The Book of The Spirit of The Living God


ר פ ס
ח ו ר ה
י ה ל א ה

The Casting-out of the Evil ones.

The Consecration of the Shrine.

The Cleansing of the Son of Man.

The Drawing together of the Elements.

The Coming of the Golden Dawn.

The Indwelling of the Isis.

The Initiation of the Whirling Force.

The Chant of Mystery.

The Music of the Divine One.

The Movement of the Spirit.

The Descent of the Soul of Isis.

The Night of Apophis.

The Light of Osiris.

The Knowledge of the Higher soul.

These be duly written; these shall be, unto the Glory of Thine Ineffable Name.

[The Aspirant, having fasted for a period of nine days, during which he constantly aspireth unto the Higher, shall now enter the Temple which he hath prepared (banishing and consecrating with Fire and Water) and its order and disposition is thus: Let there be a square altar and pillars as for the Neophyte ceremony. On the altar is the Symbol of Isis, with the elements as usual. And know thou that the altar may be removed unto the East after the Great Invocation of Isis, where he shall duly confess himself in the Presence of God the Vast One. Whereafter, let him arise, and, standing in the Sign of Osiris Slain, let him obligate himself as followeth and is hereafter duly set down in clear writing.] [269}

[To be most solemnly accepted by him who would attain unto the knowledge and conversation of his Holy Genius.]


In my bondage and affliction, O Lord, let me raise Thy Holy Symbol alike of Suffering and of Strength. I invoke Thee, the great avenging angel HUA, to place thine hand invisibly upon mine head, in attestation of this mine Obligation!

I, … a member of the body of Aeshoori, do spiritually bind myself, even as I am this day physically bound unto the Cross of Suffering.

That I will to the utmost endeavour lead a pure and an unselfish life: not revealing to any other person the mysteries which shall herein be revealed unto me: that I will obey the dictates of my Higher Soul: that I will work in silence and with perseverance against all opposition: I furthermore most solemnly promise and swear that with the Divine Permission I will from this day apply myself constantly unto the Great Work: that is, so to purify and exalt my spiritual nature, that with the Aid Divine, I may at length attain to be more than human; and that in this event I will not abuse the great power entrusted unto me. I will invoke the Great Names of God the Vast One before performing any important magical working. I will yearn constantly in love toward the whole of mankind. I will work constantly to the Great End, on pain of being degraded from my present state.

Finally, if there arise in me any thought or suggestion seeming to emanate from the Divine, I will examine it with care before acknowledging it to be so.


Such are the Words of this my Obligation, whereto I pledge myself in the Presence of the Divine One and of the Great Avenging Angel HUA.

And if I fail herein, may my rose be disintegrated and my power in magic cease!


[Let the Stigmata be placed upon the Aspirant.

Then let the Aspirant retire; and being invested with the White Robe, the Blue Sash and the Crown and nemys of our Art let him re-enter the Temple and perform the supreme ritual of the Pentagram68 in the four quarters; Having first purified the Temple with Fire and Water, and further equilibrated the symbols in his Magical Mirror of the Universe by the Invocation hereafter set down (Come unto me, O Ma, &c.) with the Calls or Keys Enochian suitable thereunto.

And in all this is the wand held by the path of ת : for why? because in drawing down the light Divine; so is it manifest in the Sphere immediately above Malkuth: and in banishing is the Flaming Sword set against the enemies; and in ת is the knowledge of the Elements and the Astral Plane; also ת = the Cross. {270}

Let him then perform the invoking Ritual of the Supernals:69 by the names ה י ה א : ה י : ם י ה ל א ה ו ה י and א ת י ר א ר א .

And after this let him turn again to the East and recite the Great Invocation of Iota Alpha Omega beginning:

Thee I invoke the Bornless One.“70

And this being accomplished, let him lift up his heart unto that Light, and dwell therein, and aspire even unto that which is beyond. And seeing that the gate is called Strait, let him invoke Her who abideth therein, in the path called Daleth, even Our Lady ISIS.]

And I beheld a great wonder in Heaven: a Woman clothed with the Sun: and the Moon was at Her feet: and on Her Head was the Diadem of the Twelve Stars.

Hear me, Our Lady Isis, hear and save.

O Thou, Queen of Love and Mercy!

Thou, crowned with the Throne!

Thou, horn’d as the Moon! Thou, whose countenance is mild and glowing, even as grass refreshed by rain!

Hear me, Our Lady Isis, hear and save!

O Thou, who art in Mater manifest!

Thou Bride and Queen as Thou art Mother and Daughter of the Crucified!

O Thou, who art the Lady of the Earth!

Hear me, Our Lady Isis, hear and save!

O Thou, Our Lady of the Amber Skin!

Lady of Love and Victory! Bright gate of Glory through the darkling skies!

O crowned with Light and Life and Love!

Head me, Our Lady Isis, hear and save!

By Thy Sacred Flower, the Lotus of Eternal Life and Beauty;

By Thy love and mercy;

By my desire toward Thee;

In the name of Aeshoori;

Hear me, Our Lady Isis, hear and save!

Open thy bosom to Thy child!

Stretch wide thy arms and strain me to Thy Breast!

Let my lips touch Thy lips ineffable!

Hear me, Our Lady Isis, hear and save! {271}

Lift up Thy Voice and aid me in this hour!

Lift up Thy Voice most musical!

Cry aloud, O Queen and Mother!

Lift up your heads, O ye Gates,

And be ye lift up, ye everlasting Doors.

And the King of Glory shall come in!

Hear me, Our Lady Isis, and receive!

By the symbol of Thy whirling force the Svastika of Flaming Light,

I invoke Thee to initiate my soul!

Let the whirling of my magic dance be a spell and a link with Thy great Light: so that in the Hour of Apophis, in the apparent darkness and corruption of unconsciousness, may rise the golden Sun of Aeshoori, reborn from incorruption.

Hear, Lady Isis, and receive my prayer!

Thee, Thee I worship and invoke!

Hail, Hail to thee, Sole Mother of my Life! Dwell Thou in me, and bring me to that Self which is in Thee!

[The Altar is now moved, if necessary, and the chant and the mystic dance take place, as is set down hereafter.]

Hear, O Amoun! Look with favour on me, Thy Neophyte, now kneeling in Thy presence! Grant that the Music of Thy Mighty Name Iota Alpha Omega , the signs of Light, the Symbol of the Cross, the woven paces of the mystic 3, may be as a spell and a charm and a working of Magic Art, to draw down my Higher Soul to dwell within my heart, that the Great and Terrible Angel who is my Higher Genius may abide in my own Kether unto the Accomplishing of the Great Work and the Glory of Thine Ineffable Name, AMOUN.

[Here we have the sign of the Cross at the Centre. The Magus then whirls off in the triple 3, chanting the Name and giving the sign appropriate, very slowly at first, ever quickening. And having fallen down in an ecstasy, let him after awake; and say:

“I am the Resurrection and the Life,” &c., down to the Key Word.71

Which being done, let the Lesser Banishing Rituals of Pentagram and Hexagram72 be performed, the Lights extinguished, and the Temple left in Silence.]

The Begetting of the Silence.

The Dwelling of the Darkness. {272}

The Formulation of the Shroud.

The Inmost Light.

The Sign of Defence and Protection.

The Closing of the Mouths of the Crocodiles.

The Fear upon the Dwellers of Water.

The Radiant Youth of the Lord.

The Rising from the Lotus of the Floods.

The Habitation of the Palace of Safety.

The Understanding of the Peace of God.73

All this is the Knowledge of HOOR-PO-KRAT-IST unto Whom be the Glory for ever and ever, World without End.

[The Usual Banishings, Consecrations, &c., are performed in temple of 0 = 0.

The forces of Spirit are first invoked by the Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram and the Enochian Keys. Add Hexagram ritual of Binah and her invocation.]

Come unto Me, Thoth, Lord of the Astral Light! I adjure Thee, O Light Invisible, Intangible, wherein all thoughts and deeds are written; I adjure Thee by Thoth, thy Lord and God; by the symbols and the words of power: by the Light of my Godhead in Thy midst: by the Lord Harpocrates, the God of this mine Operation: that Thou leave Thine abodes and habitations, to concentrate about me, invisible, intangible, as a shroud of darkness; a formula of defence: that I may become invisible, so that seeing me men see not, nor understand the thing that they behold!

Come unto me, O Ma, Goddess of Truth and Justice! Thou that presidest over the Eternal Balance.

Auramooth, come unto me, Lady of the Water!

Thoum-aesh-neith, come unto me, Lady of the Fire!

Purify me and consecrate, for I am Aeshoori the Justified. For the Twelve Stars of Light are on my Brow: Wisdom and Understanding are balanced in my thought!

Wrath in my right hand and the Thunderbolts;

Mercy in my left hand and the fountains of delight!

In my heart is Aeshoori and the Symbol of Beauty.

My thighs are as pillars on the right and on the left; Splendour and Victory, for they cross with the currents reflected. I am established as a Rock, for Jesod is my foundation. {273}

And the sphere of the Nephesch, and the palaces of Malkuth are cleansed and consecrate, balanced and beautiful, in the might of Thy Name, Adonai, to whom be the Kingdom, the Sceptre and the Splendour: The Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley.

O Thou! HOOR-PO-KRAT-IST! [Middle Pillar.]
Child of the Silence!

O Thou! HOOR-PO-KRAT-IST! [Mystic Circumambulation.]
Lord of the Lotus!

O Thou! HOOR-PO-KRAT-IST! [Silence.]
Thou that standest on the heads of the dwellers of the Waters!

Thee, Thee I invoke!

O Thou, Babe in the Egg of Blue!

Lord of Defence and Protection!

Thou who bearest the Rose and Cross of Life and Light!

Thee I invoke!

Behold I am! a circle on whose hands the Twelvefold Kingdom of my Godhead stands.

I am the Alpha and the Omega .

My life is as the circle of the sky.

I change but I cannot die!

O ye! the Bennu Birds of Resurrection, Who are the hope of men's mortality!

Back, Crocodile Mako, Son of Set! Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity!


Behold He is in Me and I in Him!

Mine is the Lotus, as I rose from the firmament of Waters;

My throne is set on high;

My light is in the firmament of Nu!

I am the Centre and the Shrine: I am the Silence and the Eternal Light:

Beneath my feet they rage, the angry crocodiles; the dragons of death; the eaters of the wicked.

But I repress their wrath: for I am HOOR-PO-KRAT-IST, the lotus-throned Lord of Silence.

If I said: Come up upon the mountains, the celestial waters would flow at my word and the celestial fires flame forth. For I am Rƒ enshrouded: Khephra unmanifest to men; I am my father Hoor, the might of the Avenger: and my mother Asi, the Veiled One: Eternal wisdom in eternal beauty.

Therefore I say unto Thee: Bring Me unto Thine Abode in the Silence Unutterable, Wisdom: All-Light, All Power!

HOOR-PO-KRAT-IST! Thou Nameless Child of the Eternities! Bring me to Thee, that I may be defended in this work of Art. {274}

Thou, the Centre and the Silence!

Light Shrouded in Darkness is Thy Name!

The Celestial Fire is Thy Father!

Thy Mother the Celestial Sea!

Thou art the Equilibrium of the All, and Thou art Lord against the Face of the Dwellers within the Waters!

Bring me, I say, bring me to Thine abode of Silence: that I may go invisible: so that every Spirit created, and every soul of man and beast; and every thing of sight and sense, and every Spell and Scourge of God, may see me not nor understand!

And now, in the Name of God the Vast One, Who hath set limits and bounds unto all material and astral things, do I formulate a barrier and a bar without mine astral form, that it may be unto me as a wall, and as a fortress, and as a defence.

And I now declare that it is so formulated, to be a basis and receptacle for the Shroud of Darkness which I shall presently encincture me withal.


And unto ye, O forces of Akasa,74 do I now address my Will.

In the Great Names Exarp, Hcoma, Nanta and Bitom,75

By the mysterious letters and sigils of the Great Tablet of Union.76

By the mighty Names of God AHIH, AGLA, IHVH, ALHIM.

By the Great God Harpocrates;

By your deep purple darkness;

By my white and brilliant light do I conjure ye:

Collect yourselves together about me: clothe this astral form with a shroud of darkness:

Gather, O Gather, Flakes of Astral Light:

Shroud, shroud my form in your substantial night:

Clothe me and hide me, at my charm's control;

Darken man's eyes and blind him in his soul!

Gather, O Gather, at my Word Divine,

Ye are the Watchers and my soul the shrine!

[Let formulate the Idea of becoming Invisible; imagine the results of success: Then say:]

Let the shroud of concealment encircle me at a distance of ten inches from the physical body.

Let the Sphere be consecrated with Water and with Fire. [Done.]

O Auramooth and O Thoum-aesh-neith, I invoke and beseech you: Let the vapour {275} of this water, and of this fire, be as a basis on the material plane for the formation of this shroud of Art.

[Form mentally the shroud.]

I, P., Frater of the Order of the Golden Dawn, and a 5 = 6 thereof: a Lord of the Paths in the Portal of the Vault of the Adepts: a Frater Ordinis Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis: and especially a member of the 0 = 0 grade: master of the pass-word “H___” and of the Grand Word “M___,” am here: in order to formulate to myself a shroud of concealment: that I may attain unto knowledge and power, to use in the Service of the Eternal Gods: that I may pursue safely and without interruption my magical and other pursuits: and that I may pass unseen among men, to execute the Fiat of Tetragrammaton. And I bind and obligate myself and do spiritually swear and affirm: that I will use this power to a good purpose only, and in the service of the Gods.

And I declare that in this Operation I shall succeed: that the Shroud shall conceal me alike from men and spirits; that it shall be under my control: ready to disperse and to re-form at my command.

And I declare that all is now ready for the due fulfilment and prosecution of this mine Operation of Magick Art.

[Go to Altar as Hierophant, left hand on triangle, right hand holding Verendum, by path of ת or Malkuth.]

Come unto me, O shroud of darkness and of night. I conjure ye, O particles of Darkness, that ye enfold me, as a guard and shroud of utter Silence and of Mystery.

In the name AHIH and by the name AHIH!

In the name AGLA and by the name AGLA!

In the name EXARP and by the name EXARP!

In the name HCOMA and by the name HCOMA!

In the name NANTA and by the name NANTA!

In the name BITOM and by the name BITOM!


In the name HOOR-PO-KRAT-IST and by the name HOOR-PO-KRAT-IST!


By your deep purple darkness!

By my white brilliant light!

I invoke ye: I conjure ye: I exorcise ye potently: I command and constrain ye: I compel ye to utter, absolute and instant obedience, and that without deception or delay, ___ for why? The Light of Godhead is my trust and I have made IHVH mine hope!

“Gather, O Gather, Flakes of Astral Light:

Shroud, shroud my form in your substantial night: {276}

Clothe me and hide me, at my charm's control;

Darken man's eyes and bind him in his soul!

Gather, O Gather, at my Word Divine,

Ye are the Watchers and my soul the shrine!”

[Turn round three times.]

In the Name of the Lord of the Universe and by the Power of mine own Higher Soul and by the Aspiration of Thine Higher Soul I conjure thee, O shroud of darkness and of mystery, that thou encirclest me, so that I may become invisible: so that seeing me men may see not, neither understand: but that they may see the thing that they see not and comprehend not the thing that they behold! So mote it be!

[Go North.]

I have set my feet in the North and have said: “I will shroud myself in mystery and concealment.”

The Voice of My Higher Soul said unto me:

“Let me enter the path of darkness: peradventure thus may I attain the Light. {I} am the Only Being in an Abyss of Darkness: from the Darkness came I forth ere my birth; from the Silence of a Primal Sleep.” And the Voice of Ages answered unto my soul:

“I am He that formulates in Darkness: the Light indeed shineth in Darkness, but the Darkness comprehendeth it not.”

Let the Mystic Circumambulation take place in the Place of Darkness.

[Go round, knocks, &c. In South formulate Pillars as before and imagine self as shrouded.]

[In the West.]

Invisible, I cannot pass by the Gate of the Invisible save by virtue of the Name of Darkness.

[Formulate forcibly shroud about thee.]

Darkness is My Name and Concealment!

I am the Great One Invisible of the Paths of the Shades. I am without fear though veiled in Darkness: for within me, though unseen, is the Magic of the Light!

[Go round. In North, Pillars, &c., as before.]

[In the East.]

Invisible, I cannot pass by the Gate of the Invisible, save by virtue of the Name of Light.

[Form shroud forcibly.]

I am Light shrouded in Darkness. I am the wielder of the Forces of the Bilanx!

[Concentrate shroud mentally. Go West of Altar.]

[The Potent Exorcism as before.] {277}

Shroud of Concealment, long has thou dwelt concealed! Quit the Light, that thou mayst conceal me before men!

[Carefully formulating shroud.]

I receive Thee, as a covering and a guard!


Before all magical manifestation cometh the Knowledge of the Hidden Light.

[Go to Pillars: give signs and words and with the Sign of Horus project your whole will so as to realize the self fading out. The effect will be that the physical body will become gradually and partially invisible, as though a veil or cloud were coming between it and thee. Divine ecstasy will follow, but no loss of self-control. With Sign of Silence use Hoor Po Krat formula77 and vibrate the Grand Word.78]

[Repeat concentration and Mystic Circumambulation.]

[Intensely form shroud: stand at East and say:]

Thus have I formulated unto myself this shroud of Darkness and of Mystery as a concealment and a guard.

O Thou, Binah, IHVH ALHIM, AIMA, AMA, Lady of Darkness and of Mystery; Moon of the Conceal’d; Divine Light that rulest in thine Own Deep Gloom: Thy power I invoke. Come unto me and dwell within me, that I also may have poser and control, even I, over this shroud of Darkness and of Mystery.

And now I conjure thee, O shroud of Darkness and of Mystery, that thou conceal me from the eyes of all men, from all things of sight and sense, in this my present purpose: which is …

O Binah, IHVH ALHIM, AMA, AIMA, Thou who art Darkness illuminated by the Light Divine, send me Thine Archangel Tzaphquiel, Thy legions of Aralim, the mighty angels, that I may disintegrate and scatter this shroud of darkness and of mystery, for its work is ended for the hour.

I conjure thee, O shroud of darkness and of Mystery, who hast well served my purpose, that thou now depart unto thine ancient ways. But be ye very instant and ready, when I shall again call ye, whether by a word or a will, or by this great invocation of your powers, to come quickly and forcibly to my behest, again to shroud me from the eyes of men! And now I say unto ye, Depart in peace, and with the Blessing of God the Vast and Shrouded One: and be ye very ready to come when ye are called!


These rituals being completed, P. left Mexico D.F., and in the first days of the new year of 1901 he journeyed to Ixtaccihuatl. Some time before this he had been joined by his friend D.A., and with him he travelled to Colima and thence to Toluca and Popocatepetl.

Now that we have arrived at the end of this chapter, it will be pertinent to inquire into the progress P. made since he passed through the 5 = 6 Ritual and became an Adeptus Minor in the Order of the R.R. et A.C. Strictly speaking, some time before he was officially promoted to the grade of 5 = 6, he was already a 6 = 5. In London and Paris his works of Magical Art had caused him to be admired by his friends and dreaded by his enemies. He had succeeded in proving that the ש of ש Operation was in fact none other than that of “The Rising on the Planes,” though in practice and theory very different. By their study and the equilibrating forces of the 5 = 6 Ritual he was able to apply the eye of a skilled craftsman to the dreaded79 Operation of Abramelin, {279} and though he was never destined to accomplish this Sacred Work in the prescribed fashion, it so far iluminated him (for he worked astrally at it for months whilst in Mexico) as to show him the futility of even successful Magic. He was disgusted with his results. He had attained a rank which few arrive at, namely, that of Adeptus Major; and now, even though he had attained to the powers of Hecate, for which he had so long striven, he saw that the Great Attainment lay far, far beyond. And so it happened that by renouncing all his magical strength to gain a greater Power, a Nobler Art, he set forth upon the Path of the Lion that bridges the great gulf between the two highest Grades of the Second Order, as it is written:

“A similar Fire flashingly extending through the rushings of Air, or a Fire formless whence cometh the Image of a Voice, or even a flashing Light abounding, revolving, whirling forth, crying aloud. Also there is the vision of the fire flashing Courser of Light, or also a Child, borne aloft on the shoulders of the Celestial Steed, fiery, or clothed with gold, or naked, or shooting with the bow shafts of Light, and standing on the shoulders of the horse; then if thy meditation prolongeth itself, thou shalt unite all these Symbols into the Form of a Lion.”

(To be continued)



67 Two of the “Cries of the AEthyrs.”

68 See “Liber O,” THE EQUINOX, vol. i. No. 2.

69 See “Liber O,” THE EQUINOX, vol. 1, No. 2.

70 See The Lesser Key of Solomon: The Goetia.

71 See 5 = 6 Ritual, “supra.”

72 See “Liber O,” THE EQUINOX, vol i. No. 2.

73 Note that the whole Operation may be performed mentally and in silence, and that on each occasion of concentrating the shroud the God-form and Vibration of Harpocrates, as taught, may be employed.

74 The Element of Spirit.

75 The names on the Tablet of Spirit.

76 The Tablet of Spirit.

77 Imagine yourself as Harpocrates standing upon two crocodiles.

78 I.e. of 0 = 0, Har-Po-Crat.

79 On this occasion the Abramelin demons appeared as misty forms filling the whole house with a pernicious aura, which was still noticeable three years after they had been attracted. Whether these demons are to be considered as material or mental beings depends upon the philosophic outlook of the reader. Nevertheless, let it be understood that Abramelin is not a work to be taken lightly. The obsession of these demons was probably one of the chief causes of D.D.C.F.'s troubles. Frater P., in spite of his equilibrating practices of Yoga which followed immediately upon this Operation, suffered terribly on their account. Frater AE.A. fled secretly from his house in terror; his gardener, a teetotaller for twenty years, went raving drunk, as did nearly every one who lived on the estate ___ we could continue examples for pages. His clairvoyants became drunkards and prostitutes, while later a butcher upon one of whose bills the names of two demons had been casually jotted down, viz., Elerion and Mabakiel, which respectively mean “A laughter” and “Lamentation” (conjoint, “unlooked-for sorrow suddenly descending upon happiness”) whilst cutting up a joint for a customer accidentally severed the femoral artery and died in a few minutes. These mishaps are most likely mere coincidences, but a coincidence when it happens is quite as awkward as the real thing, and in the case of Abramelin the coincidences can be counted by scores.

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