PEOPLE having Neptune in Aries are inclined to favor new religious and philosophical teachings; they have a great desire to teach humanity to aspire to higher ideals. 

Aries is too militant, too martial, too efficient, temporal, and material for so purely spiritual a force as Neptune to express his vibrations sympathetically. His power lies more in revolution than in evolution, in the destruction of the wrong and the upheaval of the conservative. The position is spiritually radical and inclines the spiritual energies to be more dominantly mental and energetic than deep, emotional and cosmic. This is well illustrated by the religious diversity, as well as the theological skepticism, among the men and women of the Neptune in Aries generation. No two of them seem to hold the same ideas on any higher matters or on political or {484} social matters. It has produced an age of diversity and unrest, not an age of cohesion and peace – an age in which more old dogmas are destroyed than new truths advanced. 

When this planet is afflicted in Aries, it lends energy and independence to all its turbid forces for evil, while its mental quality adds initiative and a certain intelligence. It then tends to make one fanatical, Bolshevistic and revolutionary. 

John Wesley, King George V, Mary, Queen of Scots, Benjamin Franklin, Cervantes, Samuel Johnson, Thomas Moore, Maeterlinck, Kipling, Yeats, Richard Strauss, Lord Northcliffe, Don Carlos of Portugal, Houdini, Charles H. Sabin, Alfred W. Smith, Ex-President Coolidge, are notable examples of people born with Neptune in Aries. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Neptune is in the sign Aries are as follows: 

From April 16th through October 3rd 1861 

February 16th 1862 “ June 6th 1874 

October 1st 1874 ” April 6th 1875

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