Mercury in Taurus

IN Taurus, Mercury is the very antithesis of himself in Aries. The mind of the native is slow, patient, solid and constructive, and often obstinate. He may have a great intellect, but often may learn more from travel and experience than from books. There is, however, frequently some tendency to mental inertia, and this nearly always expresses itself as conservatism. Such minds resist new ideas. Consider Queen Victoria, the most successful reactionary of the nineteenth century. She came to a throne already tottering beneath the blows of the French Revolution, and of such thinkers as Shelley, and {190} she smothered Republicanism by “fighting the fight of sit-down” until at her Jubilee she was more firmly seated than any Tudor!

Huxley, too, for all his brilliancy and originality was in some ways as conservative as his Queen. In science he never jumped at conclusions; he was, perhaps, the most cautious and profound thinker, both in science and in philosophy, that England had produced. Similar qualities, not so well-dignified, are visible in General Boulanger and George V. In them there is some hanging back noticeable; hesitation just where dash was wanted! For constructive obstinacy in politics we should look rather to Cromwell, who was, of course, a far more absolute monarch than the weak king whom he replaced.

And when Mercury in Taurus is constructive, he is very constructive indeed, as is exemplified in Kant, Wagner and Balzac.

There is never any doubt about the solidity and worth of the intellect of people with this position; how it may work out to advantage or disadvantage depends almost entirely upon the aspects.

The following well known persons were born with Mercury in the sign Taurus:

Queen Victoria


Joseph G. Cannon


Rudolph Valentino

Oscar Hammerstein

Daniel Chester French

Clarence Darrow

Alan Dale

William Randolph Hearst

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael’s Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Mercury is in the sign Taurus are as follows:

From May 15th through June 1st 1840

May 9th “ May 23d 1841

May 1st ” May 15th 1842 {191

From April 23rd through May 6th 1843

April 14th “ April 29th 1844

April 6th ” June 12th 1845

April 1st “ April 17th 1846

May 17th ” June 6th 1846

May 14th “ May 29th 1847

May 6th ” May 19th 1848

April 28th “ May 11th 1849

April 19th ” May 3d 1850

April 11th “ April 30th 1851

May 20th ” June 13th 1851

April 3d “ June 9th 1852

May 16th ” June 2d 1853

May 10th “ May 25th 1854

May 3d ” May 16th 1855

April 24th “ May 7th 1856

April 15th ” April 30th 1857

April 7th “ June 13th 1858

April 1st ” April 24th 1859

May 16th “ June 7th 1859

May 14th ” May 29th 1860

May 7th “ May 21st 1861

April 29th ” May 12th 1862

April 21st “ May 4th 1863

April 11th ” April 28th 1864

May 28th “ June 11th 1864

April 4th ” June 11th 1865

May 17th “ June 4th 1866

May 12th ” May 26th 1867

May 3d “ May 17th 1868

April 25th ” May 8th 1869

April 17th “ May 1st 1870

April 9th ” June 13th 1871

April 1st “ May 3d 1872

May 13th ” June 7th 1872

May 15th “ May 31st 1873

May 8th ” May 22d 1874

May 1st “ May 14th 1875 {192}

From April 21st through May 5th 1876

April 13th ” April 29th 1877

April 5th “ June 12th 1878

April 2d ” April 12th 1879

May 17th “ June 5th 1879

May 12th ” May 27th 1880

May 5th “ May 18th 1881

April 27th ” May 10th 1882

April 18th “ May 2d 1883

April 9th ” April 30th 1884

May 13th “ June 13th 1884

April 2d ” June 9th 1885

May 16th “ June 1st 1886

May 10th ” May 24th 1887

May 1st “ May 14th 1888

April 23d ” May 6th 1889

April 14th “ April 30th 1890

April 6th ” June 13th 1891

March 31st “ April 19th 1892

May 16th ” June 5th 1892

May 13th “ May 28th 1893

May 6th ” May 20th 1894

April 28th “ May 11th 1895

April 19th ” May 3d 1896

April 10th “ April 29th 1897

May 22d ” June 12th 1897

April 3d “ June 10th 1898

May 16th ” June 3d 1899

May 11th “ May 25th 1900

May 4th ” May 17th 1901

April 25th “ May 9th 1902

April 17th ” May 2d 1903

April 8th “ June 13th 1904

April 2d ” April 28th 1905

May 16th “ June 8th 1905

May 15th ” May 31st 1906

May 9th “ May 22d 1907

April 30th ” May 13th 1908 {193}

From April 21st through May 5th 1909

April 13th “ April 30th 1910

June 2d ” June 11th 1910

April 5th “ June 12th 1911

May 17th ” June 4th 1912

May 12th “ May 27th 1913

May 5th ” May 18th 1914

April 27th “ May 10th 1915

April 17th ” May 2d 1916

April 9th “ June 14th 1917

April 3d ” June 9th 1918

May 16th “ June 1st 1919

May 9th ” May 23d 1920

May 1st “ May 14th 1921

April 23d ” May 6th 1922

April 15th “ April 30th 1923

April 6th ” June 12th 1924

April 2d “ April 15th 1925

May 17th ” June 6th 1925

May 13th “ May 29th 1926

May 6th ” May 20th 1927

April 27th “ May 10th 1928

April 19th ” May 3d 1929

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