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THIS sign brings out the colder and more earthy side of Venus, and exercises a restricting influence, in many cases, upon the temperament. While it gives strong and permanent attachments, yet the nature may be called capricious. The native loves the comic or Panic side of intrigue; he is likely to be somewhat gross and even lustful in {299} the expression of attachment; he will waste time, health and money in the search for pleasure; yet at the same time he will be extremely petty about it. There is little amiability. Indifference is the real interior attitude. And this is only modified by gusts of storm. The native is usually jealous and exacting. He expects too much of other people; but that not through optimism or idealism, but, on the contrary, from self-interest.

People with Venus thus situated are usually very slow in developing the sexual instinct, and the later they marry the better their chances to make a success of it. Sometimes this tardiness is such that it never develops at all during the life time. This is often the case when other instincts happen to be tremendously powerful. We find many instances of people whose human side has failed to develop through the occupation of the mind with loftier ideals. We may notice the cases of William Blake, Swami Vivekananda, Joseph Smith and Jeanne d’Arc, all of whom were occupied primarily with mystic conceptions. In the case of the Indian sage Venus took her revenge, as she nearly always does when slighted, and that which might have been after all quite as holy as any amount of meditation expressed itself in ways which nearly led to open scandal.

We have examples of a somewhat different kind of enthusiasm in John Ruskin, Dr. Zamenhof and Sir Edward Durning-Lawrence. In Ruskin’s case, as is well known, there was actual physical disability. Science furnishes us with the names of Pasteur, Davy and Alfred Wallace, while an example of pure coldness of nature, with no enthusiasm to replace it, is given by William III.

It may be a little surprising at first sight to find that Alfred de Musset had this position of Venus. But the explanation is simple, for in his nativity Venus is on the cusp of the twelfth house, squared by Mars, and she is just turning retrograde. The mental attitude displayed in “Gamiani,” in which he was at least an accomplice, and many other of his writings, and the extraordinary developments of his personal character are fully explained by these facts.

Venus in Capricornus is a little inclined to be suspicious. The native demands that advances shall be made to him unmistakably, before he commits himself. He dreads rebuff. It is, therefore, necessary in dealing with such a person to give encouragement if it is really desired to accept him. {300}

There is no danger of perversion in the sign in the ordinary sense of the word, but the native is very likely omnivorous. This applies to all the appetites equally. The native cannot bear to be bothered with refinement of any of the appetites. He wishes possession and demands the response, even more emphasized than his demand. He desires open demonstration of affection and if he imagines that he is being neglected, or if his pride be hurt, he is likely to change from great warmth of affection to the most icy indifference, but once being on intimate terms with a native of this sign, he may be trusted to behave admirably, so long as those conditions persist. He is constant, and a lover of home, preferring the fireside and domestic joys to social functions and the like.

There is no great aptitude for art connected with this sign and no great feeling for beauty in itself. The native is attracted by strength of character and other peculiarities which do not appeal to the ordinary man. Sometimes the character of the native is undeveloped on ordinary Venusian lines. Moral beauty appeals to him more than any other kind. We may mention in this connection the name of the Preacher Moody and of Arthur Brisbane, but much more characteristic of the usual development of character given by this position is the late Stanford White.

The following are the names of well known persons who have Venus in Capricorn:

George Harvey

Otto H. Kahn

Peter A. B. Widener

Frank O. Lowden

Hudson Maxim

Robert E. Peary

Pres. A. L. Lowell of Harvard

E. H. Sothern

Martin W. Littleton

Adelina Patti

Joseph Smith

Alfred de Musset


John Ruskin {301}

Sir Humphrey Davy

Richard Le Gallienne

Alexander Agassiz

Samuel Gompers

George Jay Gould

John Drew


For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael’s Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Venus is in the sign Capricorn are as follows:

From February 2nd through February 26th 1840

November 22nd “ December 15th 1840

January 5th ” January 28th 1842

November 13th “ December 13th 1842

February 3rd ” March 7th 1843

December 7th “ December 30th 1843

January 19th ” February 11th 1845

November 9th “ December 5th 1845

December 21st 1846 ” January 13th 1847

February 1st “ February 25th 1848

November 21st ” December 15th 1848

January 5th “ January 27th 1850

November 16th ” December 5th 1850

February 4th “ March 7th 1851

December 6th ” December 29th 1851

January 19th “ February 11th 1853

November 9th ” December 4th 1853

December 20th 1854 “ January 12th 1855

February 1st ” February 25th 1856

November 21st “ December 14th 1856

January 4th ” January 27th 1858

February 4th “ March 6th 1859

December 5th ” December 28th 1859

January 18th “ February 10th 1861

November 8th ” December 4th 1861

December 20th 1862 “ January 12th 1863 {302}

From February 1st through February 25th 1864

November 20th ” December 14th 1864

January 3rd “ January 26th 1866

February 5th ” March 6th 1867

December 5th “ December 28th 1867

January 18th ” February 10th 1869

November 8th “ December 4th 1869

December 19th 1870 ” January 11th 1871

January 31st “ February 24th 1872

November 20th ” December 13th 1872

January 3rd “ January 26th 1874

February 5th ” March 6th 1875

December 4th “ December 27th 1875

January 17th ” February 9th 1877

November 8th “ December 4th 1877

December 19th 1878 ” January 11th 1879

January 31st “ February 24th 1880

November 19th ” December 13th 1880

January 2nd “ January 25th 1882

February 5th ” March 6th 1883

December 4th “ December 27th 1883

January 17th ” February 9th 1885

November 7th “ December 4th 1885

December 18th 1886 ” January 10th 1887

January 30th “ February 23rd 1888

November 19th ” December 12th 1888

January 2nd “ January 25th 1890

February 6th ” March 5th 1891

December 3rd “ December 26th 1891

January 16th ” February 8th 1893

November 7th “ December 4th 1893

December 18th 1894 ” January 10th 1895

January 30th “ February 23rd 1896

November 18th ” December 12th 1896

January 1st “ January 24th 1898

February 6th ” March 5th 1899

December 3rd “ December 26th 1899

January 16th ” February 9th 1901 {303}

From November 8th through December 5th 1901

December 18th 1902 “ January 10th 1903

January 30th ” February 23rd 1904

November 19th “ December 12th 1904

January 2nd ” January 25th 1906

February 7th “ March 6th 1907

December 3rd ” December 26th 1907

January 16th “ February 8th 1909

November 7th ” December 5th 1909

December 18th 1910 “ January 10th 1911

January 30th ” February 23rd 1912

November 18th “ December 12th 1912

January 1st ” January 24th 1914

February 7st “ March 6th 1915

December 3rd ” December 26th 1915

January 15th “ February 7th 1917

November 7th ” December 5th 1917

December 17th 1918 “ January 9th 1919

January 29th ” February 22st 1920

November 18th “ December 11th 1920

January 1st ” January 24th 1922

February 7th “ March 5th 1923

December 2nd ” December 25th 1923

January 15th “ February 7th 1925

November 7th ” December 5th 1925

December 17th 1926 “ January 8th 1927

January 29th ” February 22st 1928

November 17th “ December 11th 1928

December 31st 1929 ” January 23rd 1930

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