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VENUS in Libra is in her own house and, on the whole, stronger even than she is in Taurus. The only drawback to her excellence comes from the airy nature of the sign, which, conflicting with her earthy disposition, tends to diminish her domesticity. It is also important to note that Saturn is exalted in Libra, and in dealing with the aspects of Saturn and Venus it is shown how generally sinister is his effect upon her. In this sign, the Venus quality tends to be {283} mysterious and bizarre, and suffers dark and inexplicable perversions. The ordinary bourgeois is usually very afraid of people having her in this position. She is too fine and subtle for the average man. The amatory side of Venus is not obvious; the feeling is refined into aestheticism. People with this position, however, often possess sincere affection, but it is important to express such affection more on the mental and spiritual planes than on others. The limitations of marriage are keenly felt. On the artistic side this is the best sign for Venus. She gives a magnificent sense of proportion, harmony and color, which can amount to genius. Vulgarity and blatancy are very distasteful, and uncongenial surroundings cause extreme unhappiness,and upset the nervous system. With all this there is a great love of simplicity in art. The Egyptian, Grecian and Chinese styles are preferred to the flamboyant and rococo.

Thus we see that, when Venus is in Libra, love is nearly always more and less than love, as understood by the average man. It is, to some extent, a religion, possessing its own ritual. Where disappointment occurs, the feeling is not that of a wounded heart, but rather as if a blasphemy had been uttered, or a crime against God committed. At times, the religious feeling in connection with this matter amounts almost to fetichism. This attitude often causes the native to dread the commonplace exceedingly, and, endeavoring to avoid that Scylla, he may be devoured by the Charybdis of the abnormal. Perversity of one sort or another is consequently common. This may not be actual vice—it results from refinement, delicacy and imagination.

Venus in this sign is released from earthy bondage. She takes wings and flies. She dwells in realms of air and the worst torture which she can suffer is her enchainment by bodily expression or material condition. Not only is “mariage de convenance” impossible to her, but even true love may be revolting as soon as it takes physical form. It is in some ways not altogether fortunate that so important a branch of life should be thus divorced from what Nature evidently intended as its limitation. Love was originally intended as a mere physical appetite. Its exaltation as amorism, romanticism, mysticism, aestheticism and the rest are superstructed, built upon that basis by the idealism of the Great Architect and His fellow-builders on the aspiring human plane. {284}

The reader must not forget that Saturn is exalted in Libra, and, for this reason, there is much melancholy in the sign, which therefore transforms Venus from her simplicity, frankness and laughter into a subtle, secret, and somewhat austere Goddess, to be worshipped in secret shrines, rather than in the meadows. She is not content with offerings of flowers; she demands human sacrifice.

Of course, this is only a description of the action of this position on a single plane. The escape from flesh may be into many different fallacies. The effect of air, to which element Libra belongs, connects it with intellectuality; not only is it the ideal which is adored, even on the material plane, but the ideal frequently roots itself in devotion to causes of a religious, artistic or humanitarian character. In this connection we may mention the names of Madame Blavatsky, Frances Willard and Christabel Pankhurst.

The attitude of Savonarola towards love has Venus in Libra for its foundation, but, in his case, the planet is afflicted by the conjunction of Saturn within three degrees, while the Moon is square to her. Erasmus, with Jupiter trine, was rendered practically normal by this aid.

We have more characteristic examples still in Edward VII, and Queen Elizabeth. Here the influence of Libra as the judicial sign is very evident. These two monarchs were unquestionably the greatest diplomatists that ever occupied the throne of England. One sees a similar subtlety of judgment in Lord Brougham and Annie Besant. The position has a more obviously physical influence in the careers of Marie Bashkirtseff, Cleo de Merode and Oscar Wilde. But the most powerful illustration of all is afforded by Martin Luther. Here it reached an extraordinarily powerful development, owing to the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter.

Venus is not sufficiently big to bear the whole weight of destiny. No amount of support can make her anything but yielding. Even in the most favorable cases, therefore, there is an element of possible disaster. Sooner or later, the clay pot bumps against the brass pot and is smashed. Louis XVI is a particularly striking instance. All his tact and sympathy failed to meet the situation which confronted him.

Those born with Venus in Libra are extremely careful about their surroundings. Harmony and beauty are as necessary to them {285} as the air they breathe. They are much more particular about the manners of their friends than about their moral standards. They possess great personal dignity and a certain seriousness of attitude toward life which makes them almost pontifical. They possess charm, tact, a gravely sympathetic manner and much real kindness of heart. But they never allow this to degenerate into geniality. They dislike familiarity and do not allow anyone to take liberties with them.

There is a certain gaiety in the disposition, but it is kept below the surface. Frederick MacMonnies had Venus in Libra and his famous “Bacchante” might almost do for an astrological picture of this position at its brightest. There is always the feeling of the dance in Libra, but it is not the vulgar dance which is a mere expression of animal spirits. These exist, and exist strongly, but they are veiled by the religious instinct. The dance is, therefore, a religious dance, a subtle and esoteric ritual “inscrutable to the profane.” In it highest expression, therefore, this position of Libra becomes almost divine. The perversities which have already been described may be considered as the trials of a pilgrim. At the end of the journey is the palace of that truth and beauty which are one.

The following are the names of well known persons who have Venus in the sign Libra:

Paul Von Hindenburg

Archduke Rudolph of Austria

Arnold Daly

Johathan O. Armour

Ethel Barrymore

Henry Clay Barnaby

Walter H. Page

Theodore Dreiser

Frederick MacMonnies

Charles F. McKim

Kate Douglas Wiggin

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael’s Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained

herein, the years when Venus is in the sign Libra are as follows: {286}

From September 10th through October 3rd 1840

October 25th “ November 17th 1841

August 13th ” September 8th 1842

September 26th “ October 19th 1843

November 6th ” November 30th 1844

August 26th “ September 19th 1845

October 10th ” November 2nd 1846

August 8th “ December 8th 1847

September 9th ” October 3rd 1848

October 24th “ November 17th 1849

August 13th ” September 7th 1850

September 25th “ October 18th 1851

November 5th ” November 30th 1852

August 26th “ September 18th 1853

October 10th ” November 2nd 1854

August 9th “ October 16th 1855

October 28th ” December 8th 1855

September 9th “ October 2nd 1856

October 24th ” November 16th 1857

August 13th “ September 7th 1858

September 25th ” October 18th 1859

November 5th “ November 29th 1860

August 25th ” September 18th 1861

October 9th “ November 1st 1862

August 9th ” October 7th 1863

November 2nd “ December 8th 1863

September 8th ” October 2nd 1864

October 23rd “ November 16th 1865

August 12th ” September 7th 1866

September 24th “ October 17th 1867

November 5th ” November 29th 1868

August 25th “ September 17th 1869

October 9th ” November 1st 1870

August 10th “ September 30th 1871

November 4th ” December 8th 1871

September 8th “ October 1st 1872

October 23rd ” November 15th 1873

August 12th “ September 7th 1874 {287}

From September 23nd through October 16th 1875

November 4th ” November 28th 1876

August 24th “ September 17th 1877

October 8th ” October 31st 1878

August 11th “ September 24th 1879

November 5th ” December 8th 1879

September 7th “ September 30th 1880

October 22nd ” November 14th 1881

August 11th “ September 6th 1882

September 23rd ” October 16th 1883

November 4th “ November 28th 1884

August 24th ” September 16th 1885

October 8th “ October 31st 1886

August 12th ” September 18th 1887

November 6th “ December 8th 1887

September 7th ” September 30th 1888

October 22nd “ November 14th 1889

August 11th ” September 6th 1890

September 22nd “ October 15th 1891

November 3rd ” November 27th 1892

August 23rd “ September 16th 1893

October 7th ” October 30th 1894

August 14th “ September 12th 1895

November 7th ” December 8th 1895

September 6th “ September 29th 1896

October 21st ” November 13th 1897

August 11th “ September 6th 1898

September 22nd ” October 15th 1899

November 4th “ November 28th 1900

August 24th ” September 16th 1901

October 7th “ October 30th 1902

August 18th ” September 5th 1903

November 9th “ December 9th 1903

September 7th ” September 30th 1904

October 22nd “ November 14th 1905

August 11th ” September 7th 1906

September 22nd “ October 15th 1907

November 3rd ” November 27th 1908 {288}

From August 23rd through September 16th 1909

October 7th “ October 30th 1910

November 9th ” December 8th 1911

September 6th “ September 29th 1912

October 21st ” November 13th 1913

August 11th “ September 6th 1914

September 22nd ” October 15th 1915

November 3rd “ November 27th 1916

August 22nd ” September 16th 1917

October 6th “ October 29th 1918

November 9th ” December 8th 1919

September 5th “ September 29th 1920

October 21st ” November 13th 1921

August 10th “ September 6th 1922

September 21st ” October 14th 1923

November 3rd “ November 26th 1924

August 22nd ” September 15th 1925

October 6th “ October 29th 1926

November 10th ” December 8th 1927

September 5th “ September 28th 1928

October 20th ” November 12th 1929

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