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URANUS IN PISCES PISCES is an exceptionally receptive sign, altogether passive; there is no driving force in it. It is the precise antithesis of the aggressiveness of Uranus. There is, of course, a great deal of subtlety in Pisces, but this is of a different quality from that of Uranus. We shall, consequently, not expect to find very many men of the first class with this position. 

Occasionally, however, the positions of the other planets may be such that Uranus is so completely blended with the sign that his occult influence finds its best expression through the fine menstruum of Pisces. There is, fortunately, one example of this in its perfection – William Blake. Here Cancer is rising with the Moon, its lady, just above the Ascendant, semi-sextile to Neptune and trine to Uranus, but in opposition to Venus, which is sextile to Uranus. It should be remembered that the effect of the opposition of two planets is very much mitigated by the presence of a third, trine to one and sextile to the other. The personality is here, therefore, extremely well-suited to the temperament. The general influence, is, of course, watery, and, Uranus being in the ninth house, it is only natural that religion - and particularly that extremely personal and true religion which takes the form of direct vision – should be the key-note of the poet's career. It is interesting to note that Swinburne, who discovered Blake and introduced him to his own blind countrymen, has the same position of Uranus. Cancer is again rising, and Uranus is in the ninth house. 

We may now consider two writers, singularly sympathetic to each other, Alphonse Daudet and Thomas Hardy. Daudet has Scorpio rising with its lord, Mars, in his detriment in Taurus in the seventh house, in conjunction with the Sun. Uranus, on the other hand, has a square of Saturn, which is one of the better aspects of these planets, and he is near the cusp of the fifth house. The temperament is consequently very powerful and expresses itself naturally in an artistic form. Thomas Hardy has Libra rising with Venus in Taurus, near the conjunction of Mercury and Mars, but otherwise not particularly strong; nor is the ninth house altogether a desirable place for her. As with Daudet, Uranus has the square of Saturn; this aspect {476} will here be taken to indicate the deep philosophical insight which permeates the realism in the works of both authors. 

We shall now proceed to a consideration of the nativities of a pair of very clever and successful politicians, one born to ascend a throne and the other to own a screw factory; Edward VII and Joseph Chamberlain. 

The late kind of England has 28 degrees of Sagittarius rising, with Jupiter just touching the cusp of the Ascendant. Uranus is squared by the Ascendant, but has a trine of the Sun, while Jupiter has a sextile of Venus, all of which make for success. The Subtlety and astuteness with which Edward engineered the Triple Entente and isolated Germany will long be remembered in history. 

In the horoscope of Joseph Chamberlain, on the other hand, while we find indications of statesmanship we note that he changed his politics frequently, doubtless due to Uranus in the tenth, but did it so successfully, that, in spite of the distrust with which he was regarded by the more intellectual classes of his countrymen, he always managed to be on the side of the majority. Cancer is rising, with the Sun on the cusp of the second house, approaching a conjunction of Jupiter; Mercury is trine to Uranus and is exactly on the cusp of the Ascendant. From the whole figure, we see an extraordinary degree of concentration and political skill. 

Our next pair, Jay Gould and the late J. Pierpont Morgan, should prove exceedingly instructive. Here the influence flows through a purely financial channel. Gould has Gemini rising with Mercury just below the cusp of the Ascendant, very strong in his own house, and with a trine of the Moon and Saturn. This is a very cold combination. There is no warmth from any source; the Sun himself is imprisoned in the twelfth house, and forms a square with Uranus. It is the very picture of a greedy, calculating, cold-blooded financier. Venus and Jupiter being in the second house turn the affections toward money, and assure its gain. The affliction of Uranus by the Sun in the tenth house shows that the financier could not escape the reprobation of his fellow men. 

Morgan has Leo rising and its lord, the Sun, in close conjunction with Mercury, is exalted in Aries and is culminating, all of which renders him extremely powerful. Uranus is in trine to Saturn and opposed by the Moon. The personality is far finer and nobler than {477} that of our last example, not nearly so concentrated upon pure gain and in no way inhibited from undertaking constructive work. 

General Boulanger has Cancer rising with its lady, the Moon in Aquarius, within nine degrees of the conjunction of Uranus, which is on the cusp of the tenth house. Beyond a sextile of the Sun and Venus to the Ascendant (Cancer), and approaching semi-sextile of Neptune to the moon and Uranus, but applying more to Uranus, there is no particular assistance to the Ascendant qualities. We find in fact, that it was the personality of the man which failed him, since at the critical moment he wavered and broke down. Contrast with him, the great Gambetta who has Scorpio rising and Mars in his own house, Aries, quite close to the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury. Saturn is rising within seven degrees of the trine to Mars. Uranus is in conjunction with Venus in her exaltation, but is opposed by Jupiter. The personality appears extraordinarily forceful, the temperament not markedly so. In fact his work was mainly that of rallying the French in the hour of their defeat, and {sic} idea which might have occurred to any patriot. The amazing energy and success with which he carried out his task are due to the great power of the Ascendant and the good aspects of its lord. It will be noted, of course, that the affliction of Uranus in the fourth house led to its logical manifestation upon the material plane, in his tragic death. 

The last of our group is Robespierre. Here Aquarius is rising, Saturn just under the cusp of the Ascendant and Uranus a little below him. Saturn has the semi-sextile of Venus and the square of Mercury, which indicates a successful and plausible lawyer with a sense of reality, but no load of scruple sufficient to hinder his march toward power. Uranus squared by Jupiter receives only the doubtful assistance of a semi-sextile of the Moon; and, though Jupiter is in the tenth, in his own house, Sagittarius, trined by Mars, this cannot offset so powerful an affliction as that of Uranus, although it added executive force to the ambition. Here is a clinical picture of a cold, harsh, overbearing, ambitious, unscrupulous man, the only relief to which appears in the rising Venus, which is approaching a conjunction with Uranus; and this curiously reflects the contradictory strain of gentleness in his private home life. So, again, as in all the cases that we have been considering, we find the clearest possible witness of history through the truth of Astrology. {478} 

The following well known person were born with Uranus in the sign Pisces: 

Admiral Dewey 

J. J. Hill 

John B. Herreshoff 

Joseph G. Cannon 

Grover Cleveland 

Sir Henry Irving 

George F. Baker 

John Burroughs 

The late J. P. Morgan 

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael's Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Uranus is in the sign Pisces are as follows: 

From February 11th 1836 through April 18th 1843 

October 2nd 1843 “ February 9th 1844 

April 1st ” August 16th 1919 

January 22nd 1920 “ March 30th 1927 

November 5th 1927 ” January 12th 1928

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