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GEMINI has the precisely opposite effect to Taurus. In this sign Venus is easily aroused, but has little or nothing physical or positive about it. It is inconstant, and always mental or ideal. People having this position of Venus are constitutionally and congenitally incapable of understanding passion as ordinary men and women do. In the case of Shakespeare, for example, he is a master of Neptunian love (Venus and Neptune are conjoined in his horoscope), as shown in “As You Like it” and “Twelfth Night” and “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” rather than of the ordinary passion between man and wife.

In Petrarch we have a somewhat warmer Venus, but the love is {263} still ideal and therefore incomprehensible to the average man. One must be a poet to read Petrarch with pleasure.

Where science is already elsewhere indicated as the pursuit in life, this position in Gemini comes naturally to strengthen that disposition, or at least to avoid weakening it by a counter-pull. Thus Kant, Huxley, and Herbert Spencer were undisturbed in their life’s work by the claims of love or pleasure, and all their Venus-quality was manifested on the mental plane.

People with this position are never quite satisfied. “Ah but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp; or what’s a heaven for?” is a Browning quotation which they import into private life. They are often frivolous, fickle, and incapable of any but the most superficial affection. Nor is the object of affection ever single; such people are often terribly puzzled as to which of several admirers to prefer. In truth, they want none of them; they like the titillation, and would be seriously annoyed if one of their pigeons turned out a hawk—as sometimes happens!

The intellectuality of Gemini often enables the native to understand passion, even though he does not feel it. The examples of Shakespeare and Petrarch given above are to the point. The difficulty comes in the power of expression, for though, as Oscar Wilde observed, “genuine emotion is the root of all bad art,” yet it is also the root of all good art, and its absence renders the portrayal of human character to some degree unsatisfying. In America we have an extremely satisfactory example of the attitude which we are discussing. It is that of Elbert Hubbard. He regarded the mind, or rather the mental plane, as the most real and the only important one of the planes, and his whole doctrine, being based on this assumption, finds both its strength and weakness therein. Some writer has asserted that all phenomena are but phantoms of the mind, and much of the teaching of Elbert Hubbard was very similar in this underlying assumption. This attitude is, of course, very distasteful to the average man, who regards it as evidence alike of lack of feeling and of instability of brain. The distinction between these points of view touches the emotions so closely that ill-feeling is bound to exist between people who happen to be on opposite sides of the fence. Without presuming to take sides in so embittered a controversy, or to give judgment in so delicate a dispute, one is bound to say that Gemini may be regarded {264} as by no means sympathetic to Venus. Her presence in that sign is a limitation, for her nature is earth and water, while Gemini is pure air, and there is bitter hostility between air and earth. The effect of air upon Venus makes her dispersed and frivolous, which is a vice of Venus, whose excellence consists in form, in plasticity, in repose.

The following are the names of well known persons who have Venus in the sign Gemini:

William Randolph Hearst

William C. de Mille

Frank H. Damrosch

George M. Cohan

Charles Hayden

Margaret Lawrence

Maxfield Parrish

Edwin Markham

William Shakespeare

H. Rider Haggard

Elbert Hubbard

Lord Northcliffe

John W. Weeks

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael’s Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Venus is in the sign Gemini are as follows:

From June 4th through June 28th 1840

April 13th “ May 3rd 1841

July 7th ” August 7th 1841

May 5th “ May 29th 1842

June 20th ” July 14th 1843

April 8th “ May 4th 1844

May 20th ” June 13th 1845

July 2nd “ July 27th 1846

April 21st ” May 15th 1847

June 4th “ June 27th 1848

April 19th ” April 22nd 1849

July 7th “ August 7th 1849 {265}

From May 5th ” May 28th 1850

June 19th “ July 13th 1851

April 7th ” May 4th 1852

May 20th “ June 12th 1853

July 2nd ” July 27th 1854

April 20th “ May 14th 1855

June 3rd ” June 27th 1856

July 7th “ August 6th 1857

May 4th ” May 28th 1858

June 19th “ July 12th 1859

April 7th ” May 4th 1860

May 19th “ June 11th 1861

July 1st ” July 26th 1862

April 20th “ May 14th 1863

June 3rd ” June 26th 1864

July 7th “ August 6th 1865

May 4th ” May 27th 1866

June 18th “ July 12th 1867

April 7th ” May 4th 1868

May 19th “ June 11th 1869

July 1st ” July 26th 1870

April 19th “ May 14th 1871

June 2nd ” June 26th 1872

July 8th “ August 6th 1873

May 3rd ” May 27th 1874

June 18th “ July 11th 1875

April 6th ” May 4th 1876

May 18th “ June 10th 1877

July 1st ” July 25th 1878

April 19th “ May 13th 1879

June 2nd ” June 25th 1880

July 8th “ August 5th 1881

May 3rd ” May 26th 1882

June 17th “ July 11th 1883

April 6th ” May 4th 1884

May 17th “ June 10th 1885

June 30th ” July 25th 1886

April 18th “ May 13th 1887 {266}

From June 1st through June 25th 1888

July 8th ” August 5th 1889

May 2nd “ May 26th 1890

June 17th ” July 10th 1891

April 5th “ May 4th 1892

May 17th ” June 9th 1893

June 30th “ July 24th 1894

April 18th ” May 12th 1895

June 1st “ June 24th 1896

July 8th ” August 5th 1897

May 2nd “ May 25th 1898

June 16th ” July 10th 1899

April 6th “ May 5th 1900

May 17th ” June 10th 1901

June 30th “ July 25th 1902

April 18th ” May 13th 1903

June 1st “ June 25th 1904

July 8th ” August 5th 1905

May 2nd “ May 26th 1906

June 17th ” July 10th 1907

April 6th “ May 5th 1908

May 17th ” June 9th 1909

June 30th “ July 24th 1910

April 18th ” May 12th 1911

June 1st “ June 24th 1912

July 8th ” August 5th 1913

May 2nd “ May 25th 1914

June 16th ” July 10th 1915

April 6th “ May 5th 1916

May 16th ” June 9th 1917

June 29th “ July 24th 1918

April 17th ” May 12th 1919

May 31st “ June 23rd 1920

July 8th ” August 5th 1921

May 1st “ May 25th 1922

June 15th ” July 9th 1923

April 5th “ May 5th 1924

May 16th ” June 8th 1925 {267}

From June 29th through July 23rd 1926

April 17th “ May 11th 1927

May 30th ” June 23rd 1928

July 8th “ August 4th 1929

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