogether admirable for sheer brilliancy of mind. Shakespeare, Zola, Sir Richard Burton, J. M. W. Turner, Tschaikowsky, Doudet, and Swinburne all had their Mercury in Aries. In science we find Copernicus, in military affairs General Grant, and in the modern world of finance the late J. Pierpont Morgan. One may also remark on the fact that Madame Steinheil was similarly favored, and collate it with what has been said elsewhere with regard to her career.

The following well known persons were also born with Mercury in the sign Aries:

William Shakespeare
Emile Zola
Sir Richard Burton
J. P. Morgan
Joseph Pulitzer
Dr. John Duncan Quackenbos
Palmer Cox
Dr. Percy Stickney Grant
Chauncey M. Depew
Charlie Chaplin
John Burroughs
John B. Herreshoff

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Mercury is in the sign Aries are as follows:

From March 5th through May 11th 1880
April 16th May 4th 1881
April 10th April 26th 1882
April 3rd April 17th 1883
March 25th April 8th 1884
March 17th April 1st 1885
March 9th May 15th 1886
March 3rd March 22nd 1887
April 18th May 9th 1887
April 14th April 30th 1888
April 7th April 22nd 1889
March 31st April 13th 1890
March 22nd April 5th 1891
March 13th March 30th 1892
April 20th May 15th 1882

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