The Jinn-Vision

The Spiritual Basis of Material Sensation



I plunged my stamen-shaped spud1)
Into a pool of crimson mud.

Yet stars2) I saw; and camel-jinn,3)
And moons4) upon the winds that scud.5)

The sun6) I saw; and night,7) borne up
Upon some dark eternal flood.

Ay! mine Habib! thy body's key
Is like a scarlet poppy bud.

Strike in my bell thy clapper; wake
The cosmic echo in my blood!

For El Qahar thy beauty broods,
Of thy perfection chews the cud.

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[Arabic] Suli, an impaling stake. A rare word of Sanskrit origin.
Chokmah, the “emanation” referred to the Sphere of the Stars.
Geburah. Curiously reminiscent of Cazotte's conception of Asmodai. There may be a pun between [Arabic] camel and [Arabic] the devil. Demons are usually described as resembling animals or distortions of them. One may consult the descriptions of the 72 evil spirits of the Goetia, or the following actual results of the clairvoyance of a well known Irish lady.


ALCANOR A light-flash. Perhaps bird-like – swallow or dove.
AMATIA A very black snake, wormy and wriggly.
BILIFARES A great toad with a black head.
LAMARION A donkey-headed beast the size of a spaniel with a long twisted tail.
DIRALISEN A snake with six feet. Its head is like that of an enormous ferret, and the eyes very red.
LICAMEN A very small long-eared monkey.
DUNIRAG Like a sheep with the mange. It has straight horns and four black legs; the wool is in knots and patches.
ELPONEN A whitish long-haired mouse.
ERGAMEN A big black hairy spider.
GOTIFAN A bat of light colour and red mixed.
NIMORUP A stunted dwarf with large head and ears. His lips are greeny bronze and slobbery.
CARELENA A long beaked owl, very big, grey, with no feathers.
LAMALON Has human feet, thin legs, and a skinny body; the head is huge and a goats, the arms long and skinny.
IGURIM Has a crocodile's head, a smooth fish's body, with white belly. Long is its tail and tapering, and it hath no feet but brownish fins.
AKIUM Is a long-bodied black sphinx.
DORAK Is a very misshapen monkey, of slate colour. The hands are very human, as also the ears. The body is like a woman.
TACHAN A red pelican's head, a shrunken brown four-legged body.
IKONOK A very black toad with bright red eyes and much gold on his salient points.
KEMAL A big bird, pigeons head, grey. The wings are very long with rosy tips.
BILICO Skeleton in front of Set Beast's face.
TROMES An enormous black beetle with lobsterlike mandibles.
BALFORI A 7-pointed white star, with one point very long.
AROLEN Enormous green locust.
LICROCHI A cat's head, a dachshunds body, a long tufted tail. Browny-yellow, dead looking.
NOMINON A large red spongy jellyfish with one greenish luminous spot. Like a nasty mess.
IAMAI A small light crested yellow bird, iridescent under the throat.
AROGOR A black vulture with human ears, a very long beak, and very red eyes.
HOLASTRI An enormous pink bug.
HACAMUBI A monkey, black, with long hair and a white face.
SAMALO An altogether black undersized ram with very long curling horns lying back along its back.
PLISON Has two very thin legs, a black big belly, and arms stretched up and behind its very large and long seal's head. The mouth is human and enormous.
RADERAF Has a rhinoceros' head, but the roof of the head is cut off. He hath no body or legs.
BOROL An erect serpent coiled, with a crowned flat head.
SOROSINA Like a lamb pierced from right shoulder to back with an arrow. Lamb (sideways on) lying down.
CORILLON Is very strong, having the paws and body of a couchant lion. But its face is a woman's with her hair like an Egyptian Queen's.
GRAMON Is a tortoise of light colour with a knobby shell.
MAGALAST Like a very small green frog with a red, 4-pointed star on his head.
ZAGALO A big frog, green with dull yellow spots. It hath a rattail, very long.
PELLIPIS Like a red flaming tapering Rod, with notches at the thick end.
NATALIS A small black gnome. In his left hand is a grey pedestal surmounted by a white pyramid.
NAMIROS Is formless, like a flood of yellow light more brilliant than the sun.
ADIRAEL A very large gold fish with an enormous head.
KABADA Is a fat frog, erect, with a green white chest.
KIPOKIS A small figure, fox-headed, extending its left hand.
ORGOSIL A very dark and very large tortoise.
ARCON A smallish nude human bony figure. It has a square head with three large plumes.
AMBOLON A hunched-up rabbit squatted on a pedestal.
LAMOLON An enormous snail of very deep blue.
BILIFOR An erect serpent with a flat head pointing forward.
Chesed and Jesod.
Cf. a 'windy and watering moon' in “Atalanta”.
Binah. That is, in Man's innocence his devotion enables him to commune with all the Gods except Kether, the supreme. The symbols are identical with those of the Hebrews and the Bohemians.


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