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THE MOST REMARKABLE TREATISE ON THE MYSTIC PATH EVER WRITTEN Contains an Introduction and Four Essays; the first an account of the progress of the soul to perfect illumination, under the guise of a charming fairy tale;

The second, an Essay on Truth, under the guise of a Christmas pantomime;

The third, an Essay on Magical Ethics, under the guise of the story of a Chinese philosopher;

The fourth, a Treatise on many Magical Subjects of the profoundest importance, under the guise of a symposium, interspersed with beautiful lyrics.

No serious student can afford to be without this delightful volume. The second edition is printed on hand-made paper, and bound in white buckram, with cover-design in gold.



Some Press Opinions

Dr. M. D. EDER in “The New Age”

“Yours also is the Reincarnation and the Life, O laughing lion that is to be! “Here you have distilled for our delight the inner spirit of the Tulip's form, the sweet secret mystery of the Rose's perfume: you have set them free from all that is material whilst preserving all that is sensual. 'So also the old mystics were right who saw in every phenomenon a dog-faced demon apt only to seduce the soul from the sacred mystery.' Yes, but the phenomenon shall it not be as another sacred mystery; the force of attraction still to be interpreted in terms of God and the Psyche? We shall reward you by befoulment, by cant, by misunderstanding, and by understanding. This to you who wear the Phrygian cap, not as symbol of Liberty, O ribald ones, but of sacrifice and victory, of Inmost Enlightenment, of the soul's deliverance from the fetters of the very soul itself — fear not; you are not 'replacing truth of thought by mere expertness of mechanical skill.' “You who hold more skill and more power than your great English predecessor, Robertus de Fluctibus, you have not feared to reveal 'the Arcana which are in the Adytum of God-nourished Silence' to those who, abandoning nothing, will sail in the company of the Brethren of the Rosy Cross towards the Limbus, that outer, unknown world encircling so many a universe.”

“John Bull,” in the course of a long review by Mr. HERBERT VIVIAN

“The author is evidently that rare combination of genius, a humorist and a philosopher. For pages he will bewilder the mind with abstruse esoteric pronouncements, and then, all of a sudden, he will reduce his readers to hysterics with some surprisingly quaint conceit. I was unlucky to begin reading him at breakfast and I was moved to so much laughter that I watered my bread with my tears and barely escaped a convulsion.” “The Times” “The Light wherein he writes is the L.V.X., of that which, first mastering and then transcending the reason, illumines all the darkness cause by the interference of the opposite waves of thought. … It is one of the most suggestive definitions of KONX — the LVX of the Brethren of the Rosy Cross — that it transcends all the possible pairs of opposites. Nor does this sound nonsensical to those who are acquainted with that LVX. But to those who do not it must remain as obscure and ridiculous as spherical trigonometry to the inhabitants of Flatland.”

“The Literary Guide”

“He is a lofty idealist. He sings like a lark at the gates of heaven. 'Konx Om Pax' is the apotheosis of extravagance, the last word in eccentricity. A prettily told fairy-story 'for babes and sucklings' has 'explanatory notes in Hebrew and Latin for the wise and prudent' — which notes, as far as we can see, explain nothing — together with a weird preface in scraps of twelve or fifteen languages. The best poetry in the book is contained in the last section — 'The Stone of the Philosophers.' Here is some fine work.”

To the readers of “THE EQUINOX.” —

All who are interested in “curious old” Literature should write to FRANK HOLLINGS for his Catalogue of over 1000 items. Sent post free on receipt of name and address, and all future issues. A few selected items below.

THE BOOK OF CEREMONIAL MAGIC, including the Rites and Mysteries of Goetic Theurgy, Sorcery, and Infernal Necromancy.

In Two Parts. I. An Analytical and Critical Account of the chief MAGICAL RITUALS extant. II. A Complete GRIMOIRE of Black Magic. By ARTHUR EDWARD WAITE. The two chief sections are subdivided as follows: (“a”) Studies on the Antiquity of Magical Rituals; [“b”) The Ritual of Transcendental Magic, so- called; (“c”) Composite Rituals; (“d”) The Rituals of Black Magic; (“e”) The descending Hierarchy of Spirits; (“f”) The Lesser Key of Solomon the King; (“g”) The Mystery of the “Sanctum Regnum”; (“h”) The Rite of “Lucifuge”; (“i”) The Method of Honorius, etc., etc., etc.

The main objects of the work are: (1) To determine the connection, if any, between the literature of CEREMONIAL MAGIC AND THE SECRET TRADITION IN CHRISTIAN TIMES; (2) To show the fantastic nature of the distinction between White and Black Magic, so far, at least, as the texts are concerned.

The work is issued in crown 4to, and includes about 180 engravings, some of which are full-page plates.

Price 15”s. net.” Post free. Handsomely bound.


WAITE (A. E.). The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry, and an Analysis of the Inter-Relation between the Craft and the High Degrees, in respect of their term of Research, expressed by the way of Symbolism, 2 vols. large 8vo, “with” 26 “full-page Portraits, and other illustrations, cloth extra t.e.g.” 42“s.”

Book I. Fundamental Relations of the Craft and the High Grades. II. Development of the High Grades in respect of the Ancient Alliance. III. Of the New Alliance in Freemasonry. IV. The Masonic Orders of Chivalry. V. Of Alchemy in Masonry. VI. Of Magical and Kabalistical Degrees. VII. Of the Mysteries on their Mystical Side, and of this Subject in its relation to Masonry.

THE KABBALAH UNVEILED, containing the following Books of the Zohar: (1) The Book of Concealed Mystery; (2) The Greater Holy Assembly; (3) The Lesser Holy Assembly; translated into English from the Latin Version of Knorr von Rosenroth, and collated with the original Chaldee and Hebrew text, by S. L. MACGREGOR-MATHERS. New and cheaper edition, demy 8vo.

The Bible, which has been probably more misconstrued than any other book ever written, contains numberless obscure and mysterious passages which are utterly unintelligible without some key wherewith to unlock their meaning. “That key is given in the Kabbalah.”

ISIS UNVEILED: A Master Key to the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Science and Theology. By H. P. BLAVATSHY. In two volumes. Vol. I. Science, pp. xiv., 628. Vol. II. Theology, pp. iv., 640 and Index 52. “Pounds”1, 1“s. net.”

Vol. I. — Before the Veil — 1. Old Things with New Names — II. Phenomena and Forces — III. Blind Leaders of the Blind — IV. Theories respecting Psychic Phenomena — V. The Ether, or “Astral Light” — VI. Psycho-Physical Phenomena — VII. The Elements, Elementals, and Elementaries — VIII. Some Mysteries of Nature — IX. Cyclic Phenomena — X. The Inner and Outer Man — XI. Psychological and Physical Marvels – XII. The “Impassible Chasm” — XIII. Realities and Illusion — XIV. Egyptian Wisdom — XV. India the Cradle of the Race. Vol. II. — I. The Church; Where is it? — II. Christian Crimes and Heathen Virtues — III. Divisions amongst the Early Christians — IV. Oriental Cosmogonies and Bible-Records — V. Mysteries of the Kabala — VI. Esoteric Doctrines of Buddhism Parodied in Christianity — VII. Early Christian Heresies and Secret Societies — VIII. Jesuitry and Masonry — IX. The Vedas an the Bible — X. The Devil Myth — XI. Comparative Results of Buddhism and Christianity — XII. Conclusions and Illustrations.

TRANSCENDENTAL MAGIC: Its Doctrine and Ritual. By ELIPHAS LEVI (a complete Translation of “Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie”), with a Biographical Preface by ARTHUR E. WAITE, author of “Devil Worship in France,” etc., etc. “Portrait of the Author, and all the original engravings.” 8vo, 406 pp. “cloth” 1896. (Pub. 15“s.”). Postage Free. 10“s.” 6“d.”

The Pillars of the Temple, Triangle of Solomon, The Tetragram, The Pentagram, Magical Equilibrium, The Fiery Sword, Realsation, Initiation, The Kabbalah, The Magic Chain, Necromancy, Transmutations, Black Magic, Bewitchments, Astrology, Charms and Philtres, The Stone of the Philosophers, The Universal Medicine, Divination, The Triangle of Pantacles, The Conjuration of the Four, The Blazing Pentagram, Medium and Mediator, The Septenary of Talismans, A Warning to the Imprudent, The Ceremonial of Initiates, The Key of Occultism, The Sabbath of the Sorcerers, Witchcraft and Spells, The Writing of the Stars, Philtres and Magnetism, The Mastery of the Sun, The Thaumaturge, The Science of the Prophets, The Book of Hermes, etc.

BOOK OF THE SACRED MAGIC (The) OF ABRA-MELIN THE MAGE, as delivered by Abraham the Jew unto his Son Lamech, A.D. 1458. Translated from the Original Hebrew into French, and now rendered into English. From a unique and valuable MS. in the “Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal” at Paris; with copious Notes and Magical Squares of Letters. By L. S. MACGREGOR-MATHERS. 4“to, black cloth, Magical Square on side in gold.” 1900. (Pub. at 21“s.”)., Postage free. 10“s.” 6“p.”

The original work, of which this is a translation, is unique, no other copy being known, although both Bulwer Lytton and Eliphas Levi were well aware of its existence; the former having based part of his description of the sage Rosicrucian une junier{WEH NOTE: “sic”, s.b. “Mejnour”} on that of Abra-Melin, while the account of the so-called Observatory of Sir Philip Derval in the “Strange Story” was, to some extent, copied from that of the Magical Oratory and Terrace given in the present work. There are also other interesting points too numerous to be given here in detail. It is felt therefore that by its publication a service is rendered to lovers of rare and curious Books, and to Students of Occultism, by placing within their reach a magical work of so much importance, and one so interestingly associated with the respective authors of “Zanoni” and of the “Dogma and Ritual of Transcendental Magic.” The Magical Squares or combinations of letters, placed in a certain manner, are said to possess a peculiar species of automatic intelligent vitality, apart from any of the methods given for their use; and students are recommended to make no use of these whatever unless this higher Divine Knowledge is approached in a frame of mind worthy of it.


JENNINGS (Hargrave). The Rosicrucians: their Rites and mysteries, thick 8vo, fourth an last edition, revised, “half-morocco, t.e.g.,” N.D.

Portion of Contents: — Ever-burning Lamps; the Hermetic Philosophers; the Hermetic Brethren; Mystic History of the Fleur-de-lis; Sacred Fire; Fire-Theosophy of the Persians; Ideas of the Rosicrucians as to the Character of Fire; Monuments Raised to Fire — Worship in all Countries; Druidical Stones and their Worship; the Round Towers of Ireland; Cabalistic Interpretations by the Gnostics; Mystic Christian Figures and Talismans; the Rosy Cross in Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Mediaeval Monuments; the Great Pyramid; Myths of the Scorpion, or the Snake in its many Disguises; Rosicrucians Celestial and Terrestrial; Alchemy; Rosicrucians in Strange Symbols; Robert Flood; Indian Mystic Adoration of Form; etc., etc.

REAL HISTORY OF THE ROSICRUCIANS, founded on their own Manifestoes, and on Facts and Documents collected from the Writings of Initiated Brethren, by ARTHUR E. WAITE, “illustrated,” 8vo, “cloth, uncut,” 1887 (pub. 7“s.” 6“d.”) 5“s.”

Written from the historical standpoint, giving the chief documents “in extenso,” together with an elaborate summary and analysis of the various views which have prevailed from time to time about “The Virgin Fraternity of the Rose.”

MYSTERIES OF MAGIC: a Digest of the Writings of Eliphas Levi, with Biographical and Critical Essay by ARTHUR E. WAITE, second edition, revised and enlarged, 8vo, “cloth,” 1897 (pub. 10“s.” 6“d.”). 6“s.”

This work fulfils a purpose quite distinct from that of “Transcendental Magic,” inasmuch as it is not simply translation, but presents in an abridged and digested form the entire writings of Eliphas Levi.


— The True Prophecies and Prognostications of Michael Nostrodamus, Physician to Henry II., Francis II., and Charles IX., Kings of France, and one of the best Astronomers that ever were; a Work full of Curiosity and Learning, Translated and commented by THEOPHILUS GARIENCERES, M.D. Folio, “fine portrait frontispiece by Dolle, orig. calf, fine sound copy, rare in this state,” 1672. 45“s.”

THE KEY OF SOLOMON THE KING (Clavicula Salomonis),

translated and edited from Ancient MSS. in the British Museum, by S. LIDDELL MACGREGOR-MATHERS, author of “The Kabbalah Unveiled,” “The Tarot.” etc., “with plates,” crown 4to, “cloth.” 21“s. net.” The Key of Solomon gives full, clear, and concise instructions for Talismanic and Ceremonial Magic, as well as for performing various Evocations; and it is therefore invaluable to any student who wishes to make himself acquainted with the practical part of Occultism. Besides Seals, Sigils, and Magical Diagrams, nearly 50 Pantacles or Talismans are given in the plates. Among other authors both Eliphas Levi and Christian mention the “Key of Solomon” as a work of high authority, and the former especially refers to it repeatedly.

“Out of Print Books sought for and reported.”
Visitors to London who are interested should make a point of calling.
Near to Chancery Lane, the Inns of Court, and First Avenue Hotels.


Green Paper Cover 2s. 6d. net

“As far as the verse is concerned there is in this volume something more than mere promise; the performance is at times remarkable; there is beauty not only of thought and invention — and the invention is of a positive kind — but also of expression and rhythm. There is a lilt in Mr Neuburg's poems; he has the impulse to sing, and makes his readers feel that impulse” — “The Morning Post.”

“There is a certain grim power in some of the imaginings concerning death, as 'The Dream' and 'The Recall,' and any reader with a liking for verse of an unconventional character will find several pieces after his taste.” — “The Daily Telegraph.”

“Here is a poet of promise.” — “The Daily Chronicle.”

“It is not often that energy and poetic feeling are united so happily as in this little book.” — “The Morning Leader.”

“There is promise and some fine lines in these verses.” — “The Times.”

------------- To be obtained of PROBSTHAIN & CO. 44 GREAT RUSSELL STREET, LONDON, W.C. And all Booksellers


“Crown “8”vo. Crimson cloth extra, gilt tops” 3“d.” 6“d. net and” 4“s.” 6“d. net per volume.” The “New Thought Library” has been designed to include only the best works in this class of literature. No volume will find a place in this series unless it has already an established position in the popular favour. The first ten volumes are now ready.


How to Develop and Strengthen Will Power, Memory, or any other Faculty, or Attribute of the Mind by the Easy Process of Self- Hypnotism. By CHARLES GODFREY LELAND. Third and enlarged Edition, containing the Celebrated Correspondence between Kant and Hufeland, and an additional Chapter on Paracelsus and his Teaching. Price 3“s.” 6“d.” net.


A Selection from the Essays of PRENTICE MULFORD. Reprinted from the “White Cross Library.” With an Introduction by A. E. WAITE. Third Edition. 3“s.” 6“d.” net. “The Essays of Prentice Mulford embody a peculiar philosophy, and represent a peculiar phase of insight into the mystery which surrounds man. The essays were the work, as the insight was the gift of a man who owed nothing to books, perhaps not much to what is ordinarily meant by observation, and everything, or nearly everything, to reflection nourished by contact with nature.” — A. E. WAITE, in the Introduction.


A Further Selection from the Works of PRENTICE MULFORD. Reprinted from the “White Cross Library.” With an Introduction by A. E. WAITE. 3“s.” 6“d.” net.


Third Series. Price 3“s.” 6“d.” net.


Fourth Series. Completing the entire set of the Essays. published in America under the title of “Your Forces and How to Use Them.” Price 3“s.” 6“d.” net. These four volumes constitute by far the best edition of the Essays of Prentice Mulford published in the English language. Special care has been taken to eliminate the errors and mistakes with which the American edition abounds.


A Selection from the Essays of URSULA N. GESTERFELD. Price 3“s.” 6“d.” net. CONTENTS. — Preface. Part I. — “How we Master our Fate.” The Inventor and the Invention. The Ascension of Ideas. Living by Insight or by Outsight. Destiny and Fate. The Origin of Evil. What is within the “Heir”? Words as Storage Batteries. How to Care for the Body. The Way to Happiness. You Live in your Thought World. The Language of Suggestion. Constructive Imagination. The Power of Impression. How to Remove Impressions. Your Individualism. Making Things go Right. Utilising Energy. Master, or be Mastered. The Voice that is heard in Loneliness. The Ingrafted Word. The Law of Liberty. Part II. — “The Evolution of an Invalid.” The Invalid's Alter Ego. The Evolution of a Thief; The Honest Man. The Evolution of a liar; The Truthful Man. The Evolution of a miser; The Benefactor. The Evolution of an Egotist; The Self- Forgetful Man. The Evolution of a Drunkard; The Self-Possessed Man. The Evolution of a Libertine; The Strong Man. The Evolution of a Flirt; The Divine Womanly. Part III. — “Stilling the Tempest.” Live in the Eternal, not in Time. Affirmation of Being. Affirmation for the Morning. Affirmation for the Evening. Affirmation for Fear of Heredity. Affirmation for Fear of Death.

EVERY MAN A KING; or, Might in Mind Mastery.

By ORISON SWETT MARDEN. Price 3“s.” 6“d.” net. “Happily written, with knowledge and insight as well as gaiety and charm.” — “Light.” “Admirable! It is a long time since we read a book on the fascinating subject of mind's influence over matter, especially in the building of character, with as much pleasure as this has afforded. Characterised throughout by a cheery optimism, the perusal of it is as good as any tonic, and far better than most.” — “Pall Mall Gazette.”


Some Practical Suggestions from a Spiritual Standpoint. By OLIVER HUCKEL, S.T.D. With an Introduction by LEWELLYS F. BARKER, M.D. Price 3“s.” 6“d.” net. SUMMARY OF CONTENTS. — The New Outlook for Health. The Unique Powers of Mind. The Spiritual Mastery of the Body. Faith as a Vital Force. The Healing Value of Prayer. Glimpses of the Sub-conscious Self. The Training of the Hidden Energies. The Casting Out of Fear. The Cause and Cure of the Worry Habit. The Gospel of Relaxation. Work as a Factor in Health. Inspiration of the Mental Outlook. Best Books for Further Reading. “Unusually bright and stimulating discourses.” — “The Scotsman.” “A book of common sense and reason, and its logic is unassailable in almost every chapter.” — “Pall Mall Gazette.”

SELF-CONTROL, AND HOW TO SECURE IT (L'Education de Soi-meme).

By Dr PAUL DUBOIS, Professor of Neuropathology in the university of Berne; Author of “The Psychic Treatment of Nervous Disorders,” “The Influence of the Mind on the Body,” etc. Authorised Translation. By HARRY HUTCHESON BOYD. 337 pp. Price 4“s.” 6“d.” net.

“Eighteen wise and lively essays on subjects relating to common life, all entirely deserving attention, for their bright wisdom, and easy to read because of their simple and happy style.” — “Light.”

“A thoroughly wholesome and sound book.” — “T.P.S. Book Notes.”

“This is a manual of self-culture … a series of brilliant essays, bold in conception, sympathetic in spirit, and eminently serviceable in substance.” — “The Health Record.”

New Volume. Just Published HE CAN WHO THINKS HE CAN. By ORISON SWETT MARDEN, Author of "Every Man a King." Price 3"s." 6"d." net. ------------- London: WILLIAM RIDER & SON, Ltd., 164 Aldersgate Street, E.C

To be had of the Equinox, 3 Great James Street, W.C.
and through all Booksellers


(The Lesser Key of Solomon the King.)

The best, simplest, most intelligible and most effective
treatise extant on


Careful and complete instruction; ample illustration; beautiful production. This books is very much easier both to understand and to operate than the so- called “Greater” Key of Solomon.



“to be obtained of”


“Crown 8vo, Scarlet Buckram, pp. 64.”

PRICE 10s. net

Less than 100 copies remain. The price will shortly be raised to
one guinea net.


THIS book contains in concise tabulated form a comparative view of all the symbols of the great religions of the world; the perfect attributions of the Taro, so long kept secret by the Rosicrucians, are now for the first time published; also the complete secret magical correspondences of the G∴ D∴ and R. R. et A. C. It forms, in short, a complete magical and philosophical dictionary; a key to all religions and to all practical occult working.

For the first time Western and Qabalistic symbols have been harmonized with those of Hinduism, Buddhism, Mohammedanism, Taoism, etc. By a glance at Tables, anybody conversant with any one system can understand perfectly all others.

The “Occult Review” says:

“Despite its cumbrous sub-title and high price per page, this work has only to come under the notice of the right people to be sure of a ready sale. In its author's words, it represents 'an attempt to systematise alike the data of mysticism and the results of comparative religion,' and so far as any book can succeed in such an attempt, this book does succeed; that is to say, it condenses in some sixty pages as much information as many an intelligent reader at the Museum has been able to collect in years. The book proper consists of a Table of 'Correspondences,' and is, in fact, an attempt to reduce to a common denominator the symbolism of as many religious and magical systems as the author is acquainted with. The denominator chosen is necessarily a large one, as the author's object is to reconcile systems which divide all things into 3, 7, 10, 12, as the case may be. Since our expression 'common denominator' is used in a figurative and not in a strictly mathematical sense, the task is less complex than appears at first sight, and the 32 Paths of the Sepher Yetzirah, or Book of Formation of the Qabalah, provide a convenient scale. These 32 Paths are attributed by the Qabalists to the 10 Sephiroth, or Emanations of Deity, and to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which are again subdivided into 3 mother letters, 7 double letters, and 12 simple letters. On this basis, that of the Qabalistic 'Tree of Life,' as a certain arrangement of the Sephiroth and 22 remaining Paths connecting them is termed, the author has constructed no less than 183 tables.

“The Qabalistic information is very full, and there are tables of Egyptian and Hindu deities, as well as of colours, perfumes, plants, stones, and animals. The information concerning the tarot and geomancy exceeds that to be found in some treatises devoted exclusively to those subjects. The author appears to be acquainted with Chinese, Arabic, and other classic texts. Here your reviewer is unable to follow him, but his Hebrew does credit alike to him and to his printer. Among several hundred words, mostly proper names, we found and marked a few misprints, but subsequently discovered each one of them in a printed table of errata, which we had overlooked. When one remembers the misprints in 'Agrippa' and the fact that the ordinary Hebrew compositor and reader is no more fitted for this task than a boy cognisant of no more than the shapes of the Hebrew letters, one wonders how many proofs there were and what the printer's bill was. A knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet and the Qabalistic Tree of Life is all that is needed to lay open to the reader the enormous mass of information contained in this book. The 'Alphabet of Mysticism,' as the author says — several alphabets we should prefer to say — is here. Much that has been jealously and foolishly kept secret in the past is here, but though our author has secured for his work the “imprimatur” of some body with the mysterious title of the A ∴ A ∴, and though he remains himself anonymous, he appears to be no mystery-monger. Obviously he is widely read, but he makes no pretence that he has secrets to reveal. On the contrary, he says, 'an indicible arcanum is an arcanum which “cannot” be revealed.' The writer of that sentence has learned at least one fact not to be learned from books.


WILLIAM NORTHAM, "ROBEMAKER," 9 Henrietta Street, Southampton Street, Strand TELEPHONE -- 5400 Central =======================

MR. NORTHAM begs to announce that he has been entrusted with the manufacture of all robes and other ceremonial apparel of members of the A ∴ A ∴ and its adepts and aspirants.

        No. 0.  PROBATIONER'S ROBE       .     .    .    .    Pounds5 0 0
            1.       "         "       superior quality  .    .     7 0 0
            2. NEOPHYTE'S     .    .     .     .    .    .    .     6 0 0
            3. ZELATOR           Symbol added to No. 2   .    .     1 0 0
            4. PRACTICUS           "      "          3   .    .     1 0 0
            5. PHILOSOPHUS         "      "          4   .    .     1 0 0
            6. DOMINUS LIMINIS     "      "          5   .    .     1 0 0
            7. ADEPTUS (without)   "      "       0 or 1 .    .     3 0 0
            8.    "    (Within)    .     .     .    .    .    .    10 0 0
            9. ADEPTUS MAJOR       .     .     .    .    .    .    10 0 0
           10. ADEPTUS EXEMPTUS    .     .     .    .    .    .    10 0 0
           11. MAGISTER TEMPLI     .     .     .    .    .    .    50 0 0

The Probationer's robe is fitted for performance of all general invocations and especially for the I. of the H. G. A.; a white and gold nemmes may be worn. These robes may also be worn by Assistant Magi in all composite rituals of the White.

The Neophyte's robe is fitted for all elemental operations. A black and gold nemmes may be worn. Assistant Magi may wear these in all composite rituals of the Black.

The Zelator's robe is fitted for all rituals involving I O, and for the infernal rites of Luna. In the former case an Uraeus crown and purple nemmes, in the latter a silver nemmes should be worn.

The Practicus' robe is fitted for all rituals involving I I, and for the rites of Mercury. In the former case an Uraeus crown and green nemmes, in the latter a nemyss of shot silk, should be worn.

The Philosophus' robe is fitted for all rituals involving O O, and for the rites of Venus. In the former case an Uraeus crown and azure nemmes, in the latter a green nemmes, should be worn.

The Dominus Liminis' robe is fitted for the infernal rites of Sol, which must never be celebrated.

The Adeptus Minor's robe is fitted for the rituals of Sol. A golden nemmes may be worn.

The Adeptus' robe is fitted for the particular workings of the Adeptus, and for the Postulant at the First Gate of the City of the Pyramids.

The Adeptus Major's Robe is fitted for the Chief Magus in all Rituals and Evocations of the Inferiors, for the performance of the rites of Mars, and for the Postulant at the Second Gate of the City of the Pyramids.

The Adeptus Exemptus' robe is fitted for the Chief Magus in all Rituals and Invocations of the Superiors, for the performance of the rites of Jupiter, and for the Postulant at the Third Gate of the City of the Pyramids.

The Babe of the Abyss has no robe.

For the performance of the rites of Saturn, the Magician may wear a black robe, close-cut, with narrow sleeves, trimmed with white, and the Seal and Square of Saturn marked on breast and back. A conical black cap embroidered with the Sigils of Saturn should be worn.

The Magister Templi Robe is fitted for the great Meditations, for the supernal rites of Luna, and for those rites of Babylon and the Graal. But this robe should be worn by no man, because of that which is written: “Ecclesia abhorret a sanguine.”

“Any of these robes may be worn by a person of whatever grade on”
“appropriate occasions.”

George Raffalovich's new works -------------------- THE HISTORY OF A SOUL. "Price "3"s. "6"d. Edition strictly limited." -------------------- THE DEUCE AND ALL. A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES. 1"s. net" --------------------


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Cigar Importer and Cigarette Merchant.


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YEVIDYEH CIGARETTES, No. 1 A. — “A CONNOISSEUR'S CIGARETTE.” These are manufactured from the finest selected growths of 1908 crop, and are of exceptional quality. They can be inhaled without causing any irritation of the throat.

Sole Manufacturer: A. COLIN LUNN, Cambridge.



beg to announce that they have been entrusted for thirteen years past with the preparation of the






and other chemical products useful to members of all the lesser grades of the A ∴ A ∴

MR. GEORGE RAFFLOVICH'S charming volume of Essays and Sketches



“A new popular edition. Price “1”s. net”
“Crown” 8”vo. Pp.” 164.
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The volumes here listed are all of definite occult and mystical interest and importance.

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“The Equinox,” 3 Great James Street, W.C. Tel.: City 8987; and Messrs. Simpklin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., 23 Paternoster Row, E.C.

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“The Equinox,” 3 Great James Street, W.C. Mr. Elkin Matthews, Vigo Street, W. The Walter Scott Publishing Co., Paternoster Square, E.C. Mr. F. Hollings, Great Turnstile, Holborn. And through all Booksellers.


Crown 8vo, 29 pp., “ Pounds”2 2“s.” net. Of this rare pamplet less than 10 copies remain. It is Mr. Crowley's earliest and in some ways most striking mystical work.


Demy 8vo, boards, pp. xxii. + 223, 7“s.” 6“d.” net.


Pp. x. + 109. A new edition. 3“s.” 6“d.” net. These two volumes breathe the pure semi-conscious aspiration of the soul, and express the first glimmerings of the light.


Medium 8vo, pp. ix. + 129, 5“s.” net. A collection of lyrics, illustrating the progress of the soul from corporeal to celestial beatitude.


Demy 4to, pp. 142, 15“s.” net. The progress of the soul in dramatic form.


4to, china paper, pp. 24, 5“s.” net. Only a few copies remain. An illuminating essay on the universe, reconciling the conflicting systems of religion.


Crown 4to, pp. 32, 2“s.” 6“d.” net. A striking dramatic study of the origin of religions.


Post 4to, pp. ix + 194, printed in red and black, decorative wrapper, 20“s.” net. This is the author's first most brilliant attempt to base the truths of mysticism on the truths of scepticism. It contains also an enlarged amended edition of “Berashith,” and an Essay showing the striking parallels and identities between the doctrines of Modern Science and those of Buddhism.


Pott 8vo, pp. vi. + 113, 5“s.” net.


Demy 8vo, pp. viii. + 176, 5“s.” net. Some of Mr. Crowley's finest mystical lyrics are in these collections.


See advt.

Collected Works (Travellers' Edition).

Extra crown 8vo, India paper, 3 vols. in one, pp. 808 + Appendices. Vellum, green ties, with protraits, “ Pounds”3 3“s.”; white buckram, without portraits, “ Pounds”2 2“s.” This edition contains “Qabalistic Dogma,” “Time,” “The Excluded Middle,” “Eleusis,” and other matter of the highest occult importance which are not printed elsewhere.


Medium 8vo, pp. 200, 3“s.” 6“d.” (Elkin Mathews.) A selection of lyrics, containing some of great mystical beauty.

{Back cover, in a border of wavy lines cornered by small three-leafed apples, fruit to outside. All set in red.}





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