A Handbook of Geomancy

[THIS MS. is now first printed from the private copies of certain adepts, after careful examination and collation. It is printed for the information of scholars and the instruction of seekers. By the order of the A∴ A∴ certain formulae have been introduced into it, and omissions made, to baffle any one who may seek to prostitute it to idle curiosity or to fraud. Its practical use and the method of avoiding these pitfalls will be shown to approved students by special authority from V.V.V.V.V. or his delegates.]

A∴ A∴
Publication in Class B.

Issued by Order:

D.D.S. 7 = 4
O.S.V. 6 = 5
N.S.F. 5 = 6

“Direct not thy mind to the vast surfaces of the earth; for the Plant of Truth grows not upon the ground. Nor measure the motions of the Sun, collecting rules, for he is carried by the Eternal Will of the Father, and not for your sake alone. Dismiss from your mind the impetuous course of the Moon, for she moveth always by the power of Necessity. The progression of the Stars was not generated for your sake. The wide aerial flight of birds gives no true knowledge, nor the dissection of the entrails of victims; they are all mere toys, the basis of mercenary fraud: flee from these if you would enter the sacred paradise of piety where Virtue, Wisdom, and Equity are assembled.” — ZOROASTER


Square of MACANEH

This is a drawing by Austin Osman Spare of an anthropomorphic figure with a leaping wolf inside. There is a distorted face beneath the wolf, at about the position of the hip or genitalia.




THINK fixedly of the demand; with a pencil mark 16 lines of points or dashes. Find whether number of points in each line is odd or even. For odd ⚫ ; for even ⚫ ⚫ . Lines 1-4 give the first mother; lines 5-8 the second; and so on.



[The small Arabic numerals refer to the chance number of dashes.]

Use clean (virgin) paper; place appropriate Pentagram (either with or without a circumscribed circle) invoking. If a circle, draw this first. Sigil of Ruler to which nature of question most refers should be placed in the Pentagram thus: {142}

Sigil of Ruler

In diagram, p. 144, the Sigil of Hismael should be used.

In marking points fix attention on Sigil and on the question proposed; the hand should not be moved from the paper till complete. It is convenient to rule lines to guide the eye.

The daughters are derived by reading the mothers horizontally.

The four nephews, Figures IX-XII, are thus formed: IX = I + II read vertically, added and taken as odd or even. So also XIII = IX + X, and XV = XIII + XIV.

Daughters and Nephews

These last three are merely aids to general judgment. If the judge be good the figure is good, and “vice-versa.”

The Reconciler = I + XV

To find the part of Fortune Earth ⊕ (ready money or cash belonging to Querent), add points of the figures I - XII, divide by 12, and remainder shows figure. Here I + II + … + XII = 74 points = 6 x 12 + 2 ∴ ⊕ falls with Amissio (II).

THE meaning of the twelve Houses is to be found, primarily, in any text- book of Astrology. Knowledge is to be enlarged and corrected by constant study and practice.

Place the figures thus:

I 10th IV 7th VII 5th X 3rd
II Asc. V 11th VIII 8th XI 6th
III 4th VI 2nd IX 12th XII 9th


Example Heavens


THE tables are classed by the Left Witness

The judgement concerning a wife (\\e.g.\○ will hold good for all demands of the 7th House.

So of the others.


* Arabic numbers mean that the judgment is determined by the figure in that House of Heaven.



Fortuna Major






Caput Draconis

Cauda Draconis





Fortuna Minor

THE TWELVE HOUSES HEREIN follows a set of general tables of the sixteen figures in the twelve Houses, for the better convenience of forming a general judgment of the scheme. Under the head of each figure separately is given its general effect in whatever House it may happen to fall.

Thus, by taking the House signifying the thing demanded, and also that signifying the end of the matter (fourth House), and noticing what figures fall therein, you may find by these tables their general effect in that position. {153}

Acquisitio Houses

Fortuna Minor Houses

Amissio Houses

Laetitia Houses

Fortuna Major Houses

Tristitia Houses

Puella Houses

Albus Houses

Puer Houses

Conjunctio Houses

Rubeus Houses

Carcer Houses

Caput Draconis Houses

Via Houses

Cauda Draconis Houses

Populus Houses


BY Essential Dignity is meant the strength of a figure when found in a particular House. A figure is therefore strongest in what is called its House; very strong in its Exaltation; strong in its Triplicity; very weak in its Fall; weakest of all in its Detriment. A figure is in its Fall when in a House opposite to that of its Exaltation; in its Detriment when opposite to its own House. The following list shows the Essential Dignities; that is to say, they follow the Dignities of their Ruling Planets, considering the twelve Houses of the scheme as answering to the twelve signs, thus: ASC. to Aries, 2 to Taurus, 3 to Gemini, &c., … 12 to Pisces. Therefore Mars figures will be strong in ASC. and weak in 7th and so on. See chapter i. for attribution of figures to planets.

Caput Draconis is strong in Dignities of Jupiter and Venus

Cauda Draconis is strong in Dignities of Saturn and Mars

Essential Dignities

Essential Dignities continued

The ASC. is aspected by 11, 10, 9 (as Sextile Quartile and Trine ) Dexter and by 3, 4, 5 … Sinister, and has 7 in opposition.

The Dexter aspect is that which is contrary to the natural order of the Houses; it is stronger than the Sinister. So for other Houses. Figures have Friends and Enemies: — Saturn : Jupiter Sun Mercury Moon Friends; Mars Venus Enemies. Jupiter : Saturn Sun Venus Mercury Moon; and Mars. Mars : Venus; and Moon Saturn Sun Mercury. Sun : Jupiter Sun Venus Mercury Moon; and Saturn. Venus : Jupiter Sun Mars Mercury Moon; and Saturn. Mercury : Saturn Jupiter Sun Venus Moon; and Mars. Moon : Jupiter Sun Venus Mercury; and Saturn and Mars. {158}

Also figures of Fire are sympathetic with those of Fire, friendly with Air and Earth; hostile to Water.

So Water symp. Water, friendly Air and Earth, and host. Fire: Air symp. Air, friendly Fire and Water, and host. Earth. Earth symp. Earth, friendly Water and Fire, and host. Air. Again, sign figures are friends to those Sextile or Trine, and hostile to those Quartile or in Opposition.

REMEMBER always that if Rubeus or Caput Draconis fall in the Ascendant, the figure is not fit for judgment. Destroy it instantly, and erect a new figure not less than two hours afterwards.

Your figure being thoroughly arranged as on p. 144, note first to what House the demand belongs. Then look for Witnesses and Judge in their special table, and see what is said under the head of the demand. Put this down. Note next what figure falls in the House required (if it spring into other Houses, these too should be considered); “e.g.”, in a question of money stolen, if the figure in 2nd be also in 6th it might show the thief to be a servant in the house. Look next in the Table of Figures in the Houses, and see what the figure signifies in the especial House under consideration. Put this down also. Then by the Table of Aspects (p. 158) note down the figures Sextile Quartile Trine and Opposition, putting good on one side, evil on the other; noting also the strength or weakness, friendliness or hostility to the figure in the House required, of these figures. Then add the meaning of the figure in the 4th, to signify the end of the matter. It may also assist you to form a Reconciler from the figure in the House required and {159} the Judge, noting what figure results and whether it harmonises with one or both by nature (pp. 158, 159). Now consider all you have written, and according to the balance of Good and Evil, form your final judgment. Consider also always in money questions where the part of Fortune falls.

Take, “e.g.”, the figure on p. 144, and form a judgment for loss of money in business therefrom.

Tables of Witnesses and Judge say: Moderate.

In 2nd is Carcer. Evil, showing obstacle, delay.

Part of Fortune Earth is in ASC. with Amissio, showing loss through Querent's own blunders.

Carcer springs into no other House; ∴ this does not affect the question.

The figures Sextile and Trine of 2nd are Conjunctio, Fortuna Minor, Fortuna Major, and Acquisitio, all good figures and friendly in nature = Well-intentioned help of friends.

The figures Quartile and Opposition are Fortuna Minor, Conjunctio, Albus, which are not hostile to Carcer; therefore shows opposition not great.

The figure in the 4th is Fortuna Major, which shows a good end, but with anxiety.

Forming a Reconciler, we get Fortuna Minor again, a sympathetic figure, but denoting delay = Delay, but helping Querent's wishes.

Adding all together —
1. Medium;
2. Evil and obstacles, delay;
3. Loss through Querent's self;
4. Strength for evil, medium only;
5. Well-intentioned aid of friends;
6. Not much opposition from enemies;
7. Ending good, but with anxiety;
8. Delay, but helping Querent's wishes — we formulate this judgment:

That the Querent's loss in business has been principally owing to his own mismanagement; that he will have a long and hard struggle, but will meet with help from friends; that his obstacles will gradually give way; and that after much anxiety he will eventually recoup himself for his previous losses.

This is another by Austin Osman Spare, formed this time in an abstract of female primary and secondary sexual attributes in contrast to the male elements in the first. There is a large face suggested in the drawing, to the right and center.

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