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THE Sun in Sagittarius is noble, refined, and forceful, but his influence may suffer through being too swift and sudden. The brilliancy conferred is sometimes fitful. The promise of youth remains unfulfilled. Occasionally, it may occur that it is fulfilled in some different way, it develops in some unexpected channel. Thus the qualities which brought Disraeli to the front were not at all those which confirmed him when he had arrived. The peculiar quality of high-strung and high-spirited character which this sign lends to the Sun is better shown by such people as Charles I, Swinburne, de Musset and Winston Churchill. William Blake's Sun was very much stabilized by the conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter.

The native of Sagittarius seems never to be altogether in repose, but always to be prepared to act. The temperament is exceedingly proud and the taste exquisitely refined. There is often a kind of wild shyness in these people, and they are sometimes rather difficult to deal with, because they seem so ready to spring away, and vanish into the forest glades. This impression is, however, to some extent illusory, for their nature is essentially true and trustworthy, but the thought of humiliation is maddening to them, and they suffer the most intense pain over trifles which, to less sensitive people, would cause hardly a moment's annoyance. They resent intensely any form of pressure, almost as much so as in Leo, but they are to be trusted to follow out their own aspirations in their own way. If they say they will do a thing, they will not go back on their word. The intuition of these people is extraordinarily good, and their mistakes often come from not following it. No matter what reason may say, they will err if they do not rather choose to act on instinct, for, in them, instinct is so strong that it can never be banished from the mind, and so acts as an inhibition when contradicted. Similarly, these people are never fortunate in taking the advice of others. They should trust their own initiative. Their greatest successes are obtained when sudden emergency arises. Opportunity is to them the keynote of success in life. They are naturally capable of extreme concentration, and cannot well do two things at once. They must finish what they are doing before starting anything else; if they once break off, they find it hard to resume. {24} There is some danger that they may go to extremes and those tasks which require patience and steady constructive force are distasteful to them.

The general health is good, although there is some liability to sudden attacks of nervous disorders, but the recuperative force is strong. An open-air life appeals naturally to the native and he is very fond of sports, especially those concerned with horses, dogs and forms of hunting. He is lithe and active, usually an excellent runner. The nature is free from any form of coarseness, and such things disgust even more than we found to be the case with Libra. This circumstance occasionally determines a rather peculiar attitude in regard to all the natural functions of life, and individuals with this position of the Sun are rarely normal in the sense in which ordinary people understand that word. There is a great desire to obtain the respect of others, and sometimes this may lead to a certain failure to live up to the best side of the character, for, to acquire or to retain the respect of unworthy persons, one must either be untrue to one's self or hypocritical. The personality is usually extremely magnetic, and its bold, free, dashing character and great brilliance often inspire the profoundest devotion.

Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs in particular, but all the tendons of the muscular system in general. It has also some connection with the motor impulses of the nervous system; the diseases of this sign are therefore sciatica, gout, hip disease, and some other forms of lameness. However, more octogenarians are born with the Sun in Sagittarius than in any other sign.

The following well known persons were also born with the Sun in the sign Sagittarius:

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)

Edith Cavell

Bishop Fallows

Reginald Vanderbilt

Queen Alexandra of England

Lillian Russell

Minnie Maddern Fiske

Harry Payne Whitney

Harold G. Villard {25}

Netwon D. Baker

William Durant

Thomas Coleman DuPont

Dr. Alexander Lambert

Arthur Brisbane

Fay Bainter

Louden Charlton

Marion Davies

Sally Farnham

Doris Keane

Helen Mencken

E. H. Sothern

Lou Tellegen

Lillian Westcott Hale

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