Consecration of Talismans. Production of Natural Phenomena.





A. The place where the operation is done.

B. The Magical Operator.

C. The forces of Nature employed and attracted.

D. The Telesma; The Material Basis.

E. In Telesmata, the selection of the matter to form a Telesma, the preparation and arrangement of the place: The forming of the body of the Telesma. In natural {155} phenomena, the preparation of the operation, the formation of the circle, and the selection of the material basis; such as a piece of earth, a cup of Water, a flame of fire, a pentacle, or the like.

F. The Invocation of the highest Divine forces; winding a cord thrice round the Telesma or Material Basis; covering the same with a black veil and initiating the blind force therein; naming aloud the purpose of the Telesma or operation.

G. The Telesma or Material Basis is now placed towards the West, and duly consecrated with water and with fire. The purpose of the operation and the effect intended to be produced is then to be rehearsed in a loud and clear voice.

H. Placing the Telesma or Material Basis at the foot of the altar, state aloud the object to be attained, solemnly asserting that it “will” be attained: and the reason thereof.

I. Announcement aloud that all is prepared and in readiness either for the charging of the Telesma, or for the commencement of the operation to induce the natural phenomenon. Place a good telesma or Material Basis within the triangle. But a bad Telesma should be placed to the West of same, holding the sword erect in the right hand for a good purpose, or its point upon the centre of the Telesma for evil.

J. Now follow the performance of an Invocation to attract the desired current to the Telesma or Material Basis, describing in the air above the Telesma the lineal figures and sigils, &c., with the appropriate magical implement. Then taking up the Telesma in the left hand, smite it thrice with the flat blade of the sword of art. Then raise in the left hand (holding erect and aloft the Sword in the right), stamping thrice upon the Earth with the Right Foot.

K. The Telesma or Material Basis is to be placed towards the North, and the operator repeats the oration of the Hierophant to the candidate in the same form as given in the K section on Evocation. He then ordains the Mystic Circumambulation.

L. He now takes up the Telesma or Material Basis, carries it round the circle, places it on the ground, bars, purifies and consecrates it afresh, lifts it with his left hand and turns facing West, saying: “Creature of Talismans, twice consecrate,” &c.

M. He now passes to the West with Telesma in left hand, faces S.W., partly unveils Telesma, smites it once with Sword, and pronounces a similar speach to that in this M Section of Evocations, save that instead of “appear in visible form,” he says: “take on therefore manifestation before me,” &c. This being done he replaces the veil.

N. Operations of L repeated.

O. Operations of M repeated in the North, and an oration similar to that in section O on Evocation: Telesma, &c., being treated as the Sigil of the Spirit, substituting for: “appear thou therefore in visible form,” &c.: “take on therefore manifestation before me,” &c.

P. Similar to the P section on Invocations, except that in the prayer “to visible appearance” is changed into: “to render irresistible this Telesma,” or “to render manifest this natural phenomenon of …”. {156}

Q. Similar to this Q section on Evocations, saying finally: “I conjure upon thee power and might irresistible.” Follow the Mystic Words.

R. Similar to this R section on Evocations. In the Telesma a flashing Light of Glory should be seen playing and flickering on the Telesma, and in the Natural Phenomena a slight commencement of the Phenomenon should be waited for.

S. This being accomplished, let him take the Telesma or material Basis, remove the cord therefrom, and smiting it with the Sword proclaim: “By and in the name of … I invoke upon thee the power of …”. He then circumambulates thrice, holding the Telesma in his right hand.

T. Similar to this T section for Evocation, save that, instead of a Spirit appearing, the Telesma should flash visibly, or the Natural Phenomena should definitely commence.

U. Similar to the U section for Evocations.

V. The operator now carefully formulates his demands, stating what the Telesma is intended to do; or what Natural Phenomenon he seeks to produce.

W. Similar to what is laid down in the W section for Invocations, save that in case of a Telesma, no banishing ritual shall be performed, so as not to decharge it, and in the case of Natural Phenomena it will usually be best to state what operation is required. And the Material Basis should be preserved, wrapped in white linen or silk all the time that the phenomenon is intended to act. And when it is time for it to cease, the Material Basis, if Water, is to be poured away: if Earth, ground to a powder and scattered abroad: if a hard substance, as metal, it must be decharged, banished and thrown aside: or if a Flame of Fire, it shall be extinguished: or if a vial containing Air it shall be opened, and after that shall be rinsed out with pure water.

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