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THE Moon is in her fall in Scorpio, never a good position for her. Scorpio brings out the watery and sensuous side of the Moon, but tends to make her extremely positive and impassioned. People with this position are naturally hedonists, regarding the senses as vehicles of pleasure rather than of knowledge. These qualities, of course, may {173} be overbalanced by aspects, as in the case of Herbert Spencer, whose Moon has the opposition of the Sun and a square of Mars. The interference of these planets eliminates the laxity of the sign, thereby allowing its scientific qualities freer scope. Thomas Moore, and Louis XVI, are, however, good examples of the hedonistic nature of the position. When, however, Scorpio tends to science, its effect is truly admirable, more so, perhaps, than any other sign. The senses are preternaturally acute and the powers of observation almost unlimited. The mind, too, reacts steadily, neither too quickly nor too slowly, to its impressions, and, unless there is some contrary indication in the horoscope, great will-power is indicated; for so strongly do the ideas presented take hold of the mind that it cannot rest in the mere acquisition of knowledge, but must construct, organize, and give out to the world what it has received.

One cannot say, however, that Scorpio is an altogether happy position for the Moon, for the tendency to sensuality is undoubtedly very great. This is especially dangerous in women born with this position. This sign influences the Moon in this respect more powerfully than it does Venus. Not only do we find a danger of sexual irregularity or excess, but a strong predisposition to indulgence in liquor.

The women with whom the native is associated are apt to be very strongly sexed, self-willed, and somewhat unscrupulous in attaining their ends. They may be deceitful and treacherous; this, of course, applies to bad cases only. But where the Moon of the native is well-dignified, he will meet the better type of Scorpio woman, courageous, ambitious, enterprising, and endowed with executive power. In spite of these facts, it does not necessarily follow that women will play a very important part in the life of the native. Scorpio is the weakest sign as well as the strongest. There is an element of corruption in it, unless well-dignified, which makes it sometimes practically void of influence or extremely limited and intermittent in its operation. One may consequently expect rather extreme cases; in the case of a man with this position, one may be utterly ruined by women, another will pass through life almost entirely uninfluenced by them.

Mothers having children who have the Moon in Scorpio should guard against allowing their ambition for them to overshadow their tender emotions. They should avoid influencing such children to {174} such an extent as to interfere with any latent talent or natural inclination in choosing a career.

The following well known persons were also born with the Moon in Scorpio.

Alex. Aqassiz

Charles H. Sabin

Charles G. Dawes

Henry Van Dyke

William Gillette

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