The Material Basis of Spiritual Sensation1






As I placed the rigid pen4 of my thought within the inkstand4 of my imagination, I tasted the bliss of Allah; and withdrawing, beheld night and the Void like an hollow vortical shell.5 But it was only Habib's podex;6 and EL QAHAR would rather possess Habib's podex than the universe.


1. I am alone responsible for these capital summaries; but a well know lady mystic in London assures me that they are just.

2. [Arabic] satirist, not to be confused with [Arabic] pilgrim.

3. El Qahar – The Conqueror – Abdullah's 'Takhallus' or cognomen qua poeta.

4. Common symbols for member and podex. See Burton, Priapeia.

5. Not the common cowrie… …which would be more probably taken as an emblem of pudendum muliebre. [Arabic] is the pearl-oyster shell; [Arabic] the cowrie, here the text reads [Arabic] shell-whirlpool, which I took to mean the common spiral sea-shell. There may be a less fantastic phrase for this; to my Munshi, who had never studied the sea, all shells are alike and I could not explain my questions.

6. It must be noted that kun (Be!) is the Arab Fiat or λογοσ, hence “podex” is a just symbol of the Noumenon or Essence, the knowledge of identity with which is the goal of all genuine religion.

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