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SATURN IN LIBRA IN Libra Saturn is in his exaltation, and is therefore very strong and beneficent. The Venusian character of the house tempers his asperity, even though there is always some sinister implication in the association of Venus with Saturn, and the judicial function of Libra assures good balance to the conservative and concentrative force of the dark planet. We shall therefore expect to find that the natives are well able to take care of themselves, and exercise both tact and judgment in the management of their personal affairs. The exceptions will, as before, be due to some unusual affliction either of the planet or the ruler of the house. 

Both the philosophical and religious temperament are well developed in this position. In orthodoxy we have Cardinal Gibbons with Saturn trined by Jupiter on one side and by Neptune on the other. There is no impediment to the ego, and, with all else favorable, his ambition was certain of gratification. Savonarola, though a reformer, was only so in his denunciation of corruptions in Church and State. Mars and the Moon square his Saturn, so that dreams of violence haunt his dark spirit, and place obstacles continually in his path. His is a good example of a strong Saturn thwarted. 

Two great heresiarchs now attract our notice: Swedenborg and Joseph Smith. The former has Mars in opposition to Saturn but the Sun is trine, and this latter aspect always means great stability of moral character. The affliction of Mars prevents the Saturnian wisdom from operating on the material plane; therefore with vision probably superior to that of Mohammed, he accomplished no more than the foundation of a new sect. 

Joseph Smith's Saturn has Uranus in conjunction, and the moon square while Neptune stands semi-sextile. To him, therefore, we might look for the doctrinal founding of a sect; but it was the energy and practical genius of Brigham Young that made Mormonism a living force. {423} 

Another religious genius and one of high order was Swami Vivekananda. Here Saturn has a conjunction of the Moon, an opposition of Neptune, and Venus is nearly trine. Although the position of Saturn in Libra gave him the philosophical religious bent, the afflictions give clear explanation of the sources of his collapse, to which the softening aspect from Venus materially contributed. 

Disraeli and Lord Northcliffe form a pair suitable for comparison, both showing immense ambition. The Saturn of Disraeli is in the Mid-heaven, conjoined with Uranus and squared by Mercury; thus both enlightenment and a sense of reality modify the ambition and there is also a sextile of Mars, adding efficiency. 

Lord Northcliffe also has Saturn in the tenth house, but the Moon is in opposition, and the Sun square. The offhand prediction would be an inevitable failure, but the student must not forget that the evil effects of an opposition may be greatly mitigated by the interposition of another planet in trine to one and sextile to the other of the opposing forces. And here Jupiter, in his own sign, Sagittarius, is sextile to Saturn and therefore trine to the Moon, which also accounts for Northcliffe's great wealth. The square of the Sun and opposition of the Moon, operating generally as a threat against the constitution, indicate his comparatively early death. 

A great artist will illustrate the good tendencies of a well-aspected Saturn in Libra. Petrarch's Saturn has the sextile of the Sun and Mercury and semi-sextiles of Neptune and of Jupiter. Here we see a very harmonious, beautiful attitude towards self, a mellowness in strength which made him so lovable a character. 

The Saturn of Turner has the trine of the Moon, Uranus and Venus, which similarly soften the asperity of the ego-feeling and ripen it to artist-altruism. The opposition of Mercury, however, gave a practical tinge to Saturn's natural selfishness which showed in the frugality of the artist's life, even though it afterward appeared that his stinginess was really inspired by altruism, in order that he might bequeath to the nation the greater part of his imperishable work. 

In a material way the position of Saturn in Libra is favorable for partnerships, especially with persons older or of better position than the native. It diminishes somewhat the austerity and selfishness {424} of Saturn, moves the sympathies, and slightly favors the mystical side in religion. 

The following well known persons were also born with Saturn in the sign Libra: 

Prince of Wales 

Don Carlos of Portugal 

Billy Sunday 

King George V 

Duke of Clarence 

John Jacob Astor 

Edward Bok 

Senator Borah 

Arthur Brisbane 

Charles G. Dawes 

Chauncey M. Depew 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Saturn is in the sign Libra are as follows: 

From October 23rd 1862 through April 22nd 1863 

July 10th 1863 “ January 20th 1865 

February 28th ” September 29th 1865 

December 27th 1891 “ January 22nd 1892 

August 30th 1892 ” November 6th 1894 

October 8th 1921 “ December 19th 1923 

April 6th ” September 13th 1924 

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