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URANUS IN AQUARIUS IN this sign, Uranus appears most clearly as the emancipator. It has been generally claimed that Uranus has a very special affinity with the sign Aquarius, and the sign is so harmonious with the planet that the native who possesses an easy-going personality will probably be little more than commonplace. Some special excitement of adversity, which tries the soul, is necessary to make the possibilities of the sign operative to the full extent; and to produce a really great emancipator. 

Thus, in the cases of the Emperor Maximilian, and of Lords Roberts and Wolseley, we find no marked revolutionary impulse. Roberts has Pisces rising, with Jupiter just under the cusp, in {472} opposition to Saturn and Mercury. Uranus is “in prison,” just within the twelfth house, with little help anywhere. There is, therefore, nothing sufficient to arouse those deeper and stronger spiritual forces to which we have learned to look for the revolutionary ideas which sway mankind. 

Wolseley has Aquarius rising, with Saturn in Virgo not particularly strong. Uranus is near the cusp of the Ascendant, giving him the peculiar personality which, harmonizing so well with the temperament, brought him so much honor; for Uranus was close to the sextile of Jupiter. Once again, however, there is no deeper force at work; the career was conventional. 

The unhappy Emperor Maximilian is an example of feebleness and lack of unity. The Sun and Mercury are rising in Cancer, and Jupiter is in the Mid-heaven; but the Moon is in the fifth house, in opposition to Mars. Uranus, too, receives no help. This is a fine illustration of how mere good fortune, unaided by personal strength, may fail to keep a man out of difficulties. 

There are two humorists with this position, Du Maurier and Lewis Carroll. The former has Uranus on the cusp of the Ascendant, with nothing better than a semi-sextile of the Moon to assist him; Saturn is in opposition to Mercury. The latter, on the other hand, has Sagittarius rising, and Jupiter is close to Uranus near the cusp of the third house. He has the benefit of a semi-sextile of Neptune – here is the subtle yet sacred character of the humor – while Venus and Mars rising in conjunction lend passion and power to the personality. The Sun, too, is only eight degrees from Uranus. It is a most fortunate figure, on the whole; but, at the same time, nothing revolutionary is to be found in it. 

President Garfield has Virgo rising, with Mercury not very strong but in the third house. Jupiter is in conjunction with Uranus; Saturn has just risen. There is evidence here of a clever, even nature, likely to move harmoniously enough; but without that quality which overturns faiths and empires. 

General Gordon is a stronger type. Aries is rising, with Mars sextile to Jupiter. Uranus is only ten degrees from the Sun, well above the eastern horizon. One can understand the impetuous, romantic, adventurous disposition; there are also indications of great emancipatory ideas. But there is hardly sufficient force to {473} carry them out, as Uranus is hampered by his position in the twelfth house. 

Compare with these the nativity of Joan of Arc. Scorpio is rising, and Mars, its lord, is semi-sextile to Jupiter, trine to Saturn, and trine to Venus. Uranus, trined by Jupiter and the Moon, is square to the ascendant. Here is an all-conquering personality; Uranus giving the revolutionary idea, which is fired with religious zeal for the freeing of the people of her country. 

Consider a true empire builder, Franz Josef of Austria, who, from an ill-assorted conglomeration of races who detested each other, developed a nation which surprised the world by its unexpected internal strength in the shock of the greatest war in history. Libra is rising, giving the even judgment an sound balance necessary for such work, and Venus, in her beloved sign, Cancer, and in the tenth house, has the semi-sextile of a conjunction of the Sun, the Moon and Saturn, ensuring the affectionate devotion of all his subjects of whatever race. She is opposed by Neptune in the fourth house, which led to the domestic tragedies in his life, but failed to injure his popularity. Uranus trine to the Ascendant has the sextile of Mars. To this planet, so strong in Aquarius, we must look for the revolutionary awakening of his mind which led him from a beginning of repressive absolutism to become the most sincere constitutional monarch of Europe, devoted to the best interests of all his people. 

A very different type of emancipator is Goethe, with Scorpio rising and Mars exalted in Capricorn, trine to Mercury and the Sun. Uranus has the square of Saturn, which is on the cusp of the Ascendant. It is a most harmonious picture, and a great one; for with such a sign rising, and such large planets involved, there must always be big things on the carpet. With this, compare Rossetti, a similar mind, but less original and far less cosmic. Gemini is rising, Mercury is with the Moon in the twelfth house, sextile to Venus and square to Uranus, and Venus is trine to Jupiter. All this is quite as harmonious as Goethe's figure, but not nearly so big. The forces involved are more conventional and so commonplace. 

Another great mind was that of Mme. Blavatsky, with Cancer rising and the Moon trine to the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, the latter being opposed by the Sun. The Sun is rising (near the {474} cusp of the second house) promising success; but the other combination gives the real force of the character, the receptiveness, the religious enthusiasm, and the occult impulse all working together. 

Her chief of staff, Colonel Olcott, has a similar temperament. Libra is rising, and Venus is conjoined with the Sun; and the square of Mars to both contributes magnetism. Uranus is in opposition to the Sun. Naturally, such a figure promises the sympathetic service which his work manifested. The trine of Mars to Saturn gives further efficiency, and he did his work right well. 

The great sage and mystic of antiquity, Proclus, the neo-Paltonist, has Uranus in conjunction with the Sun and Venus; Saturn and Jupiter are square to them. Aries is rising, Mars, its lord, being in Capricorn in his exaltation. Here, once more, is the double gift of the Gods, the preoccupation with great things and the power to execute them. 

The following well known persons were born with Uranus in the sign Aquarius: 

Andrew Carnegie 

Frank H. Dodd 

Bishop Fallows 

Cardinal Gibbons 

Mark Twain 

Alexander Agassiz 

Dr. S. Weir Mitchell 

Lord Roberts. 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Uranus is in the sign Aquarius are as follows: 

From January 31st through September 4th 1212 

November 12th 1912 “ March 31st 1919 

August 17th 1919 ” January 21st 1920 {475) 

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