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URANUS IN ARIES URANUS in Aries gives a character intrepid, dauntless, fiery and indomitable, whether for good or evil. 

Flaming, headstrong, hot-tempered, impetuous, self-willed, and obstinate is the type; but sometimes the native will make a sudden and complete turn-about-face, and pursue a new and contradictory course with the same energy as he did the former. Nor, as a rule, {444} will he be capable of seeing that he has changed in any respect. There is nothing particularly constructive in this type of energy. A strong example of this temperament is found in Mrs. Annie Besant, Aries being the rising sign. In Pope Alexander VI, the same qualities are apparent; but here Capricorn is rising; and, although Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and so not inharmonious with the Aries temperament, yet a Saturnian element is super-added with the most unfortunate results. 

People with Uranus in Aries are always so firmly convinced they are right that opposition to their wishes appears to them as something positively unjustifiable, and they are therefore entirely unscrupulous in crushing such opposition. Sometimes this masterful quality is confined to legitimate lines, as in the case of Edison. Scorpio is rising, and its Lord, Mars, is softened by the conjunction of the Moon in the third house; thus the powerful will implied works mostly on the mental plane, where the enemy is only stubborn Nature; and, in bending her to his will by the force of his genius, he has earned the thanks of humanity. 

Contrast with Edison's Uranus the case of the Earl of Strafford, and Cromwell, who both had Uranus in Aries. It will also be instructive to compare them with each other. Each had an iron will, an unscrupulous determination to have his own way at any cost; but Strafford has Virgo rising. He prepared a plan for dealing with Ireland called “thorough,” which was effectively to legalize massacre; but there is no passion in Virgo to cooperate with such violence, and Strafford was not strong enough to carry the plan out; he hung fire. Cromwell, with Aries rising, went through Ireland like a new Attila. 

Lord Rosebery, on the other hand, has Aries rising, (the Ascendant being the twenty-eighth degree of Pisces); Uranus therefore occupies the Ascendant, and so we find a fair uniformity of disposition. But his career was interrupted by his sudden laying-down of things, and his equally sudden reassumption of them. 

Anna Kingsford has Uranus in Aries, but it occupies the eighth house. Here, as in the case of Strafford, Virgo is rising, but its lord, Mercury, is in his own house and in conjunction with Venus, and the Ascendant is further dignified by the presence of the Sun and Mars in conjunction. Here we find, then, a great example of the {445} driving force of these configurations; for Anna Kingsford, despite all disqualifications, disposed of an initiating force sufficient to arouse the thought of half the world. It is her work which made the growth of Theosophy and its analagous cults at all possible. She was, doubtless, the head of the battering-ram that broke in the gates of the materialistic philosophy of the Victorian Age. 

Robert Louis Stevenson has the last degrees of Aquarius rising, but Pisces is intercepted in the Ascendant, and Uranus in the first degrees of Aries is just within it. There is no great natural harmony between Aries and Aquarius, but there presence together in the first house creates harmony. So we find Stevenson, despite the most distressing ill-health, producing masterpieces. Astrologic students of literature may attribute to Aquarius his curiously gentle, profound, psychology, and to Uranus in Aries the passion for bloodthirsty incident, which may also be credited to the position of his Mars in Scorpio. Saturn is also in the Ascendant, just above Uranus, and this adds the tinge of melancholy which so increases his incomparable charm. 

Another example is Ludwig II of Bavaria. Here Uranus is in the tenth house. Cancer is rising, weak, feminine, and receptive, and assorting illy with the violence of Uranus in Aries. So we see a dreamy, easy, pleasure-loving temperament, which bursts out at times into maniacal enthusiasms and extravagances. The lack of harmony between these two configurations is the essential blot in the personality which ultimately manifested itself as madness. 

A final example is Abbas Effendi. Aquarius is rising, and Uranus in Aries is just within the second house. Here is the same gentle profundity as Stevenson's. But Neptune is rising opposed to the Moon; and, instead of the tremendous will which enabled Stevenson to rank with the greatest masters, there is but a soft and somewhat undefined personality, its Will remaining interior, not externalized, since the forces that oppress it are too strong to overcome, and also since Neptune, opposing the Moon, exercises an inhibitory influence on all continuous activity. 

The following well known persons were born with Uranus in the sign Aries: {446} 

Daniel Chester French 

Charles N. Flagg 

Bishop Greer 

Samuel Gompers 

Von Hindenburg 

Rev. George C. Houghton 

Oscar Hammerstein 

Stanley Hall 

Lord Kitchener 

Thomas Edison 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Uranus is in the sign Aries are as follows: 

From April 19th through October 1st 1843 

February 10th 1844 “ July 5th 1850 

September 5th 1850 ” April 14th 1851 

March 31st “ November 4th 1927 

January 13th 1928 ” May 1934 

November 1934 “ March 1935

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