The Moon in Capricornus

CAPRICORNUS is, on the whole, a very bad position for the Moon, for here she is in her detriment and the whole nature of Capricornus is unsympathetic. Almost the worst feature of the Moon is her coldness, and this Capricornus accentuates. The senses of people with the Moon in this sign are not likely to be particularly acute. The mental response to impression is rather quick, angry, and antagonistic, yet there is an extreme keenness to receive information. Where the Moon is well-dignified, this may be of very happy augury. Edison's Moon, for example, with the conjunction of Mars to energize it, the sextile of Saturn and Venus to soften and steady it, indicates the quick mental reaction, the power to seize opportunity, and to solve problems in a flash, which has been responsible for the greater part of his success. In this faculty of unusual quickness of judgment, the power of sudden and correct decision, he has a rival in Napoleon. Here Saturn and Mercury are again in aspect to the Moon.

Bismarck also has a sextile of Mercury, as semi-sextile of Saturn, a trine of Venus, a square of the Sun and Jupiter, and a semi-sextile of Uranus, all of which aspects may be taken as greatly strengthening and solidifying the mental reaction. We often find, however, illusions of sense, sometimes so serious as almost to justify ascribing their cause to what is called obsession. We have no reason to doubt the good faith of Joseph Smith any more than we have reason to {177} believe that what he said was true. He may, therefore, have been a deluded, but not a false teacher. On referring to his nativity, we find the Moon on the cusp of the eleventh house, squared by a conjunction of Uranus and Saturn. The sextile of Neptune would naturally give a whimsical turn to the delusion and hence we find extravagant stories about Scriptures written upon golden plates. It is usually a case of definite obsession that we find with the Moon in Capricornus, differing from her nature in Pisces, where we get a different kind of dream-world, the romantic sphere of the poet and the mystic. In Capricornus, the Moon often gives a tendency in persons of the average type to intoxication, always in the nature of obsession. This tendency to obsession is certainly the most characteristic of all the qualities of the Moon in Capricornus. Even in the best cases, people with this position tend to have the idea fixed {sic}. Bismarck, Napoleon, and Savonarola are obvious examples. In their cases, the fixed idea was very much in tune with the general purpose of the life, and so was not an affliction, but in a case like that of George III, who had Uranus in conjunction with his Moon and Mars square, there could be no result but madness.

Mary, Queen of Scots, and George Eliot, both had somewhat of a morbid strain, and it is evident that neither of them possessed the disposition to make any man permanently happy. The position of their Moon is to be held, for the most part, responsible for this. There is also in women an evident tendency to brood, and brooding is often a condition antecedent to obsession.

The women with whom the native will probably be associated may possess excellent practical qualities, but they will be apt to be exacting and capricious, sometimes exceedingly cold and unsympathetic, or, if not cold, they may have a callous quality which is almost worse than coldness. They will, however, in all probability be thoroughly reliable, and possess a strong sense of moral responsibility. They will also be patient, and generally speaking, faithful, but the callousness of their disposition will hardly be conductive to the happiness of the men whose lives they influence. If the reader will run his eye back over the people mentioned as having the Moon in this sign, and add the names of Isaac Pitman, Cicero, and Edward VI, he will notice that in none of these cases have women played a really important {178} part in the life, for sympathy is the true foundation of influence.

Women having the Moon in this sign attract women who are not in sympathy with them. They are more likely to benefit their women friends than to receive benefit from them.

Mothers having children with the Moon in Capricorn will be naturally efficient and practical regarding their physical and material needs; unless they can be proud of such children, however, they will seldom give them the love and sympathy which the children will naturally crave.

The following well known persons were also born with the Moon in the sign Capricorn.

George F. Baker

Reginald de Koven

Percival Lowell

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