Sun in Aquarius

AQUARIUS represents humanity progressing by the aid which it gives to others. The woman is Isis Unveiled; she pours forth science, progress, nobility of thought and conduct, the wisdom of the stars, giving freely to others, while she herself is refreshed and renewed by that life-giving stream.

Before the discovery of Uranus in the eighteenth century, Saturn was supposed to rule Aquarius, but it is now quite apparent that Uranus is its lord, a domination which easily explains its signification of “the future.” In the consideration of the personal appearance under the discussion of the rising sign, we have noticed the peculiar and sometimes rather disconcerting look of the eyes of the native, as though the knowledge behind them were almost uncanny to the average person. The constitution is generally strong, though liable to sudden attacks of illness, which usually affect the nerves, or arise from some obscure cause, thus showing the Uranian influence, but his temperate habits of life are generally a good safeguard against danger from these tendencies. The disposition is kind and generous; the Aquarian cannot bear to see others suffer, and he will often make great sacrifices in order to relieve them. His judgment in practical things is not always sound, in the sense in which that term is usually employed, as his vision enables him to see too far ahead into the consequences to make his advice seem justified at the moment. What he says comes true, but often only after many vicissitudes. He judges on first principles and bed-rock facts, and the influence of these, though always finally determinative, may often be masked for a time by all kinds of accidents. To the {28} average mind, therefore, the Aquarian often appears a dreamer, for he lays his plans so far ahead that he himself may never live to see them executed. Perhaps the most notable figure whose Sun is in Aquarius is Abraham Lincoln; other examples are found in Ruskin, Byron, Havelock Ellis, and Adelina Patti. A typical expression of the Gospel of Aquarius is given by Thomas Paine, whose Sun is in this sign, in his exclamation: “Every man a brother, every woman a sister, the world my country, to do good my religion.”

The Aquarian is inquiring by nature and very susceptible to the illumination of inspiration, but he has no disinclination caused by prejudice to accept any theory which has facts to support it. The “impossible” has been carefully erased from his dictionary. The mental poise is generally equable, and the sense of justice, as well as that of causality, is very strong. The Aquarian is superior to his environment; his surroundings do not limit him as they would most people. Disappointment does not turn him from any plan, once his mind is firmly made up to prosecute it. The intuition is abnormally strong, truth is recognized by the native with great ease; and in conjunction with this, frequently goes very remarkable psychic power.

The mental poise of the Aquarian is so remarkable that he makes an ideal consultant, whether in medicine, in law, or in other science. People naturally go to him for advice; even the insane may feel the steadying power of his influence and the self-mastery which goes with it. In spite of all this, the native is modest and unassuming, and his interest is not so much in himself as in his surroundings. It is this which makes him an admirable observer and successful in science.

The Aquarian does not quickly make friends, but once his confidence is given, there is never any doubt about his loyalty. He is not easily approached on the physical plane. His bonds of attachment are forged in the smithies of the soul and the mind. This, as in the case of Libra and Sagittarius, may lead to the formation of many very peculiar attachments. The circle of the native is never likely to be conventional. He is happiest when he feels that he is fulfilling his destiny of helping others.

Aquarius rules the calves of the leg, in particular, but it also refers to the vessels of the body which carry fluid of any kind, particularly {29} the lymphatic system. There is danger of blood pressure in later years, and arterio-sclerosis is not uncommonly the cause of the native's death. Because the preponderant influence of its ruler Uranus is upon the higher planes of mental and spiritual activity, the greatest danger to the health of the native is apt to come through neglect of the physical attributes of the body. He is disinclined to take physical exercise but is overactive mentally. His deep subjective knowledge, however, will not allow him to abuse his body, even though he may be unmindful of it and consequently it is seldom that his general health is seriously impaired.

The following well known persons were also born with the Sun in the sign Aquarius:

Abraham Lincoln

Robert Burns

Sir Henry Irving

Mrs. Katherine Craig

Victor Herbert

Bert Reese

Colonel George Harvey

George Randolph Chester

Jean Adrienne Jusserand

Thomas A. Edison

Olive Fremstad

Charles M. Schwab

Edward Sheldon

John Barrymore

Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh

Antonio Scotti

Pierre Lorillard

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Elihu P. Root

Louis C. Tiffany

Philip A. S. Fraklin

Fritz Kreisler

Rev. Wm. D. Guthrie

George Jean Nathan {30}

James F. Fargo

William Faversham

Frederick R. Coudert

William Allen White

Sinclair Lewis


Maxine Elliott

Francis Wilson.

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