The Temple of Solomon the King, Book II

The Temple of Solomon the King

The Scaffolding of the Temple
The ten mighty Supports which
are set between the
Pillars of Death
and Life.

That which is below is like
that which is above, and
that which is above is like
that which is below, for the
performance of the miracles

Illustration on this page. In the background is an inverted solid black pentagram. Superimposed on the black pentagram is an upright white pentagram, so arranged as to obscure all but the points of the black pentagram which emerge behind the inner angles of the white. These two pentagrams form a perfectly symmetrical ten-pointed star or decagram with alternating white and black points. In the center of the white pentagram, a symbol of alchemical salt is located, more for it's shape of a black ring with single horizontal bar than for its alchemical significance. This barred ring is centered within but not touching the inner angles of the white pentagram. In the lower space defined by the barred ring is a solid black upright Sans-serif letter "T". In the upper space of the barred ring is a white inverted Sans-serif letter "T" defined by a thin black line.


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