The Equinox Vol. I No. VII

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An. VIII VOL. I. NO. VII. Sun in Aries





Preliminaries, pages 1-248, and
pages 355-400a of this Volume
printed by Turnbull & Spears,
Edinburgh; the remainder by the
Chiswick Press, London

  1. facing Chancellor page
  2. Frontispiece
  3. Facing page {62}
  4. Facing page {70}
  5. Facing page {76}
  6. Facing page {223}
  7. Facing page {232}
  8. Facing page {234}
  9. Facing page {234}
  10. Facing page {234}
  11. Facing page {234}
  12. Facing page {234}
  13. Facing page {234}
  14. Facing page {238}
  15. Facing page {242}
  16. Facing page {368}
  17. Facing page {369}
  18. Facing page {386234}


{Illustration facing next page, slightly described. This is a pale gray-brown touche sketch titled on the tissue protector: “ALEISTER CROWLEY. A LITHOGRAPH BY AUGUSTE CLOT FROM THE SKETCH MADE BY AUGUSTUS JOHN.”
This is full page and sans border. It is signed “John 1911” in the upper left corner. Crowley is shown in 3/4 left profile face with upper shoulders and top chest to about two inches below knot of tie. He wears a suit with soft collar shirt and tie, too slightly modeled to identify detail. His head faces toward the left and is slightly canted upward, His eyes and mouth are closed.}



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