The Moon

IT is by no accident that the Moon is the only one of the heavenly bodies which revolves around the earth. In the nativity, the Moon is not really part of the character in the same way that the planets are; she is however, of extreme importance, because she represents the sensorium.

The Moon has, by far, the most powerful influence on destiny, although its influence is not so direct; it never produces clear, traceable events in life, as do the major planets. Its effect, however, is steady, permanent and active at all times, because the Moon is the ruler of environment.

Our destiny comes first of all out of our environment, and viewed from this standpoint, the Moon is most important. As an illustration, suppose we find the Moon greatly afflicted in the nativity of a male, and so placed as to affect the first four years of his life in his mother relations, and later to affect his marriage relations. {152} He will be in danger the first four years of receiving from his mother what might be called the “OEdipus complex”; in other words, he may get such a violent modification of his character because of an abnormal attachment to his mother that he becomes a timid, repressed character, lacking initiative and personal force. As the result of this repression of the self, a whole line of unfortunate, malefic events will inevitably follow in his life. A man having received such a restricting complex is seldom happily married, is rarely, if ever, happy in social relations; the results upon his destiny are here clearly marked.

It is from this point of view that we have traced the various spheres of human interest and activity which follow the force of the Moon's position as it may affect personal initiative, money matters, business, success, marriage, friends, and so on. This is because of its modifying force upon the most intimate and personal qualities of life, and its effect upon the instinctive plane or subconscious mind of the human being.

One has only to look at an ephermeris to see that the Moon is afflicted by one planet or another almost every day of the week. Some afflictions will naturally be more serious than others, but the way to consider the problem is to recognize that, in the majority of horoscopes, there is affliction at one time or another, and that it is a rare and happy circumstance when none of them are serious enough to prevent the full maturing of the good aspects.

We may not proceed to consider in more detail the action of the Moon. Her aspects will naturally show the particular development of sense instruction which will occur in the native. Thus, for example, the opposition of the Sun usually means romance, but frustrated by circumstances over which the native has little or no control; the rays of the Sun falling full upon the disc of the Moon thrill her with all the glow and warmth of creative life. A trine of Jupiter, on the other hand, will cause the senses of the native to be impressed strongly by the qualities of Jupiter. As an illustration, imagine a man born with a very strong combination of Saturn and Mars, giving him great selfishness and great executive power. Let him have also a trine of Jupiter and the Moon, and we have at first sight, a rather contradictory situation. But the harmony is easy to find. Such a person will be impressed by altruistic subjects like {153} religion, and, therefore, religious channels will be those through which his selfishness and power can best operate. We may, therefore, find him develop into an ambitious and intriguing ecclesiastic. It is by the consideration of the many different aspects that the astrologer is able to determine the facts of any given case with such wonderful accuracy. It is probably fair to say that any serious affliction of the Moon dulls the acuteness of at least one of the senses. Philip Bourke-Marston's blindness was evidently caused by the approaching opposition of Saturn and exact opposition of Uranus. Byron's clubfoot may have been due to the conjunction of the Moon, rising below Mars, square to Neptune and probably assisted by a conjunction of Saturn and Venus close to the cusp of Pisces. Probably the conjunction of the Moon and Mars, and squared by Uranus, had something to do with Edison's deafness, though the affliction of Jupiter by Saturn, which planets are square, is a contributory cause. Perhaps, however, it will be more exact to say that the affliction of the Moon enabled the affliction of Jupiter to manifest itself in this form. As a general rule, a single minor affliction produces only minor consequences. There is analogy for this theory in other branches of science. In chemistry, for example, even such highly exothermic reactions as the combination of hydrogen and chlorine, or ammonia and carbonic acid gas cannot take place without the presence of some third body. If these gases are prepared in a state of absolute chemical dryness and purity, you can pass the electric spark through them indefinitely without causing their combustion.

It seems possible, therefore, that in many nativities where we see a threat which does not materialize or a promise which is not fulfilled, the cause is due to the absence of a starting impulse. The rifle may be loaded, but unless the trigger be pulled, there will be no explosion. In determining, therefore, whether any given configuration of the heavens will or will not produce its result, we must look to some other point apparently unconnected with it. Imagine, for example, a case of a man from whose horoscope we should expect death by drowning. The position which shows us this does not show us whether he will be forgotten in his tub by his nurse or be shipwrecked at eighty. It is possible that the fatal direction or transits {154} may not occur for a very long time, while in another case, it may be in operation within a few hours of birth.

Many of these remarks have been in the nature of a digression, yet, if properly considered, they would be seen to have a bearing upon the limitations and aptitudes imposed by the position and aspects of the moon.

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