Modern Astrology and Contemporary Psychology

MODERN ASTROLOGY. Edited by ALAN LEO. Monthly, 6d. 42 Imperial
Buildings, Ludgate Circus, E.C.

Foremost in the attempt to rehabilitate astrology on modern lines is this well-known monthly magazine. The method indicated is the sound one of accurate observation and deduction; but whether the ultimate proposition of astrology can be established is a question which your reviewer at present is disinclined to assert. It is quite easy to throw ridicule, or to demolish by inexorable logic; but such methods do not convince. At least we believe that any person with a little experience can tell almost at a glance the sign rising at a stranger's birth, and that so frequently and certainly as to put chance and coincidence out of the question. For our own part, we consider Astrology a valuable aid to concentration, and perhaps the best of the methods of determining the Sankhara-skanda of a man. In your reviewer's own experience she has found it more reliable than either Geomancy or the Tarot, in questions genethliacal, at least. A careful study of the characteristics of the signs and planets is, moreover, of the very greatest assistance in the use of the Book 777. Unable as the Editor is to find space within the restricted pages of THE EQUINOX for astrological matters, we are glad to think that the subject has a specialised organ in competent hands.


MANACORDA. Swan Sonnenschein, 10s. 6d“. net.
This long and learned work is not exciting:
The good translation shames the pedant's writing.
The wise Professor reconstructs duality,
Made of mentality and animality.
His arguments are forcible and true,
But yet his propositions will not do;
For when the full circumference is run
We can resolve them gaily into one.
Nay, though he talk of monism, we feel
He does not mean it. Mind and reason reel
At this conception. Only in the soul
Can we perceive the One Unchanging Whole.
At the same time, the book is well worth study;
It summarises thought. The style is
[We regret that our space will not admit a more extended review. — ED.]


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