FRESH breath from the woodland blows sweet

O’er the flowery path we are roaming,

On the dimples of light lover’s feet

In the mystical charm of the gloaming,


On the buds that blush bright as we meet

In the mystical charm of the gloaming! {117A}

A tear for the stars of the night,

And a smile for the avenue shady,

A kiss for the eyelashes bright,

And a blush for the cheek of my lady,


A laugh for the moon and her spite,

And a blush for the cheek of my lady!

We’ll tread where the daffodils shake

And the primrose smiles up through her weeping,

Where the daisies dip down to the lake,

Where the wonderful thrushes are sleeping,


By the marge of the maze of the brake

Where the wonderful thrushes are sleeping.

Where the brook trickles clear to the eye

Below dew-spangled frondlets of willow

We will wander to find by-and-by

The sward of our delicate pillow,


Where the mosses so lusciously lie

For the sward of our delicate pillow.

For a bride fairer far than the flower

Is the couch spread by fingers of even,

The blossom of apples for bower,

Its roof-tree the sapphires of heaven,


For the bride of the mystical hour,

Its roof-tree the sapphires of heaven!

With songsters the heavy sweet air

Is trembling and sighing and sobbing,

With meteors magically fair

The sky is deliciously throbbing,


With splendor and subtlety rare

The sky is deliciously throbbing.

Sweet bride to fond arms with a sigh,

Strong arms to fond bosom, are curling;

The winds breathe more musically by;

The moon has a rosier pearling,


The stars grow more dim in the sky,

The moon has a rosier pearling. {117B}

So, birds, are you shy to awake

Your voices to laughter-tuned numbers?

So, sun, do you tremble to shake

The dews of the night from our slumbers?


So, breeze, to reluctant to take

The dews of the night from our slumbers?

Light breaks, and the breezes caress

Cool limbs and sot eyes and fair faces;

The nightingales carol to bless

The dawn of our maiden embraces,


The woods wear a lovelier dress

In the dawn of our maiden embraces!

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