Neptune in Libra

THOSE having Neptune in the sign Libra are idealistic, humanitarian and with strong convictions of the rights and the welfare of mankind. It is a position of high purposes and fine spiritual ideals. This position of Neptune gives an impulse to creative idealism in art, music, literature, philosophy and social reform, rather than in the accomplishment of physical, political and mechanical advancement. The whole impetus of the great Italian Renaissance came during the passage of Neptune in Libra, while at a later period the wave of English art and poetry followed its passage through this same tabernacle of Venus. 

In general, this position inclines to a genuine, but often uncertain and at times impractical idealism. The poet Shelley is an excellent illustration of this urge of altruism. So, too, is Byron in greater degree, and with them the whole of their school. Out of the observations and teachings of the men in Libra grew the Revolution of 1848, but their example lacks the passionate certainty of Neptune in Leo or the critical sagacity of Neptune in Virgo. 

An afflicted Neptune in Libra lacks will power and practicality, and it inclines to sex perversions. 

Rossini, Byron, Shelley, De Quincey, Cooper, Picus de Mirandola, David Wilkie, Haydn, Tom Moore, Maria Louisa, Buchannan, Daniel Webster, are outstanding examples of those having Neptune in Libra. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's {490} Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Neptune is in the sign Libra are as follows: 

From December 1941 through January 1942 

October 1942 “ May 1943 

August 1943 ” December 1955 

March “ October 1956 

May ” August 1957

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