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NEPTUNE IN AQUARIUS THOSE who are born with Neptune in Aquarius have spiritual courage, idealism and vision. It was this force which, more than any other, endowed the boys of the Civil War with their flame of high {494} bravery and transcendent spirits. It gives that power which Emerson voices perfectly: 

“So nigh is grandeur to our dust, 

So near is God to man, 

When duty whispers, 'Lo, thou must,' 

The youth replies 'I can.'“ 

This majestic force, so readily replying “I can,” is the flame of conscience from Neptune in Aquarius. 

This impulse of Neptune in Aquarius has had much to do with the practical fulfillment of the research of modern science. Indeed, we owe to this position our major advances of the last century – the practical development of steam, of electricity, of invention, and of mechanics in general. 

This fine force had also much to do with endowing the leaders of the last French Revolution and the man who followed it. Gambetta had this position of Neptune. So, too, had Felix Faure and Sadi Carnot, and, curiously enough, that grand old figure who not only took part in the revolution which made France a republic, but lived to save her later in the Great War – Clemenceau, had this same position of Neptune. Indeed, since Neptune left Aquarius, it has no position endowing an equal force to the spiritual will – giving an equal idealism. Thus France owes much, not only to Clemenceau, but to his Aquarian inspiration and higher vision. 

When malefically aspected in this position, the effect is more destinal than psychological, for the effects on character are not marked. 

Thomas Hardy, Camille Flammarion, Ex-President Faure, Henry Irving, Wilson Barrett, Gambetta, Du Maurier, (the elder), Edison, Cleveland, Edward VII, J. J. Hill, Frances Willard, Bliss Carman, Carmen Sylva, Watteau, Catherine I of Russia, Jay Gould, J. P. Morgan, (the elder), Zola, Swinburne, Bret Harte, Carnot, Madame Patti, Cardinal Gibbons, John D. Rockefeller, Sr., Andrew Carnegie, Wm. H. Crane, Carl Henry Andrew Bjerregaard are examples of those having Neptune in Aquarius. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained {495} therein, the years when Neptune is in the sign Aquarius are as follows: 

From January 1st 1840 through April 27th 1847 

July 7th 1847 ” February 15th 1848 

November 7th ” November 18th 1848

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