[“The names in italics are the real names of the authors”]

{WEH NOTE: The index is originally in two columns. It is here rendered as one column with page ###a and page ###b at bottom to signify the original format.}

  • Bartzabel, Evocation of (“Aleister Crowley”), IX, 117
  • Bedlam, A Ballad of (“Ethel Archer”), X, 207




  • Electric Silence, The (“Aleister Crowley”), VI, 53
  • Eleusis, The Rites of. See Rites
  • Energized Enthusiasm (“Aleister Crowley”), IX, 17
  • Ercildoune (“Aleister Crowley”), IX, 175
  • Evelyn Hope, The New (“Victor B. Neuburg”), VIII, 250
  • Evocation of Bartzabel the Spirit of Mars, An (“Aleister Crowley”), IX, 117
  • Ex-Probationers, X-rays on (“Aleister Crowley”), V, 142
  • Eyes of St. Ljubov, The (“George Raffalovich” and “J. F. C. Fuller”), IV, 293


  • Mr. Justice Scrutton please note.
  • L. vel Legis (Liber CCXX), X, 9
  • Laylah, Eight - and - Twenty, To (“Aleister Crowley”), X, 235
  • Liber I vel Magi (“Aleister Crowley”), VII, 5
  • Liber III (“Aleister Crowley”), IV, 9
  • Liber VI (O) (“Aleister Crowley”), II, 11
  • Liber IX (E) (“Aleister Crowley”), I, 25
  • Liber X Porta Lucis (“Aleister Crowley”), VI, 3


  • Liber XI (NV) (“Aleister Crowley”), VII, 11
  • Liber XIII Graduum ad Montem Abiegni (“Aleister Crowley”), III, 3
  • Liber XVI (“Aleister Crowley”), VI, 9
  • Liber XXX (Librae) (revised, “Aleister Crowley”), I, 17
  • Liber LXIV (Israfel) (Invocation of Thoth from the MSS. of “Allan Bennett”), VII, 21
  • Liber LXVI (Stellae Rubeae) (“Aleister Crowley”), VII, 29
  • Liber XC צ vel Hamus Hermeticus (“Aleister Crowley”), VI, 17
  • Liber CLVI (Vallum Abiegni) (“Aleister Crowley”), VI, 23
  • Liber CLXXV (Astarte vel Berylli) (“Aleister Crowley”), VII, 37
  • Liber CC ר vel Helios (“Aleister Crowley”), VI, 29
  • Liber CCVI (RV) (“Aleister Crowley”), VII, 59
  • Liber L vel Legis (CCXX), X, 9
  • Liber CCXXXI, (XXII Domarum et XXII Carcerorum) (“Aleister Crowley”, illustration by “Crowley”), VII, 69
  • Liber CCCLVIII (HHH) (“Aleister Crowley”), V, 5
  • Liber CCCLXX (Capricorni Pneumatici) (“Aleister Crowley”), VI, 33
  • Liber CD (TAU) (“Aleister Crowley”), VII, 75
  • Liber CDXII (A) (“Aleister Crowley”), IV, 15
  • Liber CDXVIII (XXX AErum vel Saculi) (Vision and the Voice, The) (“Aleister Crowley”), V, Special Supplement
  • Liber CDLXXIV (Os Abysmi) (“Aleister Crowley”), VII, 77
  • Liber D (Sepher Sephiroth) (“Bennett, Crowley,” and “others”), VIII, Special Suppliment
  • Liber DXXXVI ΒΑΤΡΑΧΟΦΡΕΝΟΒΟΟΚΟΣΜΟΜΑΧΙΑ (“Aleister Crowley”), X, 35
  • Liber DLV (HAD) (“Aleister Crowley”), VII, 83
  • Liber DCCCXXXI (Iod) (“Aleister Crowley”), last paragraph by “S. H. Perry”) VII, 93
  • Liber DCCCLXVIII (“Aleister Crowley”), VII, 101
  • Liber CMXIII (“Aleister Crowley”), VII, 105
  • Liber DCCCCLXIII (“J. F. C. Fuller;” many adjectives removed by “A. Crowley;” illustrations by “Aleister Crowley”), III, Special Supplement



  • Quack Painter, A (“Aleister Crowley”), IX, 67
  • Rites of Eleusis, The (“Aleister Crowley”; except parts of the Rites of Mars and Mercury, which were written by “George Raffalovich”), VI, Special Supplement
  • Ritual, Two Fragments of (“Aleister Crowley”), X, 81
  • Roads, At the Fork of (“Aleister Crowley”), I, 101
  • Rosa Ignota (“Victor B. Neuburg”), X, 127
  • Sabbath, The (“Aleister Crowley”), V, 60
  • St. Ljubov, The Eyes of (“George Raffalovich” and “J. F. C. Fuller”), IV, 293
  • Satan, Hymn to (“Aleister Crowley”), X, 206
  • Scorpion, The (“Aleister Crowley”), VI, 67
  • Sea, At (“Aleister Crowley”), IX, 79
  • Sepher Sephiroth (“Aleister Crowley” and “others,” as stated in Editorial Note), VIII, Special Supplement.
  • Ship, The, A Mystery-play (“Aleister Crowley”), X, 57
  • Silence (“Ethel Archer”), VII, 290


  • Tango, The (“Mary d'Este Sturges” and “Aleister Crowley”), IX, 295
  • Tarot (editor, “Aleister Crowley”), VIII, 143
  • Tell-Tale Heart, The (Adapted by “Aleister Crowley”), VIII, 131
  • Temple, In the (“Victor B. Neuburg”), IV, 352
  • Temple of Solomon the King, The, Parts I-IV (“J. F. C. Fuller,” documents supplied by “Aleister Crowley”), I, 141; II, 217; III, 133; IV, 41
  • Temple of Solomon the King, The, Parts V-X (“Aleister Crowley”), V, 65; VII, 355; VIII, 5; IX, 1; X, 91
  • Testament of Magdalen Blair, The (“Aleister Crowley”), IX, 137
  • Thelema (Music by “Lalah Waddell,” homage preliminary, “Aleister Crowley”), VIII, xxvii
  • Thief-taker, The (“Aleister Crowley”), IV, 291
  • Three Poems (“Victor B. Neuburg”), VIII, xxxvii


  • Vampire, The (“Ethel Archer”), V, 143
  • Violin, Apollo bestows the (“Aleister Crowley”), VII, 244
  • Violinist, Lines to a Young Lady (“Aleister Crowley”), IX, 13
  • Violinist, The (“Aleister Crowley”), IV, 277
  • Vitriol Thrower, The (“Aleister Crowley”), IX, 103
  • Vixen, The (“Aleister Crowley”), V, 125
  • Yarker, John, In Memoriam (“Grand Secretary M∴ M∴ M∴”), X, xix
  • Young Lady Violinist, Lines to a (“Aleister Crowley”), IX, 13




"Crowley ---"
    A. C.
    Christabel Wharton.
    Ethel Ramsay.
    A. Quiller (only in 'The Open Road').
    The Author of 'Rosa Mundi.'
    O. Dhammaloyu.
    Ananda Vigga.
    J. Mc. C.
    Fra. O. M.
    H. K. T.
    Francis Bendick.
    A Quiller, Junior.
    Doris Leslie ('Baby').
    Hilda Norfolk.
    Elaine Carr.
    Martial Nay.
    Edward Kelley.
    D. Carr.
    Caligula II.
    Jonathan Hutchinson, natu minimus.
    Dost Achiha Khan.
    Super Sinistram.
    Sherlock holmes.
    Professor Jacobus Imperator.
    Percy Flage.
    Leo Viridis.
    Alice L. Foote.
    H. G. {243a}

"Crowley ---"
     Tarr M. B.
     M. W.
     O. H.
     Laura Graham.
     L. T.
     Eric Tait.
     M. Tupper.
     Nick Lamb.
     A. L.
     Barbey de Rochechouart.
     Mary d'Este.
     Marechal de Cambronne.
     John Masefield, Junior.
     David Thomas.
     K. S. I.
     St. Maurice E. Kulm.
     Lemuel S. Innocent.
     K. H. A. K.

"Cap. Fuller ---"
     J. F. C. F.
     Antoinette Bouvignon.
     F. {243b}

"Cap. Fuller ---"
     Bathshebah Tina
     A. Quiller.
     Sam Hardy.
     Alicia de Gruys.
     H subscript 2S.
     B. Rashith.
     Elias Ashmole.
     A. Q.

"Norman Roe ---"
     Norman Roe.

"Neuburg ---"
     V. B. Neuburg.
     V. B. N.

"R. N. Warren ---"
     R. N. W.

"George Raffalovich ---"
     George Raffalovich. {244a -- upper half of page only}

"E. J. Wieland ---"
     E. J. Wieland.
     E. le Roux.

"Ethel Archer ---"
     Ethel Archer.

"John Yarker ---"
     John Yarker, 33 Degree, 90 Degree, 97 Degree.

"E. Whineray, M. P. S. ---"
     E. Whineray, M. P. S.

"Herbert Close ---"
     Meredith Starr.

"Mary Bay ---"
     Mary d'Este.

"Elizabeth Gwendolen Otter ---"
     E. G. O.

"A. C. Hobbs ---"
     A. C. Hobbs.  {244b --- upper half of page only}

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