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URANUS IN LIBRA OWING to the exaltation of Saturn in the house of Venus, there is a subtle suggestion of danger in the sign of Libra. Its own nature, too, is the balance; and when that balance is upset by casting such a flaming sword as Uranus into the scale, we may expect very astonishing results. Where Venus is afflicted, and Saturn strong, we shall find that the influence is often exceedingly dangerous; but good dispositions and dignities of Venus, and a harmonious rising sign and happy aspects to Uranus, himself, may bring about the development of the most useful forces. The freedom of Libra, an airy sign, will give play to the impulses of Uranus; in fact, one might almost say that he is never more himself than when he is in this sign. 

Taking first some rather unfortunate examples, let us consider the nativity of Joseph Smith. Note, however, that it only appears unfortunate to us in so far as we may happen not to be Mormons; we must be tolerant with those expressions of genius with which we are not in sympathy. It is, however, quite permissible for the astrologer to give planetary reasons for thinking this prophet a mistaken one. At his birth Cancer was rising, a very suitable sign for the reception of inspired knowledge; unhappily, the Moon, close {461} to Mercury, is in exact opposition to the cusp of the Ascendant; moreover, she is in her detriment, and square to Uranus, which is conjoined with Saturn. Libra itself is not very harmonious with Cancer, and though there is much power developed, such power is bound to work in a disordered manner. 

There is much tragedy in the horoscope of James II of England. Here Uranus is in the third house, with a sextile of the Moon, and a semi-sextile of the Sun, but squared by Jupiter. The Sun is lord of the Ascendant, Leo, but he is in Scorpio; and Mars is rising in his own decanate of Leo, the third, which represents unsuccessful struggle. Uranus, too, is in the third house, so that the mentality is eccentric. The whole outlook is gloomy in the extreme, leading one to expect an increasing tension, due to tactlessness and ill-temper, qualities which indeed cost him his throne. Contrast these positions with those of Louis XIV, “le grand monarque.” Here Scorpio is rising, its lord, Mars, sextile to Uranus. Instantly we see a harmony of temperament of the ambitious type; not very amiable, perhaps, but singularly strong and without inhibitions. 

The severe quality of the vision of Durer is determined by the conjunction made by Saturn with his Sun, lord of Leo, the Ascendant. Uranus is in the third house, making possible such pictures as the “Astrologer” and the “Four Witches.” But there is a strong friendship between Leo and Libra, and the temperament is a symphony of these signs and planets. 

A more Venusian type of artist is Sir Joshua Reynolds. Here Virgo is rising, but in twenty-nine degrees, so that Libra occupies almost the whole of the Ascendant. Uranus is just within the second house, but there is nothing rising above him. It is, therefore, evident that his influence is quite free from admixture. A sextile of Jupiter and Saturn to Uranus lends him exceptional force, and it is to be noted that the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon are all in the tenth house, and thus rule the entire figure. It may be remarked here that when there is any dispute, so to say, among the other planets, the tenth house assumes primary importance. 

In literature we have, in Bulwer-Lytton, a figure analogous to that of Reynolds in painting. Here Cancer is rising, causing him to prefer antiquity to modern times, to write historical novels rather than modern, and, even when he wrote of modern times, as in “A {462} Strange Story,” to introduce the ideas of the past and make them more prominent than those of the present. The Moon is on the cusp of the Ascendent, or he might have gone even farther than he did in this direction; as it was, his personality was diffuse; his tendency was to play first at magic, next at politics, then at literature. Were Cancer more appropriate to Libra, the result would have been happier; but the truth is that nothing goes well without a dash of fire somewhere in its composition. In any case this dispersion of interests is quite characteristic of Libra. 

The influence of Uranus in this sign, at its best, emphasizing its most judicial quality, is seen in Sir William Hamilton, one of the greatest metaphysicians that Britain has produced. Here Gemini is rising, and Mercury is in his own house, Virgo, in conjunction with Venus. This gives the mental development full play; otherwise, Uranus in the fifth house might have caused trouble. The perfect harmony of the two airy signs and the good dignity of Mercury, allow full play to the better side of Uranus. Hence we find the metaphysician probing deeply into the most recondite mysteries of existence, and displaying the most even judgment as well as the subtlest power of analysis. 

In the case of Petrarch we find the emphasis is to be laid upon the fact that Venus rules Libra. Leo is rising, giving him a large and warm heart; especially as the Sun, its ruler, is close under the cusp of the Ascendant, while Mercury, exactly on it, adds keen intellect to the personality. Venus is trine to Uranus, and lends tenderness and beauty to his fierce and passionate rays. Is further explanation needed of the circumstances that he challenges even Dante as the Poet of love? In the horoscope of Erasmus, Uranus is in nine degrees of Libra, just above the cusp of the Ascendant, while Venus is rising just below it. But Uranus is opposed by Saturn, making the temperament cold. Mercury, too, is ascending, and the Sun is in conjunction with the Moon and Neptune in Scorpio, which diminish his glow. Here, then, is the great scholar as opposed to the great lover. 

A very incarnation of passion is to be found in George Sand, with 27 degrees of Aquarius rising, and Saturn sextile to Neptune. The temperament is harmonious enough, and the intellectual side of the woman is clearly indicated by the points given above, but Uranus {463} in the seventh house, squared by the Sun from the fifth house, describes her varied affairs with men. 

George Borrow has Uranus exactly on the Ascendant, squared by the Sun and Mercury, while Venus, the lady of the Ascendant, is squared by Saturn. This fully accounts for his queer, sardonic, temperament, its flashes of genius, and its strange outbursts of passion. In the nativity of Victor Hugo, Scorpio was rising with Mars in Aquarius not specially strong, high, or well-aspected. Aquarius is friendly to Libra, however, and, as Mars is within five degrees of the trine of Uranus, the personality and temperament go well enough together. One may easily understand that this combination gave the extraordinary power for work which the great poet and novelist possessed. 

That cynical voluptuary, Sainte Beuve, had Pisces rising and Jupiter in conjunction with Venus and Neptune, a very apt description of the personality. Uranus has he conjunction of Saturn, squared by Mercury; and here is the temperament and the tone of his life's work – criticism. Dumas has Leo rising, with the Sun just above the horizon, sextile to Uranus. Here again is a splendid harmony, and its dominant note is the rich youthful glow always conferred by Leo, unless the Sun is most sorely afflicted, or Saturn present in the sign. 

The following well known persons were born with Uranus in the sign Libra: 

Charlie Chaplin 

Victor Hugo 


Sir Joshua Reynolds 

Sir William Hamilton 


Albrecht Durer 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Uranus is in the sign Libra are as follows: {464} 

From October 14th 1884 through April 11th 1885 

July 29th 1885 “ December 9th 1890 

April 5th ” September 25th 1891

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