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THE cold and earthy and mercurial nature of Virgo may be described as the very opposite to that of Venus. The planet, too, is in her fall and never develops properly. She may make a woman a careful housewife and a good hostess— for Virgo distributes the affections, forbids friendships but encourages acquaintanceships —but never a loving wife or a passionate mistress, unless there are some remarkably warm aspects to intensify her nature. Women of the town, many of whom are incapable of true feeling of any kind, often have this position. The native, too, is usually fastidious about people. Others are inclined to consider him cold, heartless and repellent. On the other hand, the “sang-froid” and aplomb which {278} his indifference gives often makes him a favorite on the lecture platform or the stage.

We find it, for example, in the horoscope of Marshall P. Wilder, the dwarf humorist. A very good example of its peculiar manifestation in art is the painter Millet. The perception is extraordinarily keen and accurate.

We find little development of the emotional nature in this position. Some of the most notoriously cold and even callous people in history have possessed it. However, it does not always turn to evil, and, in many cases, the position is a decided advantage in life. For example, one may attribute much of Anna Kingsford’s high mentality to this cause. Her tenderer feelings were distributed through intellectual channels. We find a similar case in Thomas Mott Osborne, and these two examples may be considered the very flower of this position. The same development of emotion on humanitarian rather than on personal lines is clearly marked in Samuel Taylor Coleridge, but here it is noticeable how Virgo works upon Venus in courting the native to be, or at least to seem, cold, and to hold himself aloof, if not exactly from the society of his fellows, at least from any close intimacy with them. Similar qualities are observable in the horoscopes of President Hayes, President Carnot, President Kruger, Cardinal Gibbons, and Edward VI of England. In none of these can the position be described as having worked unfavorably. With Ludwig of Bavaria, however, the theatrical tendency is seen in an exaggerated form. He may be said rather to have acted his life than to have lived it. However, there are worse cases. In Caesar Borgia, this position produced downright callousness. This is, no doubt, emphasized by the shutting up of Venus in the twelfth house, her aspect to Saturn in the eleventh, and the fact that Virgo is actually the rising sign. It may seem at first sight surprising that Goethe, Dumas, and Guy de Maupassant should have this position, but further investigation clears up the difficulty. Goethe’s Venus has the sextile of Neptune and the opposition of Jupiter and also the semi-sextile of Mercury, and Venus is powerfully placed in the tenth house. Dumas has the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the semi-sextile of Sol and that of Uranus. De Maupassant has Mercury semi-sextile, Mars and Jupiter in conjunction. Such aspects from such great planets overpower the isolated influence of the {279} sign, to a very large extent. It can still be traced, but only in minor matters.

The position of Venus does not exactly lack magnetism, but it is a different kind of magnetism from that which is usually understood by that word. James Coates, the mesmerist, had this position. The quality that enables a man to hypnotize successfully is very different from that which makes him a great lover. The position is admirable for a lawyer, giving him the power of insinuating his ideas into the minds of his hearers. Many very attractive speakers have this same position. People with Venus so situated have the power to express emotion without really feeling it. They can weep very convincingly for “Hecuba.”

The position is also admirable for a nurse, where the greatest care and tenderness are required, yet where any trace of true pity or emotion would diminish the efficiency. 

However, while not wishing to say anything derogatory to the natives who have this position, we must say that, so far as the development of Venus is concerned, it is not her highest development. It is a decided modification of her qualities and a limitation of her powers. It is, however, not to be regraded as so thoroughgoing an affliction as when she is in Aries.

The following are the names of well known persons who have Venus in the sign Virgo:

Henry Ford

Robert Treat Paine, Jr.

Edward W. Bok

John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

Leonard Wood

Sydney Rosenfeld

William Osborne Stoddard

William Gillette

Cardinal Gibbons

Melville E. Stone

Anna Kingsford

Alexander Dumas {280}

Guy de Maupassant

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

For the benefit of those who are not in possession of Raphael’s Ephemeris, or who are not able to interpret the symbols contained therein, the years when Venus is in the sign Virgo are as follows:

From August 17th through September 9th 1840

September 30th “ October 24th 1841

July 19th ” August 12th 1842

September 1st “ September 25th 1843

October 9th ” November 5th 1844

August 2nd “ August 25th 1845

September 16th ” October 9th 1846

July 8th “ August 7th 1847

August 16th ” September 8th 1848

September 30th “ October 23nd 1849

July 18th ” August 12th 1850

September 1st “ September 24th 1851

October 9th ” November 4th 1852

August 1st “ August 25th 1853

September 16th ” October 9th 1854

July 8th “ August 8th 1855

October 17th ” October 27th 1855

August 16th “ September 8th 1856

September 29th ” October 23rd 1857

July 18th “ August 12th 1858

August 31st ” September 24th 1859

October 9th “ November 4th 1860

July 31st ” August 24th 1861

September 15th “ October 8th 1862

July 8th ” August 8th 1863

October 8th “ November 1st 1863

August 15th ” September 7th 1864

September 29th “ October 22nd 1865

July 17th ” August 11th 1866

August 31st “ September 23rd 1867

October 9th ” November 4th 1868 {281}

From July 31st through August 24th 1869

September 14th “ October 8th 1870

July 7th ” August 9th 1871

October 1st “ November 3rd 1871

August 14th ” September 7th 1872

September 28th “ October 22nd 1873

July 17th ” August 11th 1874

August 30th “ September 22nd 1875

October 8th ” November 3rd 1876

July 30th “ August 23rd 1877

September 14th ” October 7th 1878

July 7th “ August 10th 1879

September 25th ” November 4th 1879

August 14th “ September 6th 1880

September 28th ” October 21st 1881

July 16th “ August 10th 1882

August 30th ” September 22nd 1883

October 8th “ November 3rd 1884

July 30th ” August 23rd 1885

September 13th “ October 7th 1886

July 7th ” August 11th 1887

September 19th “ November 5th 1887

August 13th ” September 6th 1888

September 27th “ October 21st 1889

July 16th ” August 10th 1890

August 29th “ September 21st 1891

October 8th ” November 2nd 1892

July 29th “ August 22nd 1893

September 13th ” October 6th 1894

July 7th “ August 13th 1895

September 13th ” November 6th 1895

August 13th “ September 5th 1896

September 27th ” October 20th 1897

July 15th “ August 10th 1898

August 29th ” September 21st 1899

October 9th “ November 3rd 1900

July 30th ” August 23rd 1901

September 13th “ October 6th 1902 {282}

From July 8th through August 17th 1903

September 6th ” November 8th 1903

August 13th “ September 6th 1904

September 27th ” October 21st 1905

July 16th “ August 10th 1906

August 29th ” September 21st 1907

October 8th “ November 2nd 1908

July 29th ” August 22nd 1909

September 13th “ October 6th 1910

July 8th ” November 8th 1911

August 13th “ September 5th 1912

September 27th ” October 20th 1913

July 16th “ August 10th 1914

August 29th ” September 21st 1915

October 8th “ November 2nd 1916

July 29th ” August 21st 1917

September 12th “ October 5th 1918

July 8th ” November 8th 1919

August 12th “ September 4th 1920

September 26th ” October 20th 1921

July 15th “ August 9th 1922

August 28th ” September 20th 1923

October 8th “ November 2nd 1924

July 28th ” August 21st 1925

September 12th “ October 5th 1926

July 8th ” November 9th 1927

August 12th “ September 4th 1928

September 26th ” October 19th 1929

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