A Psalm

The Lord hath brought me into the House of Darkness; by stealth hath the Lord drawn me into Night.

I beheld blackness that encompassed me; mine eyes were darkened in the house of darkness.

There came into my nostrils the scent of a great river; even of a river that boileth secretly under the palm-trees.

I lifted mine head, and behold, the Lord stood forth in the blackness.

As a pillar of fire shone the Lord; as a devil that whirleth in the wilderness of sand.

The Lord hath veiled Himself in purple; the Lord hath exalted himself in manifestation.

The Lord went before me into the darkness; the Lord hewed Him a way into the forest of Night.

The Glory of the Lord was as the sunrise upon black mountains; the Lord shone forth as the full moon on the dark river.

Then went I forth into the city, praising the Lord; I cried aloud in my joy, I made songs unto the Lord, the living God.

I will follow the Lord all the days of my life, and in the hour of my death let the Lord lead me into the House Everlasting.


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