Ritual of the 2=9 Grade of Theoricus


This grade is particularly attributed to the element of Air; it refers to the Moon, and is attached to the Thirty-second Path of Tau, which alludes to the Universe as composed of the four elements, to the Kerubim, the Qliphoth, the Astral Plane, and the reflection of the Sphere of Saturn. After this has been explained, the Advancement of the Zelator takes place, after which the Ritual of the Thirty-second Path is celebrated.

Hierophant, to Zelator: “Facing you are the Portals of the thirty- second, thirty-first, and twenty-ninth Paths leading from the grade of Zelator to the three other grades which are beyond. The only path now open to you, however, is the thirty-second, which leads to the 2 = 9 grade of Theoricus, and which you must traverse before arriving at that degree. Take in your right hand the Cubical Cross, and in your left hand the Banner of Light, and follow your guide Anubis1) the Guardian: who leads you from the Material to the Spiritual.”

Kerux: “Anubis the Guardian spake unto to Aspirant, saying: 'Let us enter into the Presence of the Lords of Truth.' Arise and follow me.” {266}

Hiereus: “The Sphinx of Egypt spake and said: 'I am the synthesis of the Elemental Forces: I am also the symbol of man: I am Life: and I am Death: I am the Child of the night of Time.'”

Hierophant: “The priest with the mask of Osiris spake and said: 'Thou canst not pass the gate of the Eastern Heaven: except thou canst tell me my name.'”

Kerux, for Zelator: “Thou art Nu: The Goddess of the Firmament of Air. Thou art Harmakhis, Lord of the Eastern Sun.”

Hierophant: “In what sign and symbol dost thou come?”

Kerux, for Zelator: “In the letter Aleph, with the Banner of Light, and the symbol of equated forces.”

Hierophant (falling back and making with fan the sign of Aquarius, Aquarius, before Zelator): “In the sign of the man, child of Air, art thou purified — pass thou on.”

Diagram 20. Arrangement of the Temple for the 32nd Path in the 2<sup>○</sup>=9<sup>□</sup> Ritual.

Similarly the Zelator passes the Lion, the Eagle, and the Bull. The “Hierophant” then explains to the Zelator the symbolism of the cubical cross, as follows:

“The cubical cross is a fitting emblem of the equilibrated and balanced forces of the Elements. It is composed of twenty-two squares externally, which refer to the twenty-two letters placed thereon. Twenty and two are the letters of the Eternal Voice in the vault of Heaven; in the depths of the Earth; in the abyss of the Waters, and in the all-presence of Fire: Heaven cannot speak their fulness, Earth cannot utter it. Yet hath the Creator bound them in all things. He hath mingled them through Water: He hath whirled them aloft in Fire: He hath sealed them in the Air of Heaven: He hath distributed them through the Planets: He hath assigned unto them the twelve constellations of the Zodiac.”

He then explains that to the Thirty-second Path of the Sepher Yetzirah is attributed the seven Abodes of Assiah; to the four Elements, the Kerubim, and the Qliphoth.2)

{267} It represents the connecting-link between Assiah and Yetzirah. It is the rending of the Veil of the Tabernacle; and it is the passing of the Gate of Eden. After which he enters upon the symbolisms of the twenty-first Key of the Tarot, the naked female form of which represents the Bride of the Apocalypse, the Qabalistic Queen of the Canticles, the Egyptian Isis of Nature. Her two wands are the directing forces of the Positive and Negative currents. She is the synthesis of the Thirty-second Path uniting Malkuth and Yesod.

Diagram 21. The Cubical Cross of Twenty-two Squares. / Diagram 22. The Garden of Eden and the Holy City.

The “Hegemon” then explains his tablet, which contains the occult symbolism of the Garden of Eden and the Holy City of the Apocalypse; and the “Kerux” also his — the seven Infernal Mansions and the four Seas.3)

After which the Hierophant confers on the Zelator the title of the Thirty- second Path; the Zelator then quits the Temple for a short time before passing to the Grade of Theoricus.

The Ceremony of Theoricus is opened by the Hierophant, who says to the Zelator: “Frater Pereclinos de Faustis: as in the grade of 1 = 10 there were given the symbolical representations of the Tree of Knowledge of the Good and Evil of the gate of Eden and of the Holy Place: so in the 2 = 9 of Theoricus the 'Sanctum Sanctorum' with the Ark and the Kerubim is shown: as well as the garden of Eden, with which it coincides, while in the thirty-second path leading thereunto, through which you have just passed, the Kerubic Guardians are represented; and the Palm-trees, or trees of Progression in the Garden of Eden. Honoured Hegemon, conduct the Zelator to the West, and place him there before the portal of the thirty-second path through which he has just entered.”

The Zelator then seeks entrance by the Caduceus of Hermes, the symbolism of which the “Hegemon” explains to him. {268}

Diagram 23. Arrangement of the Temple for the Ceremony of Theoricus in the 2<sup>○</sup>=9<sup>□</sup> Ritual. / Diagram 24. The Caduceus of Hermes. / Diagram 25. The Altar Symbol in the 2<sup>○</sup>=9<sup>□</sup> Ritual.

The “Hierophant” then says: “The symbols before you represent alike the Garden of Eden,4) and the Holy of Holies: Before you stands the Tree of Life formed of the Sephiroth and their connecting paths. … The connecting paths are twenty-two in number, and are distinguished by the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, making with the ten Sephiroth themselves the thirty-two paths of Wisdom of the Sepher Yetzirah.” The letters, he then points out to him, form the symbol of the Serpent of Wisdom, and the Sephiroth the Flaming Sword. “The two pillars right and left of the Tree are the symbols of the active and passive, male and female — Adam and Eve. … The pillars further represent the two Kerubim of the Ark; the right, male — Metatron; and the left, female — Sandalphon. Above them ever burn the lamps of their Spiritual Essence, the Higher Life, of which they are the partakers in the Eternal Uncreated One.”

The Zelator is then instructed in the sign, grip, grand word, &c.: After which the {269} “Hegemon” rises and conducts the Zelator to the “Hiereus,” who explains to him the tablet of “The Duplicate form of the Alchemical Sephiroth.”5)

The Hegemon then explains to him “The Geometrical lineal figures attributed to the planets”;6) and the Kerux “the sixteen figures of Geomancy.”7)

The Hierophant congratulates the newly initiated Theoricus, and confers upon him the title of PORAIOS (or PORAIA) DE REJECTIS, which hath the signification: “brought from among the rejected ones,” and gives unto him the symbol of Ruach, which is the Hebrew for Air.

The Closing then takes place. “Let us adore the Lord and King of Air!” says the Hierophant. The prayer of the Sylphs follows; and in the Name of SHADDAI EL CHAI the Temple is closed in the 2 = 9 Grade of Theoricus.

The following month, February, P. passed through the next grade, that of 3 = 8.

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The Equinox Vol. I No. II

It will be noticed that from here this ritual becomes unnecessarily complicated with Egyptian deities — in fact, its mysteries become rather “forced.” Still more so will this be seen in the next ritual, which becomes ridiculously complex with Samothracian nonentities. The symbols in themselves are not wrong; but it is the “mixed-biscuit” type of symbol which is so bad, especially where it is not necessary, but chosen so as to “show off” superficial knowledge.
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