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SATURN IN ARIES HERE we find the planet in his fall; it is in many ways the most unfavorable position for him. It is not that the martial disposition of the sign is so unfavorable; but Aries is the sign par excellence of initiative, and to find delay in that which is essentially of prompt decision is fatal. The Sun, too, being exalted in Aries, can hardly rejoice to find his brilliance usurped by the dull planet, his joy replaced by that leaden melancholy. However, Saturn is obstinate enough, and when in this sign, he appears to mean that the will is working under great disadvantages; it represents persistent struggle against overwhelming obstacles. It means usually patience; but if success comes to the native, it can only be at the end of the journey, and that with pain and sorrow. There seems no right adaptation possible to the means available to this end – the native is indeed a round peg in a square hole. He must take courage that all experience is for the good of the soul, and so miss no spiritual profit. Circumstances prove usually too much for the sturdiness of the personality. Even those who achieve greatness are likely to miss full measure, because Fate seems to say “thus far and no further.” 

An example of such restriction to effort is Philip Bourke Marston's blindness. His Moon, one of the “lights,” is in Scorpio, in opposition to Uranus, which is only 9 degrees from Saturn. The {405} Rising Sun is in trine to Saturn, and Marston seems to have made splendid use of the Sun's reinforcement and found strength to make headway against his misfortune. His case seems especially one caused by the soul's election of special discipline – for the unfavorable aspect of Luna indicates calamity beyond prevention. 

The world will not soon forget Robert Louis Stevenson's heroic cheer and industry under the lash and inescapable grind of physical suffering. What might his pen have wrought unhampered! Yet the discipline and “trying out” of his fine soul counts on the side of eternal profit and, though the physical man could not surmount the affliction of ill-health, and an early death cut short his effort, yet his courage and cheer were never dimmed, and “pity” must hesitate to judge. Saturn rising, afflicted by the opposition of Jupiter, and the Sun in conjunction with Mars, and Neptune rising in conjunction with Luna indicate his test. Who shall compute or deny his eternal profit? 

The limiting power of Saturn in Aries worked out similarly through the ill health that handicapped Herbert Spencer. Here, however, is a formidable personality and a will capable of overcoming anything and everything; although a persistent invalid, he not only accomplished his gigantic task, but lived to great age. Uranus and Neptune are rising in conjunction; the Moon and Sun in opposition and squared by Mars is unfortunate, but Saturn, semi-sextile to Sol and trine to Mars, influences baleful but strengthening balance. The Will of the man tips the scales, and the Will of Spencer pulled with Neptune and Uranus, and set patience, courage and concentrated industry in the balance. Materially, he “beat” fate with success. But who shall compute his greater riches, won under the discipline of his Saturn in Aries? 

Sir Richard Burton's obstacle is external. His ill-health was caught in the jungles. His Moon is directly opposed by his Saturn in Aries, which is conjoined with Mercury, lord of the house of his friends. Jupiter too is with Saturn. Burton displays indomitable courage, yet cannot counteract the limitation of his Moon. His walls of success fall as fast as he lays the stones. 

The Saturn of Erasmus spoke limitation from Aries, though enlightened by Uranus, opposite in fair Libra. We find Erasmus foremost scholar of his time, and his limitation represented by that {406} time. Patient, persevering, indomitable, he seems to have laid hold upon the steadfastness of Saturn and accomplished the utmost possible – but the bar could not be lifted. 

Inescapable limitation is manifested curiously in the career of Rosa Bonheur, whose sex shackles her. Sturdily she laid hold of all that Saturn trined by Mars could give. She never faltered in purpose and we know the splendid measure of her success. 

Guy de Maupassant succumbs to the forces of his own emotional nature. His Venus is rising in conjunction with Mars and Jupiter. This is the test that seems dictated by Saturn in Aries – and de Maupassant seemed unable to lay hold on any reinforcement to his will. Lamentable indeed was the climax of that most brilliant and most unfortunate life! 

We end the series with Charles Baudelaire. Saturn is in conjunction with the Sun; Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are all approaching them. Obstacle and limitation and powers of opposition! And also an array of strengthening influences to equip him in the fight to which the soul is called. All these planets, however, are in the eighth house – the house of death. His preoccupation was ever with death and the appurtenances and ornaments of death. His Uranus and Neptune are conjoined exactly in the fourth house, inviting an inner solemnity to the soul. 

The poet walks in his garden of cypress, and tends his monkshood, his nightshade, and his vervain – darkness and sorrow his limitation! Not for him the blossoms of the May, nor the rose-bowers of happier though not holier bards! The edict of Saturn in Aries is fulfilled. 

From all the cases cited it appears that Saturn in Aries tends to bring the native prominently forward in his own sphere of activity; he has ambition, is diplomatic, though somewhat distrustful, and has self-confidence, though he may be astere and a lover of retirement. With many acquaintances, he has few intimates, and there may be traces of selfishness and sometimes great irritability. One of the greatest limitations imposed by Saturn in Aries is upon the physical health. Such material success as may be obtained is likely to be through the relations with the public. 

The following well known persons were born with Saturn in the sign Aries: {407} 

Queen Wilhelmina of Holland 

Lord Kitchener 

General Joffre 

Guy de Maupassant 

George Washington 

Mary Baker Eddy 

Kind Ludwig II of Bavaria 

Ethel Barrymore 

Perry Belmont 

George M. Cohan 

Cecil de Mille. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Saturn is in the sign Aries are as follows: 

From April 4th 1849 through June 3rd 1851 

November 5th 1851 “ February 22nd 1852 

May 15th 1878 ” September 15th 1878 

February 6th 1879 “ April 5th 1881 

March 19th 1908 ” May 16th 1910 

December 15th 1910 “ January 19th 1911 

May ” October 1937 

February 1938 “ June 1939 

October 1939 ” March 1940

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