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THE steady glow of Leo has an altogether admirable effect on the shy, silvery Mercury. As “the adolescent” among the planets, the solar influence is just what he needs “to make a man of him.” In other language, it may be said that this position adds heart to brain; and brain without heart is the essence of all mischief – the intellectuality of Mephistopheles. There are, of course, certain dangers, notably a tendency to pride and anger, sometimes to bombast and boastfulness. Ambition, too, is a common quality; but ambition is a virtue unless it is ill-regulated. Since the Sun is more frequently than not in the same sign as Mercury, in this particular case it follows that, as lord of Leo, he is generally stronger than his satellite, and this tends still further to steady him.

Taking a comprehensive view, one may affirm that this is one of {203} the best possible positions of Mercury. As we have noticed in dealing with other planets, it is not always well for them to be too strongly reinforced in their own essential qualities. Mercury in mercurial signs may prove too mercurial, just as Mars in martial signs is often over-martial. Every planet needs balance, and the lesser planets need it more than the greater. Accordingly, we discover this position of Mercury in the nativities of some of the greatest of mankind. Who more admirably illustrates greatness of heart and brain than Cardinal Gibbons, in our own times? Or if we must choose a rival, in these qualities, what of Cecil Rhodes? Looking backward we have yet greater names and in each case we shall note this remarkable balancing of the highest intelligence by the human touch, this harmonious union of the perceptive and the emotional qualities. This it is that made Cicero orator as well as essayist, and this that colored the intellectuality of Petrarch with the ray of love. Here, too, must we look for the condition that brought the genius of Goethe and of Napoleon into sympathetic touch with their lesser fellows; and it is this same tempering of perspicacity with the “human element” that made Lord Northcliffe the greatest journalist of his period in England.

Virgo may lend Mercury more acuteness, Aquarius more lofty passion; but Leo is the fitting place for the mental ruler of the “man of the people.”

The following well known persons were born with Mercury in the sign Leo:

Lord Northcliffe

Cecil Rhodes

Cardinal Gibbons

Henry Ford

David Belasco

Stanley Baldwin

Ralph Waldo Trine

Mary Baker Eddy

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael’s Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Mercury is in the sign Leo are as follows: {204}

From July 1st through September 7th 1840

June 26th “ August 5th 1841

August 9th ” August 31st 1841

August 8th “ August 23d 1842

August 1st ” August 15th 1843

July 22d “ August 6th 1844

July 14th ” July 30th 1845

July 6th “ July 25th 1846

August 29th ” September 10th 1846

June 29th “ September 5th 1847

June 27th ” July 14th 1848

August 11th “ August 27th 1848

August 5th ” August 19th 1849

July 28th “ August 11th 1850

July 19th ” August 3d 1851

July 10th “ July 27th 1852

July 2d ” July 26th 1853

August 12th “ September 8th 1853

June 27th ” September 1st 1854

August 10th “ August 24th 1855

August 1st ” August 15th 1856

July 24th “ August 7th 1857

July 15th ” July 31st 1858

July 7th “ July 26th 1859

September 5th ” September 9th 1859

June 29th “ September 5th 1860

June 26th ” July 22d 1861

August 12th “ August 29th 1861

August 6th ” August 20th 1862

July 29th “ August 12th 1863

July 20th ” August 4th 1864

July 11th “ July 28th 1865

July 4th ” July 25th 1866

August 19th “ September 9th 1866

June 28th ” September 3d 1867

August 10th “ August 25th 1868

August 3d ” August 17th 1869

July 25th “ August 9th 1870 {205}

From July 17th through August 1st 1871

July 8th ” July 26th 1872

July 1st “ September 7th 1873

June 26th ” July 29th 1874

August 11th “ August 30th 1874

August 8th ” August 22d 1875

July 30th “ August 13th 1876

July 21st ” August 5th 1877

July 13th “ July 29th 1878

July 5th ” July 25th 1879

August 25th “ September 10th 1879

June 28th ” September 3d 1880

June 29th “ July 9th 1881

August 11th ” August 26th 1881

August 4th “ August 18th 1882

July 27th ” August 10th 1883

July 17th “ August 2d 1884

July 9th ” July 27th 1885

July 2d “ July 28th 1886

August 7th ” September 8th 1886

June 27th “ September 1st 1887

August 8th ” August 22d 1888

July 31st “ August 14th 1889

July 23d ” August 6th 1890

July 14th “ July 30th 1891

July 5th ” July 25th 1892

August 30th “ September 9th 1892

June 29th ” September 5th 1893

June 27th “ July 17th 1894

August 11th ” August 28th 1894

August 6th “ August 20th 1895

July 27th ” August 10th 1896

July 19th “ August 3d 1897

July 11th ” July 28th 1898

July 3d “ July 26th 1899

August 15th ” September 9th 1899

June 27th “ September 2d 1900

August 10th ” August 25th 1901 {206}

From August 3d through August 17th 1902

July 26th “ August 9th 1903

July 16th ” August 1st 1904

July 8th “ July 26th 1905

July 1st ” September 7th 1906

June 27th “ July 26th 1907

August 13th ” August 30th 1907

August 7th “ August 21st 1908

July 30th ” August 13th 1909

July 22d “ August 5th 1910

July 13th ” July 30th 1911

July 4th “ July 25th 1912

August 21st ” September 10th 1912

June 28th “ September 3d 1913

August 11th ” August 26th 1914

August 4th “ August 18th 1915

July 26th ” August 9th 1916

July 18th “ August 2d 1917

July 9th ” July 27th 1918

July 2d “ September 9th 1919

June 27th ” August 2d 1920

August 10th “ August 31st 1920

August 8th ” August 23d 1921

August 1st “ August 14th 1922

July 23d ” August 7th 1923

July 14th “ July 30th 1924

July 6th ” July 25th 1925

August 27th “ September 10th 1925

June 29th ” September 5th 1926

June 29th “ July 13th 1927

August 12th ” August 28th 1927

August 5th “ August 19th 1928

July 28th ” August 11th 1929


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