A. The Astral Form.

B. The Magician.

C. The forces used to alter the Form.

D. The Form to be taken.

E. The Equation of the symbolism of the sphere of sensation.

F. Invocation of the Higher: The definition of the form required as a delineation of blind forces, and the awakening of the same by its proper formulation.

G. Formulating clearly to the mind the form intended to be taken: the restriction {159} and definition of this as a clear form and the actual baptism by water and by fire with the mystic name of the adept.

H. The actual invocation aloud of the form desired to be assumed, to formulate before you. The statement of the “desire” of the operator and the “reason” thereof.

I. Announcement aloud that all is now ready for the operation of the transformation of the Astral body. The Magician mentally places this form as nearly as circumstances will admit in the position of the Enterer, himself taking the place of the Hierophant; holding his wand by the black end ready to commence the oration aloud.

J. Let him now repeat a powerful exorcism of the shape into which he desires to transform himself, using the names, &c., belonging to the plane, planet, or other Eidolon, most in harmony with the shape desired. Then holding the wand by the black end, and directing the flower over the head of the Form, let him say: “In the name of the Lord of the Universe, arise before me, O form of … into which I have elected to transform myself; so that seeing me men may see the thing they see not, and comprehend not the thing that they behold.”

K. The Magician saith: “Pass towards the North shrouded in Darkness, O form of … into which I have elected to transform myself.” Then let him repeat the usual oration from the throne of the East, and then command the Mystic Circumambulation.

L. Now bring the form round to the South, arrest it, formulate it there standing between two great pillars of fire and cloud, purify it by water and incense, by placing these elements on either side of the form.

M. Passing to the West and facing South-East formulate the form before thee, this time endeavouring to render it physically visible; repeat speeches of Hierophant and Hegemon.

N. Same as L.

O. Same as M.

P. Pass to East of Altar, formulating the form as near in the proportion of the neophyte as may be. Now address a solemn invocation and conjuration by Divine and other names appropriate to render the form fitting for the transformation thereunto.

Q. Remain at East of Altar, address the form “child of Earth,” &c., endeavouring now to see it physically; then at the words “we receive thee,” &c., he draws the form towards him so as to envelop him, being very careful at the same time to invoke the Divine Light by the Rehearsal of the Mystic Words.

R. Still keeping himself in the form the Magician says: “Before all magical manifestation cometh the knowledge of the Divine Light.” He then moves to the pillars and gives the signs, &c., endeavouring with the whole force of his will to feel himself actually and physically in the shape of the form desired. At this point he must see, as if in a cloudy and misty manner, the outline of the form enshrouding him, though not yet completely and wholly visible. When this occurs, but not before, let him formulate himself as standing between the vast pillars of Fire and of Cloud. {160}

S. He now again endeavours to formulate the form as if visibly enshrouding him; and still astrally retaining the form, he thrice circumambulates the place of working.

T. Standing at the East, let him thirdly formulate the shape which should now appear manifest, and as if enshrouding him, even to his own vision; and then let him proclaim aloud: “Thus have I formulated unto myself this transformation.”

U. Let him now invoke all the superior names of the plane appropriate to the form, that he may retain it under his proper control and guidance.

V. He states clearly to the form, what he intends to do with it.

W. Similar to the W section of Invisibility, save that the conjurations, &c., are to be made to the appropriate plane of the Form instead of to Binah.

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