In Residence: The Don’s Guide to Cambridge

In Residence: The Don’s Guide to Cambridge by Aleister Crowley at Hermetic Library

In Residence: The Don’s Guide to Cambridge



Sometime Tutor1) of Trinity

Elijah Johnson

I dedicate
this volume to
who so worthily carried on the
traditions of high thinking and noble living
inaugurated by myself
when at Cambridge
but I am too lazy to write
an ode to him

I thank the papers, living and dead, who first published these masterpieces, for their tacit and unnecessary permission to reprint them in collected form.


  • Ballade of Tripos Fever
  • Ballade of Bowling
  • Ballade of Bicycling
  • Ballade of Whist
  • Ballade of New Criticism
  • Ballade of the Tyranny of a Commercial Empire
  • Ballade of Ursa and Ursula
  • Ballade of the May Term
  • Ballade of Summer Joys
  • Ballade of the Mutability of Human Affairs
  • Ballade of Guideless Climbing
  • Ballade of the Backs
  • Ballade of Cambridge Papers
  • Ballade of the New Humour
  • Ballade of the One-Eyed Tout
  • Ballade of Lawn Tennis
  • Ballade of Serious Ballades
  • Ballade of Old Admirals
  • A Refrain of a Far Country
  • A Ballade of Farewell

Mountain Airs, Very Appropriate!

  • The Alps
  • Hut v. Hotel
  • “Bitte, Herr, Bezahlen!”
  • Mathematician, ne’er forget
  • The Mountaineer’s Father William
  • The Traverse of the Aiguilles Rouges

Mixed Biscuits

  • To Heteromita Rostrata
  • Principally Remigial
  • How to do a Rechauffé
  • The Village Champions
  • Two Sonnets in Praise of a Publisher
  • To an Unappreciative University
  • Sappho in Chic-a-go
  • A Rondel
  • A sonnet of Spring Fashions
  • Mary Rogers
  • Ode to Gerald Festus Kelly
  • A Rondel
  • The Chemist’s Love-Song
  • Bal Masqué
  • Lines in Spring
  • Au Theatre du Grand Guignol

So-called because the College interests were safe (Lat., tutus-a-um, safe) in his hands, as proved by its continued existence


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