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THE general influence of the sign Virgo upon the Moon is to accentuate her coldness and to develop the mental qualities very much as in the case of Gemini, but the restlessness of that sign is replaced by a great steadiness and whole-hearted practicality. There is usually a good deal of materiality akin to pragmatism in the general tendency of the mind. The native does not, as a rule, value knowledge for its own sake, but, immediately on acquiring it, asks how it may be used. This is even the case in so intensely intellectual an individual as Immanuel Kant, who, although employed in the deepest and most abstract problem of metaphysics, never failed to remember that his conclusions were but the necessary basis for an ethical and religious system. We have, on the other hand, in this sign, many examples of the most eminent and practical minds: Alexander the Great, Edward VII, Paul Kruger, Lord Brougham, Cromwell, the late J. Pierpont Morgan, Winston Churchill, and Sante Beuve being all good examples of the way in which the acquisitions of the mind are immediately put to service. It should be observed that Kant's Moon was very powerfully dignified by the trine of an exact conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, and another trine of Saturn. These aspects obviously tend to increase the abstract power. This point is further exemplified by a consideration of the Moon of Tolstoi, whose mind was decidedly lacking in practicality. Mercury and the Moon are only two degrees from conjunction, Mercury in his own house being evidently stronger than the Moon. Therefore, the influence of Mercury gives an additional touch of his nature to the Moon, thus causing her to act more as if she were in Gemini than in Virgo.

The native is very fastidious with regard to his impressions, analyzing and criticizing them with extreme care. He is genuinely {170} anxious to acquire knowledge, but entertains strong prejudices. He has, however, a keen sense of truth, and is, generally speaking, ready to face facts.

Women born with the Moon in this sign are usually coldblooded and ambitious, as was the case with Cleo de Merode. There is a certain lack of romantic sentiment, a calculating cleverness in their attitude toward men, which is repugnant to the average emotional man. Such women are generally good in the practical affairs of managing the home, but they are not likely to contribute very largely to its happiness. The women who influence them are usually very clever or intellectual and are rarely jealous of them.

The women associated with men who have the Moon in this sign will, as a rule, be rather of this same type. Generally speaking, their influence upon the man will not be very strong in a sentimental way, although they may admire their practicality and common sense.

Mothers having children with the Moon in Virgo should endeavor to be more affectionate or personal in their attitude toward them; they may display efficiency and common sense in their dealing with such children, but are inclined to call attention to faults which may later in life develop into virtues.

The following well known persons were also born with the Moon in the sign Virgo:

Senator Borah

Stanley Baldwin

Ralph Waldo Trine

The late J. P. Morgan

Robert Lorraine

Charles E. Hughes

William Randolph Hearst

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