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THE Sun in Leo is his greatest strength, for Leo is his own house and his influence is not even complicated by the exaltation of any other planet therein. We find here the most enormous vitality and strength of constitution. We have examples of this in such grand old men as Petrarch, who died at seventy, but whose life was full of vigor; Colonel Olcott who died at over eighty; Tennyson, at eighty-three; Cardinal Gibbons, at eighty-three, and Franz Josef of Austria, at eighty-six. Blavatsky died at sixty, but her Sun is in opposition to Jupiter and Herschel, while Cancer was rising, a sign not predisposing to longevity. Napoleon, too, died at the age of fifty-two, but this is hardly a case of natural death, since the indigestion indicated by the presence of Saturn in Cancer in opposition {14} to the Moon was aggravated to malignant disease by the cruel regimen imposed upon him by his captors. Shelley also had a magnificent constitution and a vitality as superabundant as that of the great conqueror; his life, too, was cut short by drowning.

People with the Sun in Leo are not only strong themselves, but shed forth this strength on others. It is emotionally the most magnetic of all the signs for the Sun; perhaps in consequence of this, the disposition is usually masterful and may possibly in some cases become almost tyrannical. There is immense generosity and nobility of feeling, but this again may sometimes degenerate into extravagance. The native is a tremendous worker, but anything in the nature of menial tasks revolts his soul, and while he is not ashamed to do anything of this kind when necessity calls or as an example to others, yet he will not do it as a matter of routine, while there is anyone else to do it for him. If he finds himself in a situation where people will not do for him what he thinks they ought to, he generally prefers to let the work go undone. The nature is excessively proud and incapable of meanness. Such persons must be trusted or they can do nothing. As long as they feel that they are in positions of authority and responsibility, they will kill themselves if necessary, in order to justify the confidence reposed in them. If forced into any other situation, they will despise their work and so neglect it.

The disposition of persons with the Sun in Leo is placable and not easily perturbed, but this advantage is gained by “preparedness.” They give so forcibly the impression that they are ready for a fight that the peace is seldom in danger of being broken. When actually forced into combat, Leo people form the most determined opponents. They have taken to heart Shakespeare's advice:

“Beware of entrance to a quarrel, but, being in,

Bear't that the opposer may beware of thee.”

Their only defect as fighters lies in their reckless courage. They expose themselves unnecessarily and they refuse to fight otherwise than fairly, however great may be the advantages offered. In victory they are magnanimous and in defeat unconquered. {15}

People with this position of the Sun should always attend, as far as possible, to their own business, and not rely upon others to do it for them, or trust to correspondence (unless they happen to be born writers, because of good Mercury aspects) for their success depends almost entirely upon the magnetism of their personality. The ambition of these people is nearly always uncontrollable; however much they get, they will want far more, and this discontent may be the cause of much unhappiness. It is the mainspring of their success, but may also bring them to disaster, for they refuse to realize it when they come to a blank wall. They are consequently likely to waste their strength in attempting impossibilities. The same pride and masterfulness of which mention has been made makes it impossible to coerce the native, but he responds with extreme readiness to the slightest appeal to his better feelings, and he will often injure himself seriously rather than give anyone the chance of thinking that he has acted meanly, although such thought may be utterly unjust.

Leo rules the heart. The Sun in this position is very strong; it is because of his great power that the vitality is usually so tremendous, but when at the last, Apollo, lord of life and death, turns from the one to the other, it is at the heart that he will strike. Death is likely to come suddenly by some kind of stroke or by syncope. Where the Sun is over-excited by Mars, especially by squares and conjunctions, the tendency to diseases of the heart is greatly increased and may occur comparatively early in life. It may also lead to death in infancy through convulsions.

The following well know persons were also born with the Sun in the sign Leo:

Guy de Maupassant

Allan Leo

Boynton Moody

George B. McCutcheon

Raymond Poincare

Herbert Hoover

Henry Ford

Stanley Baldwin

Mussolini {16}

David Belasco

William Gillette

Julia Marlowe

Mary Anderson

Larz Anderson

George D. Pratt

Guthrie McClintic

Martha Hedman

Clare Eames

Ethel Barrymore

Mrs. Dorothy Caruso

Will Foster

Anne Morgan

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