The Moon in Leo

LEO has an admirable effect on the Moon, the sign of the Sun linking her with the source of her life. Its influence tends to diminish both her coldness and her instability, and also redeems her from that darkness which is one of her drawbacks. While stronger in Cancer, where she is almost unmodified, the Moon is really better in Leo because her own nature is so imperfect that modification of some kind is necessary before we can consider her entirely excellent. With regard to the senses of people with the Moon in Leo, generally speaking, the sight is the best developed, but all the other senses should be thoroughly well balanced and healthy. A certain degree, however, of interest and even of affection for any subject must exist before the senses can give true and full communication. Unless the heart is in some way implicated, impressions do not easily reach the mind of the native. As a rule, for example, they have little curiosity, even scientific curiosity, but where the native is anxious to learn, he learns quickly and accurately, though his knowledge is always tinctured, to some extent, by his belief and emotions. It is extremely hard to convince a person with this position of the Moon, against his will; but when ready to receive impressions, no one apprehends them more quickly.

Where the Moon also indicates the personality, as in the case of women, or when Cancer is on the cusp of the Ascendant, the indication is particularly strong. The native is then very solar in {168} character, positive, assertive, self-indulgent, noble, generous, and self-sacrificing, physically vital and robust, and mentally strong and decisive. There will also be great confidence born of the conviction that one is, as it were, a medium of the forces from beyond. This will naturally being about initiative, capacity for leadership, and a hopeful and determined attitude toward life. The native is independent, and almost fanatically fond of freedom in the best sense of the word. He will refuse to recognize limitation; in some cases this will prove a disadvantage, as he may be inclined to dash his head against a brick wall. A fine example of this temperament is Anna Kingsford. The position does not seem nearly so favorable for a man, in whom it tends to produce a certain amount of conceit. The impressions that come to him will be rather inflated with a sense of his own vitality. They are not properly criticized and they expand, in his mind, unduly, sometimes even to a degree of megalomania. We all recognize a certain floridity with an over-valuing of little things in the characters of Oscar Wilde, James II, Louis XVI, Disraeli, and Abbas Effendi, which may be put down to this position. These remarks apply, to some extent, even to men who have Cancer rising, but they do not at all refer to women, who are usually as modest as they are excellent in all other ways.

The women in the life of the native will probably be the best of all influences to him, as they will be solar, and of the character described in speaking of women who have the Moon in Leo.

Mothers having children with the Moon in this sign will find it very difficult to avoid being too dictatorial in their attitude toward them; as a general rule, however, their influence on them will be excellent in a mental and spiritual way, even though they may not stress their physical and material needs, preferring to have the latter attended to by some one else.

The following well known persons were also born with the Moon in the sign Leo:

Henry Watterson

Luther Burbank

P. T. Barnum

Eleanor Gates

Ghandi {169}

Daniel Chester French

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gelett Burgess

Jack London

J. J. Hill

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