Neptune in Gemini

PEOPLE who have Neptune in the sign Gemini have great capacity for intellectual brilliance, but also a tendency to mental chaos and diffusion. It adds inspiration, quickness of perception, breadth of vision, great versatility, and a tendency to study spiritualism. An afflicted Neptune in Gemini tends to cause absent-mindedness, restlessness and craftiness. It is necessary that those having Neptune in this sign, badly aspected, should concentrate on some constructive and definite line of thought and not indulge in morbid fears or obsessions. 

Since Shakespeare had his Neptune in Gemini, it is quite possible that, in the figure of Hamlet, he painted a picture of his own inner nature and melancholic reactions. Hamlet, in his swiftness of mind, in his psychic, ghost-seeing power, in his broad observation and intellectual command, is a living picture of the finer inspirations and higher impulses of this Neptune position. Again, in his morbid brooding, in his chaotic imagination and neurotic emotion (if not {486} actual madness), he is voicing Neptune in Gemini in its turbid, contradictory expression. 

Proclus, John Adams, Catherine II of Russia, Voltaire, Kant, Shakespeare, George III, Mesmer, Moses, Mendelssohn, James Watt, Kepler, Galileo, Dean Cornwell, are some of the people of note who have Neptune in Gemini. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Neptune is in the sign Gemini are as follows: 

From August 16th through September 21st 1887 

May 28th “ December 27th 1888 

March 22nd 1889 ” July 19th 1901 

December 26th 1901 “ May 20th 1902

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