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300 copies, 10“s.” net

50 copies on handmade paper, specially bound, “ Pounds”1 1“s.” net



ROSA Coeli — Abjad-i-al'ain — The Hermit — The Wizard Way — The Wings — The Garden of Janus — The Two Secrets — The Priestess of Panormita — The Hawk and the Babe — The Duellists — Athor and Asar — After Judgment — The Five Adorations – Telepathy — The Swimmer — The Muse — The God and the Girl — Rosemary — Au Bal — Disappointment — The Octopus — The Eyes of Dorothy — Bathyllus — The Mantra-Yogi — The Poet and his Muse — Lilith — Sport and Marriage — The Twins — The Convert — The Sorceress — The Child — Clytie — A Slim Gilt Soul — The Silence of Columbine — The Archaeologist — The Ladder — Belladonna — The Poet at Bay — Ut — Rosa Decidua — The Circle and the Point — In Memoriam — Ad Fidelem Infidelem — The Sphinx — The Jew of Fez — The Pentagram — Song — An Hymn — Prologue to Rodin in Rime — The Camp Fire — Ave Adonai — The Wild Ass — The Opium-Smoker — In Manu Dominae.

Mr. Todd: a Morality.

TRANSLATIONS: L'Amour et le Crane — L'Alchimie de Douleur — Le Vampire — Le Balcon — Le Gout de L'Infini — L'Heautontimoroumenos — Le vin de L'Assassin — Woman — Tout Entiere — Le vin des Amants — Le Revenant — Lola de Valence — Le Beau Navire — L'Invitation au Voyage — Epilogue to “Petits Poems en Prose” — Colloque Sentimental — En Sourdine — The Magician.

“Imperial” 16mo, pp. 200

“Now ready. Order through” The Equinox, “or of

any Bookseller.”



This volume, containing many poems, — nearly all of them hitherto unpublished — besides THE TRIUMPH OF PAN, includes THE ROMANCE OF OLIVIA VANE.

The First Edition is limited to Two Hundred and Fifty copies: Two Hundred and Twenty on ordinary paper, whereof less than Two Hundred are for sale; and thirty on Japanese vellum, of which Twenty-five are for sale. These latter copies are numbered, and signed by the Author. The binding is half-parchment with crimson sides; the ordinary copies are bound in crimson boards, half holland.

The price of ordinary copies is Five Shillings net; of the special copies, One Guinea net.

“Not everyone will care for Mr. Neuburg's tone in all the pieces, but he is undoubtedly a poet to be reckoned with, and a volume so original as this is should create no small stir. It is superbly produced by the publishers.” — “Sussex Daily News.”

“When one comes to the poems … it is evident that they are written in English…. In a certain oblique and sub-sensible sense, eloquent and musical….Distinctly Wagnerian in their effects….” — “Scotsman.”

“It is full of 'the murmurous monotones of whispering lust,' 'the song of young desire,' and that kind of poppycock.” — “London Opinion.”

“A competent master of words and rhythms. … His esoteric style is unreasonably obscure from an intelligent plain poetry-lover's standpoint.” — “Morning Leader.”

“A charming volume of poems… Pagan glamour … passion and vigour. … 'Sigurd's Songs' are commendable for dealing with the all too largely neglected Scandinavian Theology. … A scholarly disciple. … The entire volume is eminently recommendable.” — “Jewish Chronicle.”

“A gorgeous rhapsody. … Fortunately, there are the police. … On the whole, we cannot help regretting that such splendid powers of imagination and expression are flung away in such literary rioting.” — “Light.”

“Sometimes of much beauty of rhythm and phrase. …” —“Times.”

“Poets who have any originality deserve to be judged by their own standard. … A Neo-mystic or semi-astrological pantheist. …” — “Liverpool Echo.”

“Love-making appears to have an added halo in his eyes if it is associated with delirium or bloodshed. … Mr. Neuburg has a 'careless rapture' all his own; the carelessness, indeed, is just the trouble. His versification is remarkable, and there is something impressive in its mere fluency. … So luxurious, so rampant, a decadence quickly palls. … On the whole, this book must be pronounced a quite grievous exhibition of recklessness and folly.” — “Manchester Guardian.”

“…We began to be suspicious of him. … Hardly the sort of person we should care to meet on a dark night with a knobby stick in his hand. … This clever book.” — “Academy.”

“A vivid imagination fostered by a keen and loving insight of nature, and this allied to a command of richly adorned language … have already assured for the author a prominent place amongst present-day poets. … An enthusiastic devotion to classic song … sustained metrical charm. From first to last the poet's work is an important contribution to the century's literature.” — “Publishers' Circular.”

“This [book] contains the answer to a very well-known riddle propounded by the late Elizabeth Barrett Browning. You remember she asked in one of her poems, 'What was he doing to Great God Pan: Down in the reeds by the River?' Well, Mr. Victor Neuburg has discovered the answer, for he was obviously wandering near the river if he was not hidden in the reeds. …” — “ROBERT ROSS in “The Bystander.”

“There is no question about the poetic quality of much of Mr. Neuburg's verse. … We are given visions of love which open new amorous possibilities.” — “Daily Chronicle.”


THE KABALA OF NUMBERS. A Handbook dealing with the Traditional Interpretation

of Numbers and their Predictive Value. By “SEPHARIAL,” Author of “A

Manual of Occultism,” “Kabalistic Astrology,” “Prognostic Astronomy,”

etc. etc. About 168 pp. crown 8vo, ornamental cloth gilt, 2”s.“ net.

A MANUAL OF OCCULTISM. A complete Exposition of the Occult Arts and Sciences

by “SEPHARIAL,” Author of “A Manual of Astrology,” “Prognostic

Astronomy,” “Kabalistic Astrology,” etc. etc. With numerous diagrams and

illustrations. 368 pp., handsomely bound in cloth gilt. Gilt tops.

Crown 8vo. 6”s.“ net.


PART I. THE OCCULT SCIENCES, comprising: Astrology — Palmistry —

Thaumaturgy — Kabalism — Numerology — Talismans — Hypnotism.

PART II. THE OCCULT ARTS, comprising: Divination — The Tarot Cartomancy

— Crystal Gazing — Clairvoyance — Geomancy — Psychometry —

Dowsing — Dreams — Sortileges — Alchemy.

The need for a concise and practical exposition of the main tenets of

Occultism has long been felt. In this manual of Occultism the author has

dealt in a lucid manner with both the Occult Sciences and the Occult

Arts, and has added some supplementary matter on the subjects of

Hypnotism and Alchemy. The book is written from the point of view of a

practical student, and contains many experimental results, which form

valuable keys to the study and practice of the subjects dealt with. The

text is illustrated with numerous explanatory diagrams and symbols.

“Almost every department of the secret arts is touched upon in this

manual, and, for those who are interested in such things and have the

time to study them, it is a mine of information.” — “The Academy.”

“A well-furnished store of information for students of the occult arts

and sciences.” — “Light.”


Review.” Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 248 pp., 3”s.“ 6”d.“ net.


The New God — Prophets and Prophecies — Prophecies and Anticipations — Julian the Apostate — Mystical Christianity — The Perfect Way — Relationship of Christianity to Gnostic Faiths — Early Christian Evidences — Founders of Orthodox Christianity — Friedrich Nietzsche — The Strange Case of Lurancy Vennum — Cagliostro.

Dr. ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE, writing to the author, characterises this book as “excellent both in style and matter.”

“Mr HAVELOCK ELLIS writes to the author: — “I have read your brilliant and stimulating volume of essays with much interest.”

“The highly controversial matters of which he treats are dealt with in an exceptionally interesting and fascinating fashion … suggestive and thoughtful, and written in a clear and illuminative style.” — “The Globe.”

“Marked by very considerable literary ability.” — “Scotsman.”

“Twelve brilliant and striking essays.” — “Liverpool Daily Post.”

“Essays … combining lightness of expression with considerable depth and originality of thought.” — “Birmingham Daily Post.”

“Mr. Shirley illuminates his subject with a pleasing humour, and his book is readable and interesting as well as instructive.” — “The Yorkshire Observer.”


Ornamental black cloth, gilt, 8 3/4 in. x 5 1/2 in., 552 pp., 8”s.” 6“d.”



PREFACE. PART I. “Physiological.” — I. The Scientific Aspect of Life and Death. II. The Signs of Death. III. Trance, Catalepsy, Suspended Animation, etc. IV. Premature Burial. V. Burial, Cremation, Mummification. VI. The Causes of Death. VII. Old Age; its Scientific Study. VIII. The Questionnaire on Death: Answers. IX. My Own Theory of the Nature of Death (Hereward Carrington). X. My Own Theory of the Nature of Death (John R. Meader). XI. On the Possible Unification of our Theories. XII. General Conclusions.

PART II. “Historical.” — I. Man's Theories of Immortality. II. The Philosophical Aspect of Death and Immortality. III. The Theological Aspect of Death and Immortality. IV. The Common Arguments for Immortality.

PART III. “Psychological.” — Introductory. I. The Moment of Death. II. Visions of the Dying. III. Death Described from Beyond the Veil. IV. Experiments in Photographing and Weighting the Soul. V. Death Coincidences. VI. The Testimony of Science — Psychical Research. VII. On the Intra-Cosmic Difficulties of Communication. VIII. Conclusions. Appendices. Bibliography. Index.

“The book … has much to recommend it on the score of stimulus to calm reasoning and further research” — “Pall Mall Gazette.”

“The collaborators may certainly claim that they have brought proven evidence as to the persistence of individual consciousness and personal identity which merits consideration.” — “Sunday Times.” “Well worth reading.” — “The Tatler.”

“Our authors have maintained an admirably detached attitude … Mr Carrington's theory will stand many tests of application in the light of our present knowledge.” — “Westminster Gazette.” “An extraordinarily interesting book.” — “Truth.”

“One closes their comprehensive survey with the conviction that the subject has been dealt with by two well-equipped, careful investigators.” — “T. P.'s Weekley.” “A really useful piece of work.” — “T.P.S. Book Notes.”

London WILLIAM RIDER & SON, Ltd., 164 Aldersgate Street, E.C.






A highly original study of morals and

religion by a new writer, who is as

entertaining as the average novelist is

dull. Nowadays human thought has

taken a brighter place in the creation:

our emotions are weary of bad baronets

and stolen wills; they are now only

excited by spiritual crises, catastrophes of

the reason, triumphs of the intelligence.

In these fields Captain Fuller is a master


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or to call at that address by appointment. A representative will be there to meet them.

Probationers are reminded that the object of Probations and Ordeals is one: namely, to select Adepts. But the method appears twofold: (i) to fortify the fit; (ii) to eliminate the unfit.

The Chancellor of the A ∴ A ∴ views without satisfaction the practice of Probationers working together. A Probationer should work with his Neophyte, or alone. Breach of this rule may prove a bar to advancement.

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