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AS the zodiacal signs form the basis of human temperament, so do the planets possess the magnetic forces which, playing upon that temperament, produce those countless modifications of which mankind is capable. They are the cosmic generators, as it were – the focus points of distinct types of electronic energy.

The four bodies whose influence and position have most to do with human character are the two luminaries, that is the Sun and the Moon, and the two minor planets, Mercury and Venus, whose orbits lie within that of the earth.

Experience shows that these four react more directly upon the sensitive plate of man's being and have most to do with making him what he is. They have a modified effect upon events. The planets of the other orbits, while also affecting character in a measure, seem to modify it more in an evolutionary than a primary way.

Since prehistoric man stood in the primal jungle – his naked arms upraised in supplication to the morning light – man has worshipped the Sun. Not a plant grows, not a beast of the field nor a bird of the air, but lives in reference to and from the beneficence of the central orb. But for its light and power the very earth would cease to be. But for our continued baths in its warmth, we should become as sprouted potatoes in a cellar, white and lifeless. Not by any accident did the fire worshipper adore it, and the Greeks glorify it as Helios-Sol-Apollo, and with countless other names. He is “Sanso,” the sun-god of India.

The individuality, indicated by the Sun, is to man's nature as the Sun to the Universe, its very formative force and center of life. {3}

Thus in the correspondence between the Sun's position in the Universe, his passage through the Zodiac and his aspect to the planets revolving around him, we have the major measure of human nature and in each particular instance the primary major {sic} of that individuality. All other planetary aspects, positions and influences relate to these central and major aspects, positions and influences of the Sun in measure as the planets themselves relate to the Sun. There must be no confusion between what we mean as individuality, personality, temperament, mentality and character. Individuality is the thing “we feel” behind a handshake, behind our likes and dislikes, behind casual manners. Charm of manner is a matter of temperament and color. The swift come and go, the moods and habits are matters of personality. The ways of reacting, of speaking, frowning and smiling are matters of disposition.

A weak Sun (or individuality) in a horoscope implies a weak nature, no matter how many other strong factors are found, and vice versa, a strong Sun will carry a nativity far.

A strong Sun implies nobility of character, sturdiness of courage, dependability of action and integrity of purpose. It gives firmness to the nature and a strong sense of right and wrong. The Sun so endowed implies a sound mind and, unless other planets are unusually malefic, a strong and healthy body.

It is a splendid testimony for ultimate success because it so coordinates, so attunes the centers of the nature, so adjusts the attributes of individuality, that minor disturbances and humiliation tend to melt away with the years, leaving the simple fibre of a true nature.

An afflicted Sun is a strong testimony of individual limitation. The limitation may be one of character, of worth or of mental balance, of emotional capacity, of moral integrity, or of bodily health, in one, or may be in all of their ways, depending upon the type or the degree of malefic influences.

The Sun in the earthy signs gives excess of energy, increases pride and haughtiness and gives a headstrong individuality. In the airy signs it inclines to intellectual energy, to ability, social interest, arts and sciences. In the watery signs, a strong Sun gives great emotion, passion and sympathy, endowing great sex inclination, {4} and capacity. In fiery signs, a strong Sun tends to power, ambition, leadership, gravity and dignity.

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