The Atu: Mnemonics

aTruth, laughter, lust: Wine's Holy Fool! Veil rent,
Lewd madness is sublime enlightenment.
bThe Word of Wisdom weaves the web of lies,
Weds irreducible Infinities.
gMother, moon-maiden, playmate, bride of Pan;
God's Angel-Minister to every man.
dBeauty, display thine Empire! Truth above
Thought's reach: the wholeness of the world is Love.
jSire and inceptor, Emperor and King
Of all things mortal, hail Him lord of Spring!
vWisdom to each apportioned to his want
By modes of Light, shed forth, great Hierophant!
zTo each his Understanding sooth discovers
Wordless: your mode, immortal Twins and Lovers!
xBehold, the Chariot! Through the water floods
The Sangraal, life and rapture, Wine's and Blood's!
uThe Lion-Serpent begets Gods! Thy throne
The rampant Beast, our Lady Babalon!
yMost secret seed of all Life's serpent plan,
Virgin, the Hermit goes, dumb Guardian.
kSped by its energies triune, the Wheel
Of Fortune spins: its Axle's immobile.
lAdjustment! Rhythm writhes through every act.
Wild is the dance; its balance is exact.
mIn Mother-Deeps of Ocean the God-Man
Hangs, Lamp of the Abyss Aeonian.
nEagle, and Snake, and Scorpion! The Dance
Of Death whirls Life from Trance to Trance to Trance.
cO Solve, coagula! By V.I.T.R.I.O.L. shewn,
The Tincture, the Elixir, and the Stone.
`Io Pan! upon the summits the God-goat
Leaps in wild lust of ecstasy afloat.
pBellona, scream! Unhood the Hawks! The roar
Of Universes crashing into War!
>Nuit, our Lady of the Stars! Event
Is all Thy play, sublime Experiment!
qWitch-moon, upon thy beck of blood afloat
The Midnight Beetle's brave prophetic Boat!
rThe Sun, our Father! Soul of Life and Light,
Love and play freely, sacred in Thy sight!
cNuit, Hadit, Ra-Hoor-Khuit! The Aeon
Of the Twin Child! Exult, o Empyrean!
tNaught becomes All to realise the span\
Of naught, O perfect Universe of Pan.

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