Neptune in Scorpio

PEOPLE who have Neptune in Scorpio are in danger of being too critical, skeptical and sarcastic. It is a distinctly malefic, reactive and materialistic position for this planet. It tends to exert a destructive influence in the lives of those having it so placed. A power so spiritual as Neptune finds scant opportunity for expression in so militant, physical and harsh a sign as Scorpio. 

Thus, although we find major minds with Neptune in this position, we find few that are free from a strong hint of perversity. Even Michael Angelo, majestic figure that he was, was no angel; he possessed strong material passions, a proud, almost arrogant will, and a fierce temper. Yet were his energy, determination and courage those of a Hercules – endowments in which this position of Neptune played no small part. 

In general, we must remember that those born with Neptune in Scorpio have never been born save in a time of war, pestilence and unrest. Peace seems not to attend the passage of Neptune through the scorpion. Thus, while the mature generals who assisted Napoleon and Wellington were men with Neptune in Leo or Virgo, the young soldiers who composed the bulk of their armies were men with Neptune in Scorpio. 

When Neptune in Scorpio is afflicted, it arouses the vilest impulses, obsessions and neurotic perversion that man is heir to. During the last passage of Neptune through Scorpio, so many criminals of a brutal fierceness were at large that England maintained a regular series of criminal ships to Australia, while France built up the African provinces in the same way. {491} 

Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Disraeli, George Sand, Michael Angelo, Victor Hugo, Durer, Dumas, Sir William Hamilton, Copernicus, Caesar Borgia, Thiers, Keats, Macaulay, Balzac, Lord Lytton, Emerson, Carlyle, John Brown, are notable examples of those having Neptune in Scorpio. 

Obviously from the list of famous figures, the position of this planet in Scorpio is one of power. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Neptune is in the sign Scorpio are as follows: 

From January through February 1956 

November 1956 “ April 1957 

September 1957 ” December 1970 

July “ October 1971 

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