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GEMINI tends to accentuate the restlessness of the Moon, but it also develops the mental qualities and, where the native is engaged in an intellectual pursuit, the situation is not unfavorable. We see great mental activity in Durer, Pasteur, and Bernard Shaw, all of whom had this position. There is certainly a strong tendency to diminish the enjoyment of the senses, which are valued chiefly on account of the information which they give, and are, comparatively speaking, unconnected with the pleasures of the native. It is evident in the above three cases that this is so, but the effect is still more easy to remark in Alfred Tennyson, in whose poetry a certain lack of robustness indicates that the senses communicated rather with the reason or intellect than with the personality. This position is certainly an advantage in that kind of investigation where the presence of passion may act as an interference, but it is far from good where knowledge of and sympathy with humanity are required. Such a type of inhumanity is evident in the case of Ludwig II, of Bavaria.

The native is extraordinarily quick to receive impressions and to judge them with great accuracy, but there is not much depth in such judgment, and we find constantly that people with the Moon in this sign change their minds more readily than when she is in any other. The native is quick and eager to learn, but the part of the brain which attends to these matters seems rather disconnected with the deeper functions of the soul. There is a great readiness to communicate information acquired, and sometimes the native is over-loquacious. The critical faculty is good, though superficial, and there is not sufficient power to bring any given opinion into due relation with general experience. The inability to digest his observations is likely to cause the native to seek variety. If he reads a book, he partially assimilates it and throws it aside. He is likely to be unable to ruminate upon it and develop its ideas within himself, and he is consequently in need immediately of some new mental stimulus. This may find expression in love of travel, or, especially when the Moon is in the fifth house, in love of pleasure. In the absence of constant change, the nervous system may be very distressed. It seems to be rather a disadvantage for the Moon in Gemini {164} to be strengthened by aspects. She is not sufficiently well-placed here to make it desirable for her to be too strong. Pasteur, for example, has no close aspect of any kind to his Moon. The relation of the senses to the soul is thus indicated by the Moon's position in the sign, but the other phases of the character are not absorbed into this in such a way as to hurt them.

This position of the Moon is much better in the case of women, the vitality being indicated by Luna; for the lack of ordinary feminine qualities often makes for success. Queen Victoria, Frances Willard, and Patti were saved by this position of the Moon from having their careers interrupted by too great insistence upon domestic matters or love-affairs. They were able to concentrate upon the mental side of their work. It is, of course, not a desirable position for any woman who looks forward to a normal, domestic life; for the woman with the Moon in Gemini must have strong intellectual interests, else the Gemini qualities appear in mere childishness, frivolity, and inconstancy.

The women with whom the native is intimately associated will either be mainly intellectual companions or they will be rather shallow and unreliable. It is, therefore, very important for the native to choose his or her female friends for brains, rather than for beauty. If he finds his affections seriously engaged, he may look for disappointment. People with this sign as the lodge of the Moon have usually a very delicate and accurate sense of smell and an exceptionally good ear for music; the other senses may not be so strongly developed. Madame Patti, Ludwig II of Bavaria, and Bernard Shaw are singularly good examples of this fact. There is also to be observed in them a very quick and delicate reaction to minute impression, which may sometimes seem to the observer like intuition, but is really operated in quite a different manner and should, by no means, be confounded with it.

Mothers who have children with the Moon in Gemini should strive to be more maternal in their attitude toward them and not allow their versatility and many interests to interfere with the personal attention which such children require. Otherwise, they may become too indifferent to their mother and the home influence.

The following well known persons were also born with the Moon in the sign Gemini. {165}

John Philip Sousa

John D. Rockerfeller, Sr.

William C. de Mille

Henry Carmichael

Bliss Carman


Robert Mantell

George H. Lorimer

James H. Hyslop

Rudyard Kipling

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