A. The Form of Divination employed.

B. The Diviner.

C. The Forces acting in the Divination.

D. The Subject of the Divination.

E. The Preparation of all things necessary, and the right understanding of the process so as to formulate a connecting-link between the process employed and the Macrocosm. {163}

F. Invocation of the Higher: arrangement of the Scheme of Divination, and initiation of the forces thereof.

G. The first entry into the matter: First assertion of limits and correspondences: beginning of the working.

H. The actual and careful formulation of the question demanded: and consideration of all its correspondences and their classification.

I. Announcement aloud that all the correspondences taken are correct and perfect: the Diviner places his hand upon the instrument of Divination: standing at the East of the Altar, and prepares to invoke the forces required in the Divination.

J. Solemn invocation of the necessary spiritual forces to aid the Diviner in the Divination. Then let him say: “Arise before me clear as a mirror, O magical vision requisite for the accomplishment of this divination.”

K. Accurately define the term of the question: putting down clearly in writing what is already known, what is suspected or implied, and what is sought to be known. And see that thou verify in the beginning of the judgment, that part which is already known.

L. Next let the Diviner formulate clearly under two groups or heads (a) the arguments for, (b) the arguments against, the success of the subject of one divination, so as to be able to draw a preliminary conclusion therefrom on either side.

M. First formulation of a conclusive judgment from the premises already obtained.

N. Same as section L.

O. Formulation of a second judgment, this time of the further developments arising from those indicated in the previous process of judgment, which was a preliminary to this operation.

P. The comparison of the first preliminary judgment with one second judgment developing therefrom: so as to enable the Diviner to form an idea of the probable action of forces beyond the actual plane by the invocation of an angelic figure consonant to the process; and in this matter take care not to mislead thy judgment through the action of thine own preconceived ideas; but only relying — after due tests — on the indication afforded thee by the angelic form. And know, unless the form be of an angelic nature, its indication will not be reliable; seeing, that if it be an elemental, it will be below the plane desired.

Q. The Diviner now completely and thoroughly formulates his whole judgment as well for the immediate future as for the development thereof, taking into account the knowledge and indications given him by the angelic form.

R. Having this result before him, let the Diviner now formulate a fresh divination process, based on the conclusions at which he has arrived, so as to form a basis for a further working.

S. Formulates the sides for and against for a fresh judgment, and deduces conclusion from fresh operation. {164}

T. The Diviner then compares carefully the whole judgment and decisions arrived at with their conclusions, and delivers now plainly a succinct and consecutive judgment thereon.

U. The Diviner gives advice to the Consultant as to what use he shall make of the judgment.

V. The Diviner formulates clearly with what forces it may be necessary to work in order to combat the Evil, or fix the Good, promised by the Divination.

W. Lastly, remember that unto thee a divination shall be as a sacred work of the Divine Magic of Light, and not to be performed to pander unto thy curiosity regarding the secrets of another. And if by this means thou shalt arrive at a knowledge of another's secrets, thou shalt respect and not betray them.

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