Neptune in Leo

PERSONS who were born with Neptune in the sign Leo are inclined to be moral, spiritually-minded, sociable and kind-hearted. Such persons will have power through their emotions and sympathies rather than through the intellect. Thus we find that most of the “Fathers of our Country,” some signers of the Declaration of Independence, and many of the soldiers of the American Revolution were men with Neptune in this position. Indeed, we might almost maintain that we of America owe our very existence to this practical force and sound rationality, for Christopher Columbus also had this position, and it had much to do with his sane and sure determination to make good Galileo's theories. 

The general influence of Neptune in Leo is to give a firm and commanding edge to the inner forces of the will, to make it less psychic, less typically spiritual, more concrete and materially practical. 

The majority of the Neptune and Leo people turn their spiritual impulses to tangible things; thus Hahnemann founded homeopathy, McAdam constructed roads, Cromwell fought revolutionary battles, built and commanded a Protectorate, Robespierre cut off heads until his own followed suit. Indeed, the rank and file of the leaders of the French Revolution were men with Neptune in Leo – even as were the soldiers of our own Revolution, while the formation of the English Revolution was also due to men with Neptune in Leo. The same was true of those who fought in Italy in the days of Dante's banishment. It is a distinctly aggressive, commanding, radical and revolutionary position. 

An afflicted Neptune in Leo makes for sensuality, cowardliness, tyranny and egotism. {488} 

Robespierre, Dante, Charles I, Marie Antoinette, William Blake, Thomas Chatterton, Aaron Burr, Nathan Hale, Cromwell, Columbus, Mozart, McAdam, Louis XVI, Hahnemann, Pope Alexander VI, are some of the people of note having Neptune in this sign. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Neptune is in the sign Leo are as follows: 

From September 23rd through December 14th 1914 

July 19th 1915 “ March 19th 1916 

May 2nd 1916 ” September 20th 1928 

February 20th “ July 23rd 1929 

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